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Just a wolf with avid interests to computers programming, maths, game design, and the arts in general. Have been playing Minecraft since 2013, initially on the Xbox 360 and PE editions and then on PC since 2018.

I'm also an aspiring game designer/developer, and software developer/designer, and love to deal with systems and machines to tell out something that is hard to make definitive use with, as well as giving new meaning and perspectives upon anything in the real, virtual, theoretical, philosophical, or any other worlds!

I'm in the process of getting an education for Game Design, Software Programming (with some self-learning upon any programing language level), and bits and bobs on networking to make use of the cloud.

PFP Character is made and owned by me, DO NOT USE IT. Arts thereof made by myself, Thank you!

… Well, wasn't that enough information? Go and learn something new!

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