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    Minecraft Username: OddlyNotAOreo

    Skype, Kik, Or Discord (#) Username: I don't have any of these but my email is [email protected]

    Age: 13

    Amount Of Time You Can Dedicate: 10+ hours on all days. (I'm homeschooled)

    Timezone, http://www.worldtimezone.com/ : PST

    What team are you applying for?: Builder.

    Why should we accept you?: I love Building and I have actually owned a server for about 3 months. I am quite mature for my age, I can be goofy at times but I can be extremely mature when I need to. Since I am Home schooled I'm very flexible to join the server at any time of day. Since I live in Florida, I'm inside alot becuase its hot outside and I don't go many places. I Don't own any social media but I put my email where the social media is. I think I'm fairly good at building and I practice alot. My best building style is Medival/Cabin builds. And occasionally Modern houses. I hope you will consider me as apart of your staff. Thanks! 😃 (By the way my name is Kendall)

    Work Examples:
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    IGN: Xx_Mizu_xX

    AGE: 13

    What time of day you would normally be on the server: All day.

    Reason for wanting this position: Well, I would like to be a admin, The reason is I love helping and I can provide much in my opinion. I can deal with bullying, greifing, ETC. I LOVE HELPING I've always been extremely kind towards people and hope you would consider me! 😜

    Experience: Ive been a Admin on many many servers, I believe if I can remember ive been admin on 13 servers. Sadly, all of them closed due to lack of donations.

    Contact info: I sadly do not have any social media. But I have this website, and I'm always on Minecraft...My apologies. 😔

    How long have you played Minecraft: 9 years.

    What can you bring: In my opinion I'm extremely talented in building, And handling difficult situations.

    Proof of work: Well, Since all my servers are not active, I do remember some things I built and handled. I hope you can trust me because I am telling the truth. (1) I built a Medival castle, 4 spawns, 20 skin buildings, 3 animal buildings, and 30 bases/Houses...ETC

    My country: United States.

    I hope you will accept me as apart of your server! thank you!!😀😃

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    Name: Mizu (Yes that's my real name)

    IGN: Xx_Mizu_xX

    Age: 13

    Type of position: Admin

    Why I want to apply for that: Well, I love helping and It would be a honor to serve with you on your server. I may only be 13 but I know how to deal with hard situations, I know how to build very well in my opinion, And I think it would be a pleasure helping around the server. I'm on MCPE 24/7.

    What benefits you can contribute: Building, And Helping with situations as in: Bullying, Swearing, and Being Rude...ETC

    Skype name: My Apologies, I do not have Skype. I have no social media but since I'm always Online..Minecraft is my social media..I hope you can forgive me!

    additional notes: I am homeschooled so I can be on very often! I hope you can consider me for a admin! thank you! -Mizu

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