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    my name is Max i have done video production and post production for 6 years i use anything adobe and sony and even hitfilm 3 express if you need help let me know it would be cool to edit something else then my own videos.

    contact me:

    instagram; producerforlife

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    IGN: XxXShadowmaxXxX

    Skype: XxXShadowmaxXxX

    Age: 15

    i am in film school and i do know how to make intros and i have some of mine on my youtube channel:

    i am very experienced in adobe after effects, adobe premier. and fairly good in cinema 4d and really good in final-cut pro

    if u are interested add me on skype and let me know.
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    Hello my name is Max i currently in film class i know the essential recording and editing software for video to be great.

    i have experience in after effects, adobe premiere cs6, sony vegas pro 13, and lastly final-cut pro.

    i make videos every day for school and i am great with short time limits and long ones.

    i can do the boring **** for u lol because i love it and also would like to be in some videos. let me know through skype or my email and i will be willing to help and lets have some fun doing this. btw im 15 and am doing film major and film school.

    skype: XxXShadowmaxXxX

    Youtube: Novation Gaming

    email: [email protected]
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    Skype: XxXShadowmaxXxX

    i have worked on youtube videos for friends and helped shoot and produce videos for people i have 3 years of film and editing software under my belt and know after effects, Sony Vegas, photoshop, a little bit of cinema 4d, and premier

    great listener also willing to help and editing and producing videos is my dream and is soon going to be my carrer

    sorry im typing off my phone
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    Hello my name is Max im 15 and i have currently taken 3 years of film class in High-School. i know after effects, final cut pro, Sony Vegas, a little bit of cinema 4d, and lastly premier. i do videos on youtube and i help edit them here is a couple of videos and my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG_zIChQh05ZfsjF5mIjndQ i hope you like some of my videos and some of them were for fun and just to be quick edits. keep me informed if u need help okay here is my skype its XxXShadowmaxXxX and if that isnt it its DjShadowmatrix
    sorry im typing off of my phone
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