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    posted a message on [1.12.2] AliensVsPredator (Alien Covenant, The Predator, Prometheus)
    Ri5ux I was wondering, I've played your mod for a while now, and I've decided to make a Mod Pack. Is it possible that you could give me permission to make one? I know I'll have to put a link on it and everything, I will do all that, but I'd really like it if I could! I've also been working on a Launcher for Mods, which will soon be released, so I just wanted to go ahead and start working on the main Modpack of the launcher. Here's some of the stuff I'm doing with it:

    *Launcher Name:
    - LuxLabz

    *ModPack Name
    - LuxLabz: Quarantine Deluxe

    *Server Name:
    - TheLux

    *Channel Name (Not Created yet): - TheLuxCrafters

    - ModPack Mods:
    Biomes O Plenty
    Alien vs Predator
    Portal Guns
    Open Blocks
    Crayfish Furniture Mod
    Creepy Pasta
    Tinkers Construct
    Thermal Expansion
    Thaumic Tinkerer
    Inventory Tweaks ComputerCraft
    Twighlight Forest
    Advanced Genetics
    Ars Magica
    Applied Energistics
    Power Suits
    Back Tools
    Universal Electricity
    MineFactory Reloaded
    Ender Storage
    Deadly World
    Extra Utilities
    Lycanites Mobs Complete
    Finndus Fillies
    Flans Mod
    Forbidden Magic
    Armor Stands
    Zans Minimap
    Iron Chest
    Modular ForceField System
    Roguelike Dungeons
    Minecraft Multipart Plugin
    Forge Microblocks
    Simply Jetpacks
    Better Furnaces
    Flans Gun Mod
    Small Boats
    Dirt Bikes and More
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    I have a pretty good idea on who I want, however, I just wanted to see if there are any other sponsors out there?
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    posted a message on »|★|-=COMING SOON=-|★|=-=|★|-=τʜ∊ ʟυχ=-|★|=-=|★|-=NETWORK=-|★| Sponsorship!!! |★|
    Quote from CoreInc»
    Hey there.

    Mind adding me on skype at Core.Gaming1 or email me at [email protected] / [email protected] ?


    Core Inc.

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    posted a message on »|★|-=COMING SOON=-|★|=-=|★|-=τʜ∊ ʟυχ=-|★|=-=|★|-=NETWORK=-|★| Sponsorship!!! |★|
    Quote from metrotyranno»
    You already have people, price of a server cannot be split?

    Also, why start massive, why not start with a cheap small server to see if people like the idea, get donations going and buy a dedi

    Noone will give you a sponsorship, if they do, it will either be extremely limited, you own nothing, etc or a very crappy server and have everyone leaving because of the lags.

    Well, I have been planning this server for about 3 years now, so technically im not starting massive, i've thought this through.
    Hey there! Dylan here from Advantage Servers. While we cannot give you a free server, we would recommend you start with a small 1 GB server from us for $6/mo. You can upgrade (and downgrade) at any time, meaning you will be able to seamlessly scale with your growing community. All minecraft plans are packed with amazing features including powerful DDoS protection, a free sub-domain, awesome support and unbeatable performance. Check us out at http://advantageservers.com/. We'd love to host for you, and help your community grow!

    Dylan H.
    Founder and CEO

    Thanks for the information :D
    Quote from bubbawild»


    My name is Ryan, and I am a representative of Superior-Networks.

    We are interested in talking further with you regarding your proposition . If you could send me an email to the email address below and we can have a chat about if your server would be a good idea to sponsor from us!

    Best Regards,

    Ryan Wild

    Superior-Networks Founding Director.

    E: [email protected]
    T: @SNetworks1
    W: www.Superior-Networks.com
    S: Superior.Support

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    posted a message on »|★|-=COMING SOON=-|★|=-=|★|-=τʜ∊ ʟυχ=-|★|=-=|★|-=NETWORK=-|★| Sponsorship!!! |★|
    -=The Lux Network=-
    This is just the main paragraph describing what I hope the server to become and what I believe it could become. I am planning to make a Hub server, but not just any Hub server, The Lux. I have came up with many theme ideas and I decided that a Hub would just be a great way to get players and turn my server into a great one with an expansive player database. Many people would say "Oh well once you've seen a hub, you've seen a million...." or, "There are a dime a dozen out there of those...." Well, I believe my hub has a specific type of potential because I will have custom game modes and mini games designed by my team and I, which consists of a building team, a staff team, and a developer team. So far, I have been planning this server for the past 3 years and I just have never had the funds to work it out. I do believe, however, that with (You), I can make that happen for my future MineCraft server. I would like to provide the host that wishes to sponsor me with a list of the game modes that my team and I plan to build, create, and have fun in!

    -=The Lux Staff (So Far)=-
    [Owner] XxReeedxX
    [Admin][HeadBuilder] DARKNESSS88
    [Admin] mudhens67890
    [Admin] LTW105
    [HeadMod] SkyBeam33
    [Builder] (DARKNESSS88 is currently in charge of the Builder department, if we are accepted you may contact him for more information on builders.)
    [Developer] (I Currently am acquiring members for our developer team.)

    -=The Lux=-

    =-Game modes-=

    -World Craft:

    World Craft, which is my original idea of a server, consists of 3 cities, all real life remakes, in which people will do everyday things that you would find in real life, such as (but not limited to: getting a job, getting paid for that job, going to college, etc. One city, Las Vegas, will be custom made according to every single thing that you would find in Las Vegas. The other two cities, New York and Tokyo, will also consist of most things that you find in a real life tour of them. I realize that this seems like an impossible job, as I can be realistic, but I do believe that my team can accomplish it.

    -Kingdoms of Cities:

    Kingdoms of Cities is a custom made game that my team and I will fit to needs that we desire and think that the MineCraft community would enjoy. In this game mode, there will also be 3 different cities, but this time with a completely different idea. Players will spawn in this world with nothing, and they have a choice of classes to choose from: Builder, Crafter, and Hunter. Each class will only have certain abilities, such as only a level 50 Hunter and above may go to the nether, and only a level 3 Crafter may craft a crafting bench. Since there are 3 cities, and 3 classes, we decided to join those ideas. Each class will be in their own city, and every now and then, the cities will go to war at a rage and will not stop until the other cities surrender.

    -Ultra Hardcore:

    If whoever is reading this application is not familiar with it, Ultra Hardcore (UHC) was a game designed by the MindCrack Server where players join and they may either join a team or be in single groups. In this game, people play hardcore survival, where if you die, you are out of the game. HOWEVER, players can not regenerate health by just eating food, they must either travel to the nether and make a brewing stand to make health potions, or make a golden apple. I have decided that this game would be a great game in the multiplayer world, so I thought of a way that we could do this. I plan to have many different signs set up in the lobby of UHC, where people can choose which arena of UHC they would like to join. In this arena, the players (in a team or single) will try to become the last man standing. After a period of 120 minutes, all remaining living players will be teleported to a 100 x 100 arena in which the players will battle to the death with the remaining tools and armor they have.


    In this game mode, we plan to have our own special type of twist to it where players must go around and go up to NPC's where they will get quests from them for them to go to other places in the M.M.O.R.P.G server to complete that quest in which they will get prizes after they complete them.

    =-Mini games-=

    - The Lux Hunger Games: Of course, this is something that all great servers should have. However, I have not decided what yet, but my server will have a twist to our Hunger games. This information is soon to come.

    - TNT Run: Players will race against time and other players to spleef around some TNT and try to save themselves from not falling into the pit of death: the void.

    - Other Mini games coming soon....


    -Prison: We plan to have a prison server, as it is one of the fastest growing types of servers there are. With our prison server, as all of our other games will have, it will have a twist to it. After players have went through the common D, C, B, and A, ranks, players will get a Free rank in which they will ACTUALLY be let free. Once this happens, they will be released to go out and create their own real town with the Towny plugin.


    Survival: We plan to have a PURE survival world, since we find that most MineCraft players tend to like it when they play PURE survival, with no plugins. In this world, it will basically be EXACTLY like single player.... except.... well..... its multiplayer


    I do hope that (You) take time and consideration into all people who apply for a sponsored host. With my host, however, I do believe that you will find that we have the greatest amount of potential, and that is a main factor in making a server. I give you all my best regards,

    I have provided an application that follows the format in which most sponsorships use, (You) may use either one to decide if you should sponsor TheLux Network or not. Thanks :D
    Your age:


    Name of proposed server:

    TheLux NetWork

    How much RAM you want:

    Well, I will be using BungeeCord, so it really depends on what server it is.

    How many player slots:

    Anywhere from 100 to 1000 to Unlimited

    Describe your server idea:

    Please read above at the first part

    Why you want this server:

    I have been planning this for the past 3 years and I have never had the funds for one and I think that It is finally time for me to get this server, as it needs to be open to the Minecraft Community.

    On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want the server?:


    Proposed Plugins:

    List for each Gamemode:

    - WorldCraft: GriefPrevention, Essentials, (All Essentials Extras), PEX/GroupManager, Custom Plugins designed for this gaming field

    - Kingdoms of Cities: Factions, Custom Plugins

    - Ultra Hardcore: All custom

    - M.M.O.R.P.G: All custom

    - Minigames: All minigames Custom

    - Prison: Usual Prison Plugins

    - Survival: Groupmanager; None others; Pure Survival

    Donation Plan:

    - All donations will be given back to either the server itself, or the Hosting company that sponsors us :D

    Do you already have a community? If so, how many active players? If not, how will you be getting players?:

    We have an active staff community, if you look at the top of this post you will see just SOME of the members. All players are currently active in our community and we talk every day.

    What makes your server special? Why should I join your server instead of that other server?:

    Well, it makes sure that everyone has a good time throughout the game of minecraft. We have some games that players have never seen before, and some that players would love to join in on that they have played before.

    Is there a reason why you can't pay for this server?:

    - No funds;

    What is your preferred method of contact? Skype? PM?:

    Email, My skype is currently not working (It is giving me the "Blue Screen of Death" every time I log on to it.) Please provide the company's email and I will email, thanks :D

    What you will do for the company in return:

    I will make sure that everyone out there, that plays on the server, knows that this host is the one to get, in return it will also be in all of our procedures, the host's name will be plastered on our website, and every where else you see the server!

    Soon Owner of The Lux Network
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