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    posted a message on Does anyone have kids who play Minecraft on xbox?
    Quote from SKN

    Hey my son is 9 years old and unfortunately none of his friends have Minecraft for xbox 360. I know this seems kind of strange but he really wants to play multiplayer with someone and I'm not sure where to look for other kids who have the game. Does anyone have children who play online and who would like to connect on xbox live to play? He has a headset but I do monitor it through the tv speakers so that I can ensure his safety and make sure nothing inappropriate goes on. Please don't troll this thread with posts insulting me or being rude. Thank you for any help anyone offers.

    Can you please add me. I would like to play minecraft with someone. My GT is AssaultLegend24

    Quote from angeldarla2000

    hi please could anybody add my son to play minecraft with thanks . his gamer tag is optimusprime300 he is 8 and loves playing the game...their are adult games on his tag as its shared be me his dad but since he has found minecraft and skylanders i never get a chance to use it.....

    I just send him a friend request. Please tell him to accept it. My GT is AssaultLegend24
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    posted a message on Does anyone have kids who play Minecraft on xbox?
    Hey I also do play Minecraft. I really want to play Minecraft but there is no one to play with. My GT is AssaultLegend24 and I am 12. I am nice to people and I like to play Minecraft with anyone. Could someone please add me to play Minecraft on Xbox
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    Hey guys! This is my first ever topic posted on Minecraft Forums, anyways here is the message

    I am trying to make a Minecraft Server for my friends. I made one, but for some reason my friends can't join my server. When they type the ip it says failed to connect, unknown host

    And here are the Specs of meh PC:

    Operating System: Windows 7 SP2
    RAM: 2.00GB
    Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9600 Quad-Core Processor

    Please can anyone help me!
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    Is there a Minecraft Theme for Windows? And also I want sounds! I tried looking over the web for one but couldn't find one

    Also It must be for Windows 7!
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