About Me

Hi! I'm XxKeyboardcatxX!

This is a bit of info about me :)

I'm tall, athletic, my vision is 20/10, my hairstyle is... sort of messy, and medium-length, I don't have any facial hair (I'm too young, but once i get old enough to actually grow one, I'm probably going to keep my face clean-shaven) I have nordic/celtic/british/ ancestory, but i was born and and currently in the U.S.A, I prefer Cats to Dogs, and my
favorite animal is the Snow Leopard. I'm Hyperlexic, I know an awesome seed, And i have 20 pet cats (In MC) I have nine of them Irl, but only one is an inside cat...

FYI, I'm under 15, but i don't really feel comfortable sharing my birth date.


Cats, Snow Leopards, Minecraft (Duh), Biking, Camping, Archery, Hiking, Jogging...

Location Nowhere and Everywhere

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