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    posted a message on Simple Mod Maker Mod v0.1.4 - Create your own mods! Updated to 1.5.1.
    *whispers* you should update this to 1.7.2 sooooon :) (Whenever you finish your collage apps of course)
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    posted a message on Need People To Help Make a Adventure Map!
    HELLO I AM XxGamingTownxX!!!

    And i would want to recruit you! [Your Name here] to help me make a Adventure Custom map in 1.3!

    I will need
    -Idea Makers
    -Set Builders
    -Trap Makers
    -Server Hoster! [Only need 1] Hamachi is not Recomended! But accepted


    The Map will be named "100 Rooms"

    It is a 100 rooms with Traps and Boss Fights and the Final room will be the END level 75-99 will be Nether!
    It will be on a FlatWorld! But please Sign and Post the Application, Which is Right Below us!

    Minecraft UserName:
    How Often can you play?-
    What is your Record of Grief? TRUTHFULY!!!-
    How old are you?-
    What do you want to do in the Map? Builder, RedStoner, ETC:
    Are you Cracked Minecraft or Offical Minecraft?-

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    posted a message on [SURV/ADV] Village Craft (Updated)
    I AM TOTTALY GOING TO PLAY THIS!! Can it be played in SMP?Do we need to install the mods and Texture Pack?
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