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    posted a message on Alvoria's Sanity - [1.12.2] - Christmas Add-on Pack is Now Available!

    Hey Alvoria!

    Glad you're so enthusiastic about working on this again! It really brings joy out to me! All the downer talk last Christmas was kind of heart breaking

    You've done some fantastic work! I really love your GUIs. It's something I strive for in my pack but haven't really found a way to nail it down exactly. The amount of detail in this is also a real large inspiration and I would really love to have that same level if I ever return back to my old pack, Libertas. (I still love how fluffy your grass looks)

    Have you ever thought of making a new pack? With the amount of content there is, I can understand how disheartening it can be. I would love to remake Libertas in a higher resolution and a better paint program (since I didn't have a drawing tablet back then) but the thought of starting from scratch with hundreds and hundreds of files to remake sounds exhausting. Finishing Morning Star seems so far off and I'm not sure if I'll ever make it there

    Love your work as always! Cheers

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    posted a message on Help

    Altering default textures and redistributing them is against the rules

    This is something you'll have to do on your own. There are plenty of guides on how to put together a resource pack on YouTube and even here on these forums

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    posted a message on Is Minecraft v1.13 all about bug fixes?
    Quote from DuhDerp»

    1.13 is not a content-less version, but 99% of the work being done is centered around less-visible or invisible changes (bugfixing, optimization, etc).

    Content-wise, we're getting the following in 1.13:

    a new horse/horse-variant model that doesn't depend on the borrowed model from the Mo' Creatures mod (while Dr Zhark did give permission for Mojang to use it, Mojang felt it was time to stop using other people's work)

    trapdoors and pressure plates obtained the different wood textures, like was done earlier for doors, fences, and gates.

    a new texturepack for all the vanilla textures (technically this is a standalone offering, not actually bundled into the 1.13 release, and it's currently not completed yet.)

    (this space reserved for things I've forgotten about)

    The bulk of what we're getting (which either does not have visible content or does not have a visible component at all):

    a completely redone command system that entirely reinvents the underlying data structure (NBT, ID, metadata) of the game. If you did something in 1.12 regarding command blocks, custom blocks, scripts, and probably extending to plugins/mods (many of which insert their own commands into Minecraft), consider it broken. You'll have to go back and fix everything, probably in a way similar to what happened between 1.7.10 and 1.8.

    The way Minecraft dealt with fullscreen and video resolution was changed. We now have 4K support, but more importantly Mojang got rid of the ability to have Minecraft continue running while focus was on another window (aka AFK mode). This will impact the use of things like fish farms in that you will now have to continue staring at the boring drudge work being performed in Minecraft instead of alt-tabbing away to watch videos, read ebooks, or surf the internet.

    a flurry of various bugfixes. The combined result of this effort is that Minecraft has literally become less laggy, and not in just a small way.

    Cool! Thanks! It's neat on what I've missed out on!
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft v1.13 all about bug fixes?

    Just making sure so I don't have to worry about texturing stuff that may be added into 1.13. Keeping my texture pack up-to-date can be tricky sometimes

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    posted a message on Morning's Rise (v0.12) - 1k Downloads! (On Hiatus Still)
    v0.12 is out of hibernation!

    This was some what rushed as I tried to complete as much things as possible before school started back up again. There's a lot of things I'm not happy with and there are a lot of things that will be redone when I get back again, but for now, enjoy! :) ^_^

    - Added poppy, oxeye daisy, all tulips, blue orchid, allium, sunflower, dandelion, and azure bluet
    - Added flowerpot
    - Added furnace
    - Fixed iron ore appearing as purple and black checkers
    - Removed old bed texture files
    - Added iron nugget
    - Removed bed icon
    - Updated inventory and crafting table screens to support recipe book button
    - Changed crafting table, furnace, and chest screens to sport the new inventory look (it doesn't match, but it'll do until I get around to redoing it)
    - Updated title screen
    - Changed hunger bar GUI color to brown
    - Removed old "achievement" textures
    - Added new colored bed textures
    - Added normal and trapped wooden chest textures
    - Tweaks to language file
    - Updated "READ ME" file
    - The "READ ME" file now automatically displays when opening the .zip

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    posted a message on Haven - 16x Default-esque pixel art pack.

    Got to say - this is really impressive! Keep up the great work!

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    posted a message on Morning's Rise (v0.12) - 1k Downloads! (On Hiatus Still)

    Let me just go ahead and pull this out from the sea...

    I've been gone for half a year. Last post was sometime in June. Wow, time flies when you're not having fun!

    I've been, like always, focusing on school. This year's my senior year and there's a lot of (stupid) projects to submit and I've had it tied around my neck for the past year. I've also had zero motivation to do anything with this pack as my old computer ran Minecraft at a solid 1 FPS, even with OptiFine and on the lowest settings. I did manage to do some artsy stuff here and there (like my new profile picture) which was nice but also extremely difficult since the screen of it broke (sorry, Dad) because of perfect timing and I had to hook up to an old desktop monitor that had its colors off (I could paint someone with a wicked sunburn and it'd look completely normal on the monitor).

    That's until I got a new laptop for Christmas. Brand spanking new, 2018 model. Thin as my patience and faster than my motivation. Touch screen and all. I ran Minecraft on the "Far" setting for the first time and I have been missing out for YEARS! And it runs at a solid 30-40 FPS! On the latest version of Minecraft! I'm excited!!!

    I did manage to do a few things over the course of winter break, like the chest, a few flowers, and the new colored beds (which I'm not happy about)

    I've also found a bug with the iron ore, making it appear as a missing texture. It's fixed and I got it back working (coding, one missing character will break the whole thing) and I'm sorry you all had to deal with it for 6 months.

    ALSO! I've just checked the CurseForge page and found a pleasant surprise! Over 1,000 downloads! This is a HUGE milestone for me! Thank you guys so much! I never thought I would break through it within 2017!

    I'll do a few more textures and release an update. Then, I'll disappear for another half a year as school starts back up this Monday.

    Until then, enjoy what I have :)


    Inside the trapped chest

    Most of the flowers

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    posted a message on Is It Possible to Do Custom Advancements?

    So after taking half a year off my texture pack, I've decided to take a look around and see what I missed.

    I've noticed an "advancements" folder in the .jar folder and I looked through the code. I was wondering if it's possible to do custom icons or even custom advancements within a resource pack before I waste time tinkering around with it.

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    posted a message on Morning's Rise (v0.12) - 1k Downloads! (On Hiatus Still)
    Quote from paged»

    Really nice pack! Keep up your good work!

    Thanks! I'll try :)
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    posted a message on Morning's Rise (v0.12) - 1k Downloads! (On Hiatus Still)
    v0.11 is finally out!

    Since I know that Morning's Rise will be on a long hiatus, I've decided to release what I had worked on for this pack. I will come back to this later this year, but for now, it'll sadly be put on hold. :(

    Also, we're nearly at 300 downloads! That was a pleasant surprise! According to Curse, we get 10 monthly downloads. Thanks so much for the continuous. wordless support! It really means a lot! :)

    - Added mycelium
    - Added anvil textures
    - Added cacti textures
    - Added brewing stand
    - Added cauldron textures
    - Added bookshelf
    - Added block destroying animation
    - Added bedrock
    - Added brick
    - Added clay
    - Improved tiny flowers on grass blocks
    - Fixed glass pane sides with CTM
    - Fixed cobblestone, stonebrick, and cracked stonebrick's random variants
    - Added Totem of Undying
    - Added animation to lava bucket
    - Redid bread and blaze rod
    - Edited a bunch of textures
    - Recolored blaze powder blue
    - Lightened potion liquid
    - Fixed filled map markings looking weird
    - Redid inventory
    - Redid health bar, hunger bar, hot bar, and horse jump meter
    - Edited potion effect icons ("+" and "-" symbols moved to bottom right)
    - Readded a Changelog.txt file to the pack
    - Moved all alternate block textures to the "ms_custom" folder (Oragnization purposes)
    - Renamed pack title to "Morning's Rise"

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    posted a message on A Tool for Making Texture Sheets?

    Is there a tool where you can easily put your textures into a sheet, kind of like the old terrain.png and item sheets?

    I'm having doubts about how uniform my resource pack is and would like to have them all in a single space to spot blocks that are too differently styled than others.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    posted a message on Morning's Rise (v0.12) - 1k Downloads! (On Hiatus Still)


    I've decided to change the name of this resource pack to, "Morning's Rise" since I feel like it fits more. Morning Star is most commonly used for the medieval weapon, and medieval packs are usually dark and grimy. Also, the actual star is usually seen right before morning, which is usually dark.

    Morning's Rise fits a lot better, in my opinion.

    Also, here's a Totem of Undying

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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union

    Totem of Undying

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    posted a message on Where to find the Tipped Arrow Head entity Texture

    The tipped_arrow.png should be in the "projectiles" folder.


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    posted a message on Distorting minecraft textures
    Quote from AndrewIsntCool»

    I do not think that Realistico or R3D Craft count as "tiny edits"

    And to answer the original question, one thing you could do is open the file in Photoshop, then scale the picture up to 256 and add a filter, such as crystalize. You could even automate this by making a batch script.

    I wasn't talking about Realistico or R3D Craft, since those are complete recreations that follow fair use. I'm talking about OP's idea.

    And your idea would be illegal as well. Up scaling and filtering Mojang's original work will not be tolerated if distributed on these forums.
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