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    Quote from Xx1Miner1xX

    1. IGN: Xx1Miner1xX

    2. Played Prisons Before?: Ricks Corrupted Prison Server (RCP) I've also Had a lot of different prison like Bone Breaking but I don't really play them anymore.

    3. If 2 is True, Were you a Guard/Mod/Warden Before? I was a Guard on RCP (was) and Not exactly on RCP It was DTTR the old RCP it got shutdown and then became RCP after months and I wasn't A Guard on this ACCOUNT I was on my brothers account because we shared one :P . We where Sr.Guard ( I was on longer than him, and made the app.)

    4. Why This Server: I have played this server and Have I killed a lot of guards. Estimate how much guards I've killed why don't you just ask the Guards? :P They know I kill them a lot! If you check my plot (CIAH's) the chest are beyond full of guard kits. Over 60+ sets. They are easy to kill (for me) and I think since I kill them so much I can help the guards. They even recommended me I think* I like to play the server I play a lot! Like 5-6 Hours (More Sometimes, and NERD :P ) I've been told by computer that they need my PvP Skills :) .

    5. How long do you Play on this Server? Maybe About 1 Month Or Two I don't really know..

    6. What Rank Are You? (With Picture): I am Citizen-B (I can't get a screenshot because Its Down.)

    7. Why do you want to be guard?I want to become guard because I've been one before and I really helped and I think I could help this server and the C's That die a lot (I don't really like to kill C's I do sometimes if they have no stuff, and if I kill them I usually give there stuff back because the guilt takes over :P )I also think that since I'm on ALOT I think I could stop the HUGEEEE riots that I cause with CIAH and Carlthemu7 :P I could also stop feeding the C's guard kits :P and when I stop them they can't get as Over Powered as I am. 8. Extra Info: I love to PvP that's why I kill so much guards beside the Sr.Guards I just want there swords, and bows :D . On the other side I kill Guards, Tr.Guards for fun.. Most people don't believe this because I do it sooo often but I love to kill/ PvP. I'm also 12 turning 13 :P and I think I could really help this server and stop the C's from being killed. With all there stuff :) Thanks For Reading and Hope You Enjoyed! Oh and Lokiy999 is Awesome!!!

    Repost, My App...
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