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    Quote from deathguardian97 »
    Grid mining gets you enough diamond to refresh your picks and a few extras on the side. Not to mention those stacks, and stacks, and stacks of iron. I've stopped bothering to mine iron because of it >_<

    I'm actually curious as to what this is, rather, how it differs from strip mining....
    also, mathematically speaking, the digging down in a systematic pattern can unveil the most per strike, but is by far the most dangerous (go figure eh?) (also: not so bad with mob finder goggles :smile.gif: you can just avoid lava)
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    Quote from Crunkatog »
    Spelunking. It is addictive and horrible all at once.
    I just cleared out a gigantic cavern system, one of the larger ones I've seen (can't really say if it's the largest, they all seem horrid and convoluted and going on forever and ever).

    12 hours of game play in a giant cavern system:
    Coal: 400+, I stopped bothering collecting coal after the second day
    Iron: 316
    Gold: 108
    Lapis: 98
    Diamonds: 27 (including 5 I fell into lava with this morning)
    Dungeons: 3 (one spider, 2 skeleton)
    10 brown mushrooms
    3 red mushrooms
    5 stacks of cobble
    Times died: 2 (both falling into lava)

    12 hours of game play in a branch mine at levels 12-15-18:
    Coal: 80
    Iron: 107
    Gold: 19
    Lapis: 32
    Diamond: 8
    Dungeons: 0
    Mushrooms: 0
    20+ stacks of cobble
    Times died: 0

    12 hours of game play in a 3x3 vertical shaft (ended in lava at level 18)

    Coal: At least 2 stacks, not sure
    Iron: 90
    Gold: 22
    Lapis: 6 (This was before the lapis update gave multiple dyes)
    Diamond: 0
    Dungeons: 0
    9 red mushrooms
    4 1/2 stacks of cobble

    Overall if you just want to be safe and have plenty of time, branch mining is probably the best way. Drop a shaft, set up a long horizontal tunnel, then branch mine from the horizontal tunnel. You get more cobble and building materials from this as well.

    If you need ores quickly but dont have a lot of space or time, drop a spiral shaft and branch off from there.

    If you are bored and want to get rich quick and possibly lose everything several times a day, spelunk.

    you sir had a lot of time to test things out... however, I believe your branch mining info to be somewhat ... unbelievable.
    I did a similar test for 30m in a randomly generated world and had acquired:
    22 stacks of cobble
    47 iron
    15 redstone (i ignored this as it took up too much time)
    37 lapis lazuli
    13 gold
    14 diamonds.

    30minutes. even not counting special blocks, I got about the same amount of cobblestone as you did in 1/24th the time? this seems almost mathematically impossible unless you've left out some info.

    anyway. this cake is great, so delicious and moist.

    Oh, made a tunnel through 13-14 eastward on my smp server cause I wanted to find a desert for my new facility and pyramid, and I got about 70 diamonds. (but I went about 2500 blocks eastward :biggrin.gif:) (also some came from caves i found, and unrenderd spaces rarely showed a vein.)
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    Quote from alexhchu »
    ARGH! I just read all of these posts including the OP :smile.gif: (ha can't get mad at me) and i cant be bothered to fill in the caves if it doesnt work, and yeah. It worked perfectly for 10 minutes, then just shut down. When i do peaceful then hard switch, it spawns 3-5 clumps of monsters then stops again. I tried using my minecart to go to my other base, and come back, (alot more than 144 blocks away) it still doesnt work. Can somebody please help? Or can we make a petition or something to ask notch to make the spawning algorithm so that it resets if you flick it to peaceful then easy?

    I wouldn't get mad at you if you didn't, only if you posted something uneeded and stupid for lack of a better term.
    as for Nihilias's problem resurfacing, I have no answer to that as I am not on her file, however. My mob trap that i lighted up all the caves is still pumping out 3650item/hr strong.
    Have you trried using a texture pack to see if they are spawning at all? as you read, in my case 1 small cave under me was messing the whole thing up. found it with tnt, but now my bro gave me a texture pack for 'god vision'
    I'm right now working on another trap on my club's smp server. It's 167x167x10 with 4 quadrants. I am leveling a lot of islands, and displacing the sea to make this, then I shall build a pyramid on top of it, and finally create a fake desert by removing the seas around it. and it will work.
    the point is:
    The type of trap doesnt really matter. it's the forcing them to spawn INSIDE your trap that counts. imo at least.
    also, i'd recommend not building the trap on floor 16 or below.... since slimes are so buggy -_0 *(smp) and can clog your trap, and have more useless items
    I wish you luck on fixing your problem!
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    posted a message on Do You Think Creepers Are Annoying or Fun? Post Your Answer
    zombie - fun
    skeleton - annoying
    spider - annoying
    creeper - fun
    slime - annoying.
    creeper is fun for me :smile.gif:
    and I dont see how your main post can 'test' if they read it or not..
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    posted a message on Weather in Minecraft
    I think weather should be togglable. but I am still against 'disasters'. (I am no programmer but..)
    I don't see any way that disasters wouldn't be hell to program and not buggy.
    I don't like the idea of waking up from bed to find the roof blown off and a creeper smiling at me from the foot of the bed.
    I don't think having all of your buildings destroyed because of a lv 8 earthquake JUST so happened to happen near your area.
    rain, snow, sleet, sandstorm, drought, autumn, etc, are all 'effects/weather' that I think would be fabulous.
    Earthquake, Tornado, Volcanic Eruption, Hurricane, Nuclear Winter, etc, no so much :sleep.gif:
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    I hate slimes.
    Slimes serve no helpful purpose.
    I have not managed to kill a single slime on smp.
    Slimes have killed me 5 times so far on smp.
    Slimeballs, the only item they drop are useless.
    They spawn where I spend 95% of my time.
    They ignore the rules that govern hostile spawning algorithms and spawn in light.
    They are still hostile.
    Little ones that don't kill you can push you to your death.
    there has been reports that smp slimes can exist on client side and continually pester if not kill the player without being seen, hurt, or dealt with.

    A room to breed such an Abomination is regrettable.
    also: use TNT, it'll drop the time to make a box room like that by a considerable amount of time.
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    Drift mining. My way. :wink.gif:
    :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: floor 16
    :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: floor 15
    :stone: :stone: [] :stone: :stone: floor 14
    :stone: :stone: [] :stone: :stone: floor 13
    :stone: :stone: :tnt: :stone: :stone: floor 12
    :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: floor 11
    :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: floor 10

    with a little more clearing this makes for a 3x5 corridor making a lot of blocks visible in the diamond range. (what I mostly use it for >.>)
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    Quote from nerdboy64 »
    Yes. 'Nuff said.

    :iapprove: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    Just one thing: Recipes are not compatible with beta 1.3, but that is easily solved.

    please elaborate on this:
    I have read through the patch notes of 1.3 and 1.3_01 a few times now, and have found nothing that would affect the crafting recipe for this.
    the only crafting recipes affected seem to be with cobble, stone, sandstone, and wood. (and plates)
    not with iron or ceramic.... umm... clay ... yeah I'm tired :sleep.gif:
    If you point this out, maybe we can come up with something. or just let Notch come up with the 'easy solve' solution! :smile.gif:
    was really hoping that mystery block was gonna be this grate though >.>
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    Quote from Landmine »
    Quote from Keiji »
    Well, I've a suggestion for the crafting, bear in mind I only read the first page...

    :Iron: -> :|: x16

    where :|: is an iron rod

    Then, you make iron rods into the grate.

    :|: :|: :|:
    :|: :|: :|: -> Grate
    :|: :|: :|:

    So, one grate costs just over one iron on average (to be exact, you'd get 8 grates for every 9 iron).

    That shouldn't use up too much iron, should it? Same process for clay/ceramic.

    Also, you could probably even make wooden grates (out of 9 wooden sticks) if you wanted - though they wouldn't survive lava, couldn't be blocked with redstone and wouldn't look as nice as iron or ceramic ones.

    I'll stick with my "Keep it simple" comment. Plus, the iron rods wouldn't have any real use otherwise. Wooden ones I don't really like the idea of having. I don't think they would be worth it to make.

    This is off topic, but I post stuff OT all the time.
    I'd say that Iron rods COULD have a use. in fact, I'd LOVE them to be used instead of sticks to increase the durability, by like 2x? LOL that might be wanting a big much, but frankly I get WAY too many iron.
    i already got 200+ after starting in a new world, and that's after burnning through buckets, and tools fast. ugh.
    give iron more uses, and maybe obsidian more :biggrin.gif:

    I lol'd when I saw that the yes votes have made the no votes to 0% :biggrin.gif:
    now to read page 9.
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    posted a message on Drainage Grates [Poll Added]
    Other uses:
    Making a fish tank. 7 spaces of empty space surrounded by glass with an iron grate ceiling with source blocks on it.
    ON" the blocks and water flows, since there is water more than 3 deep w/e, you get your aquarium of squids!
    OFF' the block if you want calamarie for dinner :biggrin.gif: or w/e ink and giggles n' stuff.

    Repeater circuits, makes water fall in unique designs and patterns! (i really gotta go learn how to deal with redstone circuitry. >.<)

    also, someone said that redstone would get washed away, this may happen with horizontal flows, but typically, there will be a space you can usethat wont impede flow,
    Horizontal flowing - place up/down
    vertical flowing - place to the sides

    If your wanting every direction "(just to argue with me?)", then why would you have a block there?
    these blocks are not so restricted, just thinking for a few short minutes I thought up a few things that (haven't been mentioned? if it has, credit to you as well :smile.gif: )
    so I'm sure fixes* to problems we see can either be smoothed out by ideas from the nice people here. OR applied differently to fix the same problem with the mechanics already suggested.

    PS: I don't know if there is a troll here or not, but this has got to be the cleanest/nicest thread I've posted.
    KNOCK ON :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood:
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    posted a message on Drainage Grates [Poll Added]
    First off: I don't wanna look stupid, but I like the Redstone idea about on and off, but frankly, 'technically speaking' I don't know jack squat about Redstone circuits, what's off and what's on, so to me on means it's working, not on as it's getting energy. IMO: This problem is a Semantic issue, but should be cleared up and changed to apply the sense from circuits, as it is using circuits.

    As for the Water VS Lava in a Grate. this is how I see it.
    flowing water moves faster than flowing lave.
    Flowing water hitting flowing lava = lava turns to cobblestone.
    Flowing Lava hitting flowing water = water evaporates.
    if 2 sources somehow get placed and or fall into place that would make them hit the grate at the same time (water moves faster so wtf?) then I think a null space inside of the grate should be created, as lava is evaporating the water and the water is slowing the lava
    If (what probably will more likely happen) water gets through first, then the lava touching the water would then turn to cobble stone as the flowing water would hit the new source of lava. preventing anymore lava moving forward as the cobblestone block in front of the grate would prevent it from going into the grate as water is there. (hole or passing)
    and if lava is there first, I think there would be an evaporating "block" in front of the water as it just keeping getting evaporated by the moving lava block (hole or passing)
    I'm not sure if I explained it all that clearly @[email protected] but That's how I see it with my experiences of the 2 liquids during my play time.
    other ideas or implementations can be used, but I don't think this way would cause much of a problem. (but im no programmer, so i can be demanding :biggrin.gif: )
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    posted a message on Drainage Grates [Poll Added]
    k, wait, how is ths able to make dams/ shipyards effectively, when on, water flows past the block, hits the ground and moves out 7 spaces. Are these small shipdocks? anything beyond a diameter of 14 will have completely dry spots in the middle. not making for a very large ship docking area :sad.gif: are you making 'shipyards' for toddlers? :tongue.gif:
    Unless you have some sort of source block replicating on the otherside, but that would make obsidian farms possible. (not that it has much of a use anyway :sad.gif: )
    someone please clear this up....
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    Quote from MechaMage »
    Make a semi-automated obsidian factory, easier to clean up after yosefl. You win.

    since when has it been possible to make an obsidian factory?
    Grates would allow flow blocks to pass through, not source blocks. and since obsidian needs a sourceblock of lava, and you are in no way multiplying the source blocks of lava, all you acutally have is a cobblestone factory.
    only way (that I know of) to "Farm" Obsidian, is making many nethergates and destroying old ones.
    1 Nethergate = 1 Nethergate back. Therefore, you spend 10 blocks, and get 10/12 extra. (not sure if the exit* is a copy or a full gate)
    this was OT, but was bugging me, sorry :/
    (IF you actually managed to find away around the mechanics, without hax, mods, or edits /w/e, then I'd like to hear it)
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    posted a message on Lockable Chests
    I had a similar idea, since I fear going smp or ... uhh... (not good with all those terms yet) ssp?, where some **** head will just take ma **** :sad.gif:
    so I figured I'd make a thread but found this one!
    I was thinking of a lock, not a key lock, but a combination lock
    :Iron: [] :Iron:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    = padlock, place on a door, or chest/doublechest, makes the item indestructible, and has a 10 digit combo that prompts you like a sign does for input before actual placement. And after you open it, it goes into your inventory for replacement like a sign.
    BUT! if you made your house's interior of NOTHING but chests + locks, indestructible may be OP? (personally I'd take a house that can't be griefed over a house that will get griefed :sleep.gif:) add a door with a lock, and you only need to remember 1 combo to get into your house.
    Solution: someone (soooo sorry don't remember your name) said, If the chest/door w/e can be destroyed, but just doesnt give items,... well that's all well and good that the d*ckheads don't get your stuff, but ... it's all gone now :sad.gif: you just got griefed.
    SO! what about something that's WORTH making invincible?
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    :Diamond: :Iron: :Diamond:
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    Diamonds are for ever right? I find diamonds moderately easy, and would not mind spending 8 diamonds for a chest that can't be broken into :smile.gif: (how I'd get into it would need obvious alterations and balancing)
    :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:
    :obsidian: :Diamond: :obsidian:
    :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:
    This! Indestructable chest +
    :Iron: [] :Iron:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    lock, = safe stuff (for the most part)
    and with 10 digits, that's a 10,000,000,000 different combonations. while someone COULD break in, if they are gonna sit there and do that, they deserve it :/ (also, a 10 second timer or something like that between inputs whether right or wrong could be used to SEVERELY deter someone from getting in. A 3 second input delay would mean, that it would take up to 951 years to actually break the code. (if my math is wrong, feel free to correct me) ) *(only prob with this, is if you place it, you cant move it.)
    Then I'd have a bloody use for some of my 80+ obsidian :sleep.gif:
    also would be a use for the servers that disable the nether, and the obsidian found there. (unless I really don't know what to do with these black rocks, hell, coal is more useful atm imo)

    As for the other ideas, I don't think having a Key to a lock would be a good idea because, If they find you, they kill you, and get the key, get your stuff. death near lava can be common (or pushed in >.<) and then the key /items are gone. I don't know the programming for that would be needed for a 1:1 key to chest ratio, but making a server work overtime on key:chest seems like it might be more than a lock:code set up :/ not sure.
    Keep in mind this is all suggested under the assumption it's a change to the actual game, not some mod that alters the game already (since I hear that stuff exists already anyway :/)
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    Quote from Nihilias »

    Clay would be used in crafting
    Liquids (water and lava) and items can pass through them.
    - like dropped items, or blocks in item form.

    The player, mobs, and falling blocks cannot pass through them.
    - falling blocks being sand, gravel, etc.

    Edit: Shouldn't be a block mobs can see through, for the sake of not getting shot at by Skelies.

    Electrk brought up the concept with the crafting, and Xuro helped with flushing it out to its current state ^^

    I've been wondering about this, clay... first off, I've never seen or obtained clay, so it seems to me a lot rarer than Iron, as I've posted Iron being ridiculously common if your trying. having the 2 would make the construction of grates easier as there are more than 1 option, and would also allow greater aesthetic design.
    I glanced over the creation boards, but what was your idea on clay grates? same as iron bars, but clay bars instead? (just curious)

    second point: I don't think making a 'translucent' block opaque to mobs would be logical. I totally understand you not wanting to get shot and all, but if arrows the items can go through, and blocks the items can go through, then surely a flying small cylindrical object should surely be able to pass through yes? This would also allow YOU to shoot at creepers, spiders, zombies, ghasts, zombie pigmen, farm animals and the rest being safe (I dont see how flying fireballs are small enough to go through grates from Ghasts imo) in a safe and secure fashion.
    Also, Falling blocks are not solid persay, I think sand and gravel should break apart when they fall "THROUGH" a grate just like they break down when they fall on a torch. If you drop a bag of sand or gravel onto a grate and the bag tears, you're gonna lose some of your gravel and sand. (This could be implemented with the exception that there needs to be a space under the grate for it to work, unlike torches which disentegrates sand and gravel if they fall on it.) This shouldn't be a problem, seeing as how sand or gravel normally falling on it (this is improbable anyway) would only block the water from flowing through the grates, there would be no flooding or anything dangerous, only water would not pass by anymore. so why not?

    Hooray for credits! :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from Nihilias »

    lol Xuro, i dont think your joke made it past the first 'i dont understand'

    LOL At least someone got it :tongue.gif: thanks :biggrin.gif:
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