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    Hello people of the Minecraft Forum!

    In August, I began making a Minecraft webcomic, due to the fact that there were no Minecraft webcomics that I could find that were still running. Since then I have posted 20 issues of the comic and have a few more made. This comic takes a large amount of influence from the old Nerd³ comics. The story of this webcomic is about a nerd who was sent into the universe of Minecraft and has no memory of what happened before this. The current plan is to make it a sci-fi adventure. In addition to the story, I hope to include one joke of good quality in each comic. A new issue will be released every Monday at 0:01 GMT. In addition to those weekly comics, there may be additional comics if I have the time to make more that week.

    The website link is: https://xtremegming.github.io/

    The previously released comics can be found on the website under the heading of blog, along with my random ramblings on various subjects.

    If you would like to leave feedback, please do. It is appreciated a large amount, as I am still learning how to actually make a webcomic and properly run it.


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    I completely agree with this. I do miss the good ol' days [insert comment about rose tinted glasses here]. Some people, like myself, are attempting to reignite the fire of creativity that once burned so brightly, but we are generally received as heretics, which is truly unfortunate.

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