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    Decorating. I just can stand plain wooden shacks for houses. Even if its someone elses house I will drop what im doing and make it look aesthetically pleasing.
    Everything must be beautiful.

    ~The Red Scholar~
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    posted a message on Wait I'm going to have to pay more for DLC?
    You know what ? I just give up.

    The Alpha survival thread was the best but know we have the beta survival thread filled to the brim with asshats and fools.

    You make not even a bit of sense.

    Sense you say that because you didn't find out about minecraft before beta was realized so you should get all the dlc for free because you didn't hear about it sooner?

    That makes as much sense as saying

    I went to gamestop and wanted to but portal 2.

    You buy portal 2.

    Find out people who got a different skin for buying it on realize day.

    and by your logic gamestop should give you what they got because you dint know sooner.

    Go complain somewhere else.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] ManufactoidCraft - Big bug fixed! [WIP][v0.6_01]
    Umm isnt the "Pusher" an exact knock off of the piston mod. Its even the same texture.
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