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    Instantly go to peaceful...
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    posted a message on Why is flatland so low?
    Quote from Ni

    I think the height should be just enough to avoid slime spawns, which is near 40 I think.

    I agree, my only problem with flatland is all the damn slimes, and they don't seem to despawn on peaceful. The slime problem could be fixed by elevating it near 40.
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    posted a message on Toilets, Feces, and Urine
    I can't help laughing at the way you said it. I probably would have liked it though.
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    posted a message on Nuclear Fallout, Seasonal changes and Time!
    Most things like this I'd normally just say it should be a mod, not vanilla. For this, I'm saying this SHOULD be vanilla.
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    posted a message on Go that way, no tha- NO THAT-, DARN PIG
    I feel in minecraft you should be able to control mounted pigs. To control a pig you must feed it an apple(And obviously have the saddle on it). After feeding it the apple, you can control the pig just as you control your own "Steve". You can use tools while riding, and using a bow & arrow will still slow you down. The walkspeed is the pigs normal walkspeed, and you can't jump.
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    I know you are probably thinking "What? This over-priced crap again? No!", but my idea is different. When struck by lightning, an iron golem should turn into a diamond golem. Their AI behaviour is exactly the same as the iron golems. The only difference between these and iron golems are the look (Diamond golems have the blue colour of diamond blocks instead of the grey of iron blocks), the health (Diamond golems have 75 hearts of health, not 50), their attack strength (It causes an extra heart of damage to mobs), and their walkspeed (They move a tiny bit slower). I would appreciate feedback, and suggestions. Thanks!
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    posted a message on wat happened to all the ocelots?
    The cat despawned. All I can say is download a mod to spawn more, or wait for more to spawn legit.
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    Quote from natalieg1234

    Interesting way of thinking, but I still prefer DIAMOND

    Me too.
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    The only solution I can think of if you still want zombies is to look for a mod that can disable certain mobs from spawning.
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    posted a message on Giving villagers weapons and armour!
    This idea is rather simple, and very much needed now that zombies will attack villagers!

    Please note, I used the search bar and didn't find anything similar.
    The other post with this was not well structured, and suggested adding guards to protect the villagers for them, not having villagers defend themselves.

    Do you want to spend every Minecraft night protecting those helpless villagers? No? Well then, this idea is great for you!

    What you can give to the villagers:
    You can give a villager ANY armour, a bow, or a sword(It can have enchantments). Each villager can only have 1 weapon at a time, and you can't give them new armour until the current armour they are wearing breaks. If you give a villager a bow, don't forget the arrows too(If you give a villager a bow with infinity you only need to give them 1 arrow)!

    How it works:
    Not much to it, to give the villager a weapon or armour you right click on them while holding the weapon or armour, but you must be within a five block radius of them. The weapon goes right into their hand, and the armour goes to the correct spot on the body.

    Damage and durability:
    When given a sword, the villager will do the same amount of damage with the sword as you, from wood to diamond, from fire aspect to looting. When using a bow, a villager will shoot every 4 seconds and the bow will do as much damage as if it was fully charged. Armour will be just like it were on your own body. Armour and weapons loose durability with every use, they act exactly the same as the armour/weapons you use.

    Mobs will drop their items how they normally would if killed by you(Including the "Rare drops"), but will not drop XP orbs. Villagers WILL drop the items you gave them if they die.

    Spawning and behaviour:
    The NPC Villagers will not spawn with armour or weapons, and they will never attack you, even if you attack them. Vote in the poll for the behaviour!(Whether villagers will pursue zombies or wait to be attacked). Villagers will only attack zombies for now, because only zombies attack them. If other mobs attack villagers in the future then those mobs will become targets for the villagers.

    Villager health:

    The villager will still have the 10 hearts they have now(Or whatever they currently have), but their health can either regenerate over time, or we can feed them. Feeding them will regenerate their health. You can feed villagers all the food you can eat(Even rotten flesh), but the villagers will only eat cooked foods.
    Chicken heals 2 hearts, Pork heals 3 hearts, Steak heals 4 hearts, Apples heal 1/2 heart,Golden apples heal no hearts but give the villager a potion of regeneration, bread heals 1 1/2 heart, watermelon slices heal 1/2 heart, and rotten flesh will take away 2 hearts from them. If you place a cake block down near a villager they will walk on it until the cake is gone or until their health is full(Each slice will regenerate 1/2 heart).

    Please feel free to post any more ideas,opinions, or criticism below! Thanks for reading.

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