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    posted a message on [v1.1.2] Reliquary
    i know the purpouse behind the altar, what i am saying is that is not strong enough to be used once you have the tome, i think that since you have a block to especifically obtain glowstone, that block should offer a better way to obtain it that would encourage people to still use the block even when they already have the tome.

    the block is ok, but maybe lowering the amount of redstone needed, changing the redstone to other item, giving it other capabilities, like being able to grow quartz if you feed it lapiz...

    as for automation, a simple liquicrafter from mfr set on a clock with a tome is basically an automatic septup for whatever you put in the recipe. you only need to loop back 1 of the output into the liquicrafter and supply it with redstone or lapiz based on your needs. is actually harder to automate an altar, but that is not a bad thing. you can also automate it with the buildcraft auto crafting table, or a least you could in the past, since i was able to build an automatic nether star machine using the tome in one server that i played on in 1.4.7 more or less.

    but anyway dont take this like a complain or anything, is just that improving it would give more life to that block in particular, i dont see a lot of people using it and i dont use it myself , but i think that is a cool block and i want to have a reason to use it.
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    posted a message on [v1.1.2] Reliquary
    Quote from DoubleABuilder

    Well the way you look at it, it might not have much use. However, I see it as an easier way to get it without having to mess with crafting grids, or going to the nether every time I need Glowstone (or dust). It's all about preference. I like the altar because I have over 15 full stacks of Redstone Blocks and need a use for it. This also gives my farm/crops area another thing to harvest. Once again, it's all about preference and I prefer it to remain in the mod because I for one like it.

    ok you dont understand my point. first, having to mess with crafting grids is basically half of the game, the "craft" part to be exact, is not something bad, is not like is better to mine it, because you are still going to need to craft it later, unless you only plan to put it in a chest, but i dont think that this is the case.

    if you need an use for that redstone, quest what, you already have one, especially if you are using reliquary, as redstone is basically a fuel source for this mod. you can adquire the glowstone dust and also adquire more of other blocks an items using the tome of alkahest, and is faster.

    but anyway, the most important thing, i have never say that i dont want the altar in the first place, even if something is pointless to me, as long as is not something intrusive im perfectly ok with it and i dont want it to be removed. what i am saying is that maybe there should be a change in the way the altar works, because right now is just not good enough to be used when you have the tome in the same mod.

    and to make it clear i actually like the mechanic behind the altar, what i dont like is having to spend 3 redstone and wait 30 mins to gain between 2 and 4 glowstone when i can just spend those 3 redstone to gain 3 glowstone for sure.
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    posted a message on [v1.1.2] Reliquary
    but anyway that doesnt solve anything, i mean the altar is not an early game block, is easier to make than the tome, but not by a lot and by the time that you actually make something out of it is already too late for it in my opinion.

    the wither skull is the hard part when making the tome, but anyway there are means to make it easier if you use other mods, and if you dont use them the altar is also worse because you cant even be sure that you are going to gain 4 glowstone dust for it in every operation without something like a pulverizer.

    right now, the altar is a block that people is not going to use in my opinion, there is something in the same mod that makes the same causing less problems and a lot faster.

    in a race to adquire glowstone dust using these things and starting a map just for it, 9 out of 10 times the guy that uses the tome is going to win. (if the race is to the first to adquire one dust maybe no, but for any number higher than 10 yes, and the higher the number the better the odds for the tome guy)
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    posted a message on [v1.1.2] Reliquary
    i know that, but still, is not that sooner, and even if is, whats the point of being able to gather glowstone with the altar sooner if you dont even need that glowstone at that stage? also by the time that the altar has paid for itself you have for sure adquire a tome.

    if you break glowstone without silk touch, i gives you between 2-4 dust, if you have the time to enchant a pick with silk touch and make a machine to pulverize it, you have the time to adquire the tome, as is not that hard, in fact, you basically go to the nether to adquire these things anyway. the only real hard part i can see is the wither skull.

    if we want an altar, we need 16 glowstone,16 redstone and a emerald, as well as 4 obsidian, early in the game is not that easy to adquire that. if we start using the altar even gaining 4 glowstone each time, we are going to spend other 12 redstone for a total of 28 to get back those first 16 glowstone, and we are going to wait a least 2 hours for that to happen

    if you wait a little more for the tome, you only need 4 glowstone for it and no redstone. then if you spend those 28 redstone with a tome, you gain 24 glowstone without waiting anything.

    at that point, the altar is going to need 24 more cycles to reach the tome and that takes a least 12 ingame hours. after that you can start gaining more glowstone with the altar than with the tome.

    also, automating something with the tome is a lot easier than doing it with the altar.
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    posted a message on [v1.1.2] Reliquary
    random coment about something in this mod, im not sure about this, but doesnt the altar of light seen a little pointless? i love the mechanic behind it and all that, in fact this is a great mod, is the only one that i am aware of that actually cares about netherrack and other blocks like that to be renebable.

    but my point is, you need to invest 3 redstone in a block that cost you a total of 16 glowstone to make, apart from the emerald and the obsidian, then in about 2 ingame days, you have a glowstone block that you need to harvest, and that block can give up to 4 dust, but even with a fortune III is not 100% that you are going to get 4 dust always. there is actually a way to get glowstone for redstone using the tome of alkahest, and that gives you 4 glowstone for 4 redstone 100% of the time and without waiting anything.

    unless i am missing something, i seens to me that the altar is worse than just using the tome no? you potentially gain 1 more glowstone dust for the redstone inverted, but not always, and you need to wait for it to provide the block. i can see that adquiring the tome can be harder than just using the altar early game, but you need to go to the nether to make the altar also, and you need to invest 16 glowstone in it, which means that if you are very lucky, the altar will pay for itself at the 8 day.

    for me, it would be fair if the altar worked without needing redstone, maybe feeding it a glowstone dust that them grows into a block or something like that...

    i have read many comments about the alkahest going to be removed, i personally wouldnt like that, i think that the tome a least is a very good tool for any world, and i dont see it being op. the alkahest can be op sometimes, but you have to earn that item, by the time that you can manage to obtain it is already too late to actually be that broken.
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    posted a message on Custom Modded Skyblock Survival Map
    ok i have just updated with the new contents to the chest, right now there shouldnt be any problems with playing the map, one should be able to advance into a position where he or she can pretty much generate almost anything needed.

    i have also added a blue slime egg, that way people will be able to farm them if they want.

    one of two things to help peolpe that want to try this, first, you need to save 10 redstone to make a portal to the nether, if you dont do it, i am pretty sure that you will get stuck, so dont use a lot of redstone until you are in the nether. and second, while is not your first inmediate priority, one of the first goals to focus on is on making a pulverizer and a way to power it. the power can be managed very well by the survivalist generator, but the pulverizer needs 80% of your starting sand, so you want to save those 4 sand, otherwise you are going to need to make a harvester and a sludge boiler to adquire the sand and that can slow you down by a lot.

    also, extra tip, making a minium stone is very profitable early on. it needs a lot of infraestructure thought, as you will need 14 iron, 7 glass and 1 gold just to get the equipment for its creation and the inert stone. you will then need a combination of 8 emeralds or golden boots to make the minium dust necesary to complete the stone. is probably recommended to spend 8 gold on a golden apple to try your luck on a zombie villager instead of trying to grind the 32 gold neccesary for 8 boots, as the emeralds from a villager can be obtained more easily if the villager you get is a good one. if you want to go the gold rute, is almost mandatory to make a trap in the nether for zombie pigmen, as the other option is to gather and smelt 288 gold oreberrys.

    PD: my post count has reached 42, i am happy with my new rank :-)
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    posted a message on Custom Modded Skyblock Survival Map
    i will give out more info after been playing for 1 day more or less.

    the first thing that i need to mention is that almost for sure, you will need 2 gravel apart for the things in the chest, otherwise i thing that you just cant make anything, or a least i havent see a way to advance without 2 gravel that i needed for the flint in the pulverizer. i will probably update the download later to include those 2 gravel in the chest.

    apart from that, i have to say that this is a difficult challenge, there are some resources that are very limited and you also need to plan very well what to do with them to avoid losing them in things that you dont need.for example, i think that only 10 redstone is very little for this map, you probably need more to play the map, and i will also update the map to include a least double that amount.

    there is also the need to start the game with a blaze rod in the chest, because right now, you need the blaze rod to make the weakness potions that will cure the villagers that will give you the emeralds needed to make the auto spawner that you need to use to spawn blazes using a safari net and the egg in the chest. without that first blaze rod, you need to use the egg, and there arent going to be any more blazes in your world if you dont capture that blaze...

    in a couple of hours i will try to update, but if someone doesnt care to "cheat" the things in the current version, right now i will add these things to the starting chest:

    2 gravel or flint
    1 blaze rod
    20 redstone (total of 30 in the chest)

    also if you dont feel the need to afk in front of the oreberrys with your watering can, maybe you should try to double the amount of oreberry bushes in the chest.
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    posted a message on Custom Modded Skyblock Survival Map
    hi everyone, i have put together a bunch of mods, and i also have used a custom void map created by tehee (http://www.minecraft...nd-to-build-on/) to make a special map for me to play. my idea was to play the typical skyblock challenge, but i wanted to do it with mods, the only difference is that i wanted just some mods instead of a lot of them, and i also wanted to start with next to nothing and without quest or these things, to make the experience more survival like and more free first i wasnt planning on posting this map, as i was for personal use, but after preparing everything i think that i will give a link in case that someone else is looking for something like this is the island that i have created in the middle of the void:

    and these are the contents of the chest that you see there:

    for extra info, the egg that has 10 samples is a skeleton one, the 4 eggs with just one sample of each are blaze,blizz,blue slime and witch, and the porta spawner has a silverfish spawner inside.there is nothing else in the other vanilla dimensions, there isnt even a way to reach the end, a least that i am aware of, but you can try to reach the deep dark.

    i will try to list all the mods that i am using, in case that you want to play the map:
    • codeChickenCore
    • coFH core
    • Equivalent Exchange 3
    • Extra Utilities
    • Minefactory Reloaded
    • NEI
    • OpenBlocks
    • OpenMods
    • PowerCrystalsCore
    • Redstone Arsenal
    • Thermal Expansion 3
    • Tinkers Construct
    • Tinkers Mechworks
    as well as forge. all these work for minecraft 1.6.4.and that is all, there is a link to the map: https://dl.dropboxus...urvival 1.2.rar
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    posted a message on dragon ball capsules?
    i have been searchin for a mod like this for some time, but i havent seen it, so basically i am going to explain what i have been looking for, if someone actually knows if something like this exist then plz let me know, otherwise, i am giving the idea for someone to make it a least.

    ok, i have been thinking about going full adventurer in a minecraft world and i have been looking for a way to actually carry my stuff with me, the plan is to not return to where i have been, there are mods that make bagpacks so you could actually carry a lot of stuff, but i havent seen any actual way to carry your actual shelter/base and or the farms or other things that maybe you ant to carry with you.

    so i have been looking for a mod that makes that possible. in the anime dragon ball, the character bulma has some items that you throw and then a house/car appears. then you can push a button in the house and it becomes again an item that you can carry. there are mods that can make and structure appear from an item, but i have fail at finding one that lets you also dismount the house. also i have fail to find one that gives you the posibility to make what you actually want to carry.

    my plan was or is, to use zeppelin mod, and also mystcraft, to be able to go from age to age, and i thought about being able to actually carry my airship with me and also if i could carry with me a house then better, although i dont need that as i can make a dimension my home and teleport to that with a book.

    so thats it, sorry for my english, is someone knows about a mod that lets you make a structure like an airship to appear and disappear i would be glad if you could post it. if that thing doesnt exist then here you have the idea, i think that i could be awesome, expecially if you could store other mods structures, like for example an automatic quarry made with redpower2
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    posted a message on [MC/Forge][1.6.4] Gulliver the Resizing Mod (v0.14.3 *Oct 21*): changing your perspective of Minecraft [OVER 900,000 downloads]
    Quote from rip4lv


    I sought of an idea based ot this mod!

    What if we change game perspective in order to achieve more detailed wolrds what we always wanted?

    If player is lagrer 5 times than normal, then all the cubes in the world are 5 times smaller and we need 5 times more cubes to describe the landscape. of coures this means, that we have to remodel all the monolite blocks like doors and furnaces and so on.., bet trees, rivers, caves and mountins are just map heights and generator problem. The rest is solved and we get more detailed world where we could construct our houses with greater detail takin into account not to use the principe one click - one bloc. Here it might be materials or brush tool. Whatever we decide. The only problem to solve is does this would affect world generation as a bigger player caracter does a step or runs, and also sees further? Also all mountins and drees should be higher to look real size, but we know that it is possible at this moment to have huge mountins and trees bu using Trrian control or Heights mod and BOBjectc?

    What u think of this?

    if you want that, you can always use little blocks mod, you will be able to make the strcutures you are saying, your character will be 8 times bigger in comparison with the little blocks. and you dont need to change anything more from the game, everything else will be the same.
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    posted a message on [MC/Forge][1.6.4] Gulliver the Resizing Mod (v0.14.3 *Oct 21*): changing your perspective of Minecraft [OVER 900,000 downloads]
    Quote from FireHoose

    I cannot get the shrink potion to work correctly. I still jump 1 block up and i cannot go under any blocks or half-blocks. The embiggen potion works just fine, however. I installed Gulliver, ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, TMI, Auto Switch, Single Player Commands in that order... any suggestions?

    you always jump a least one block, otherwise your are basically trapped in a 1x1x1 hole if you dont have a slimeball or a fishing rod with you. as for the other thing, im pretty sure that you are doing something wrong ingame, or a least i dont think that you can become small but only partially, i dont know how this mod os coded but that would be almost magical.

    Quote from Maker121

    I got your mod but the potions don't come up in Too Many Items 1.2.5 do I need Mod Loader?

    you can always craft your potions using the recipe, if you want, make a row of brewing strands and spend 2-3 minutes brewing them using the resources that tmi gives you.

    Quote from Xinoehp

    Would it be possible to make an alternative version of this mod which permanently keeps the effects of the potion you use? Or maybe, when typing in your seed it could be an additional world option that you can spawn at a different size and stay that way? I think it would work really well then if used with the little blocks mod because then you could play as a tiny person in a huge world but still build standard sized constructions (proportionate to your character) :D

    the tiny for ever world idea is a very good idea, but the litle blocks mod doesnt work that well, or a least i hasnt worked that well for me. you can make a tiny house and these things, i personally have one builded near the entrance to a house in a village, but the furnace,the bed and the crafting table doent seen to work, and i havent been able to put doors.

    also, i have tried the life as a small minecraftian, and i have to say that is a hard life. agressive mobs usually dont even notice you, but you can not kill them very easiy also. the spiders are the worst, they jump a lot, when you are small and when they jump usually they just crush you and you cant do anything to stop it. the skeletons are easy in the other hand, is almost imposible for them to aim well. anything bigger than one block requieres the help of you precious fishing rod, and the tall grass is a jungle biome...
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    posted a message on [MC/Forge][1.6.4] Gulliver the Resizing Mod (v0.14.3 *Oct 21*): changing your perspective of Minecraft [OVER 900,000 downloads]
    really funny mod, this should be in the vanilla minecraft. in fact, when potions where added i thought that in the future they would add these potions.

    i have a few suggestions thought, after two afternoons of playing with this and litle blocks:

    1-i think that making the two potions with the same mushrow is not very "fair", maybe one should use the red one and the other the brown one?

    2- the potions have a duration of 3 or 8 minutes, that is enough time if you want to have a good time playing with that, and the recipe is not expensive, but having to wear a lot of potions is not something i have personally liked. there should be a manner of making the potion effect permanent, until you drink milk or something like that. i am planning to play a minecraft map where i am going to try to kill the enderdragon being small all the time, i can do it by using the "f" key but that just feels like cheating everytime i use it. maybe adding glowstone would make the potion ffect double also, as i have seen that using the f and r keys makes you double smaller and bigger than with the potions. to make the potion last forever maybe adding lapizlazuri? i dont know why but i would give an use to lapiz.

    3-maybe the keys for changing size would be something good if you added a ring or something like equivalent exchange for example that grants you these abilities.

    4-giants should not take double fall damage, maybe the same but i think that they should take less,is a little extrange to kill yourself if your drop from 10 blocks high when you are a giant. i have died twice for falling from the top of trees that where smaller than my high.

    5-the paper to float is just the best, i really like to climb a tree with the fishing rod and then levitate, maybe using the feather you could make and extra jump or something like that? i am thinking of a custom craft using two feathers and a string, but maybe that is op(flying with a durability in the wings?).

    6-and the last one, i have seen the yogscast video, my favourite part is when simon hits lewis when one is giant and the other small and just before that moment lewis says to simon to pick him up. if you could make possible to pick up small players/mobs when you are normal/giant i would be surprising. maybe using glass bottles? then you could had a splash potion that spawns the mob you trapped before and or teleport the player to where i hits. i know that this last one is specially hard to make but...

    anyway, great mod, the best i have seen since equivalent exchange when smp. i have a house builded in a village that only ocups 3 normal blocks and is just great to see the zombies attacking the village from its entrance when i am 1/8 of a block.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Amulets Mod(v.1.0.2)
    smp? also great mod, is always good to see magical items in minecraft. just one suggestion, i would be better in my opinion if the amulets where indestructible, instead of having uses. for example, you make the amulet, the strenght one for example, and then i cost you 1 lapizlazuri to activate its effect one time. if you righclick with the amulet, and you have lapizlazuri in you inventory, then you gain the potion effect and lose 1 or more lapizlazuri. of course the effects should then last less because the material cost is being halved.

    anyway thanks for the mod.
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    posted a message on Mystcraft
    i really want to try this mod, but i am afraid that i am not going to see my homeworld again if i teleport Xd(is someone has seen sliders then you can compare my feelings) if there any way to know what linkwood teleports you back? in the first post it says 1/3 chance of being a home linkbook but how do you know that you have a home linkbook? age 0 perhaps? also i have other question (i was really waiting for a mod like this to come in smp) when you teleport to an age in which you have already been, does it teleport you always to the same spot? for example if my homeworld is age 1 and i go to age 2, do i always appear on the same cords in age 2? nd if i return to age 1 where do i appear? in the original spawn point of the world, or near my bed?.

    sorry for all those questions but this mod has all my attention right now XD
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    posted a message on Mystcraft
    this mod is looking good in my eyes. and the smp support is always a good thing. anyway i hve some queestions or sugestions. the linkbooks are crafted with only a normal book? isnt that just very easy? for an item that can teleport you around dimensions i would expect maybe to cost gold or redstone also, lapizlazuri or even diamonds.

    and when you teleport, do the book come with you? and also how do you return to your own dimension or age? in the pics there seems to be more than 20000 combinations possible. also, is it possible to craft a linkbook that can teleport you to an age, that happens to be another save? i am thinking about adventure maps here, for example, i have an smp server with two friends, we usually do adventure maps. i would be epic if we could just teleport directly to the adventure map and then back to our world without having to be switching saves.

    so that, if is possible to craft a linkbook making you choose where do you want it to link? not chosing what biome, more like being able to choose as destination places that you already had visited. mainly the original world, so that we can always come back.
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