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    posted a message on [1.5.2] The GG - 99.9% Vanilla 18+ whitelist anti-grief survival
    We have changed over to running multiple servers and game modes; so check out the new thread here!
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    Quote from Rexaryinou

    .... what?? the map size is somewhere on the order of 8GB.... it isn't going to be easy to make changes and keep it on drop box furthermore how is that going to work if im making changes locally, and my builders are working on the server? they would never be able to access my changes.

    I just don't get how that would work...... Plus now you're doing what everyone else seems to want to and tell me how I should be operating my server so I can run it the way you want, on your services.....

    Seems like if you can't cater to my needs as a server owner, then I probably shouldn't bother putting my server there, and I have skilled builders who need to use worldedit, not worrying about putting the server up and down to constantly update the map.

    Word of advice; if you're looking for a new host to perhaps cut you a deal, the worst thing you can do is start ranting at them ;)

    The guy gave you a suggestion, doesn't mean that's how it should be done, or that he requires you to do it that way, it's just a suggestion. So take a chill pill.
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    posted a message on MULTICRAFT ERROR
    Looks like he forgot his backups too...
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    posted a message on Blockstackers - Get your vanilla shaken, not stirred | Christmas special time! Come get some holiday cheer.
    instant setup | custom control panel | vanilla done right


    The lowest unique bid special we had running for Christmas has come to a close. The winner has been notified by email - for those curious people, the lowest unique (and thus winning) bid was $0.19. So there's one lucky person who has a 1Gb vanilla minecraft server for that price for life!

    We'll be running another one soon, so stay tuned!


    Except right now we're all out... oops!


    We're here to upset the established order, and introduce a little chaos. A host like no other you've seen before.

    Blockstackers is currently a two-person operation, I'm the main server/tech guy, and also the forum representative type person, so you'll mostly be dealing with me, unless you fail to pay your bills, then you get to deal with my significant other who's in charge of money related things. (Yes, we're married...)

    I've been involved in hosting since the late 90's, virtualisation since the first release of Virtuozzo to an unsuspecting public, and if any of you corporate types are reading this, skip this part so you don't get scared: I'm a certified ISO27001 auditor. I also write mean Perl code, and wrestle Linux kernels for fun.

    There, that'll be enough bragging ;)


    We have packages in all price ranges, our smallest one is a 512Mb server for $7.00 a month. Before you say it, yes, we're not the cheapest host out there, but we make up for it with great service.
    All packages include a free dedicated IP address, unlimited (well, within reason) disk space, daily off-site backups, and our own control panel. Oh, and a dash of secret sauce...


    Yep. No FTP. Why? Because sending your password across the internet in plain text is never a good idea. There are ways to have a secure encrypted FTP connection but we found it's easier for us if you tell us where your world is at, and we handle the download and and setup on your server. Doesn't cost you anything extra either ;)


    No. Vanilla only. The choice was made to only support vanilla minecraft because we can guarantee a certain level of service that way. Bukkit and it's accompanying plethora of plugins can (and often does) cause a lot of headaches that we frankly don't want to deal with at this time. We'd rather focus on delivering an awesome vanilla hosting service.


    While a lot can be written about hardware, I'll just leave it at this; all our servers are equipped with i7-2600 or i7-920 quad core CPU's, and harddisks in RAID-1 setups for data integrity. We currently operate them out of Europe, and there are some plans to expand to the US and South-East Asia in the (soon(tm)) future.

    All minecraft servers run inside an OpenVZ virtual container, and before you get your "but ehrmahgerd OpenVZ sucks for Minecraft" card, don't bother. Minecraft runs just fine inside OpenVZ. People saying otherwise are either parroting old information or are severely lacking in the clue department.

    We do not oversell our physical servers, new hardware nodes are put into action when 80% capacity has been reached on existing nodes. Due to the way our infrastructure is built up however, we can migrate your container to another node if this keeps the utilisation of a node under 80%. You're basically guaranteed maximum performance, all the time.

    We run our very own in-house control panel, built specifically for our infrastructure, and built by people who play Minecraft and run their own servers. We're constantly adding features, and we're always open for feature requests or suggestions. Check out http://imgur.com/a/ZP2qV for some screenshots of the panel in action. The server in question is my own vanilla server, you're welcome to drop by, but apply for the whitelist first...


    Go to our website at https://www.blockstackers.net/ and find your package of choice, order it, pay for it using Paypal, and enjoy the automated setup. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me on the forums, or send e-mail to [email protected] and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


    We don't have one. One thing that came up during the beta test is that for some reason, free trials tend to get abused to hell and back. We also don't have a demo server, because...


    We do not have an explicit money back guarantee, but if you have ordered a server, and you are not happy with how it performs, or how we've handled your questions, and there is nothing we can do to make you happy, we'll issue a full refund. However, to receive a refund you do have to work with us in determining what makes you unhappy, and how we can solve this in the future.
    Explicit "X day money back" guarantees tend to be abused by those wanting a Minecraft server, but not willing to pay for it, which is why we handle it this way.


    We can be very brief here: hosting you for free is not going to happen. Sponsorships are up for discussion; feel free to send me a PM here or email to [email protected] if you want to talk about it :)


    What, did you miss the ones at the top of the post? If there are none listed there, we're not running any coupons at this time...


    Damn straight. We're here to offer great vanilla minecraft hosting, we're not here to talk bull, we're not here to be everyone's best friend either. We do hosting. We do great hosting. We do great support too. Heck, we do pretty good stick-figure drawings! Hosting with us means you don't hear any bull, you hear facts, to the point, and we'll do our best to give you and your players the best service we can, for a fair price, with a no-nonsense attitude.
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    posted a message on Looking for a host to pay annually.
    Quote from KingMeowMix

    A good control panel. (Nothing self made)

    McMyAdmin? Self-made.
    Multicraft? Self-made.
    SpaceBukkit? Self-made.

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    posted a message on Entei's Guide to Sponsorships #2 - Professionalism [Please read if you are looking for a server]

    Already commented on it but figured it'd be worth doing again: that post is what a proper request looks like people, pay attention to it, because I'm pretty sure Mr. kiwihead will be getting some sort of deal out of it.
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    posted a message on Hey, you... yes you, person about to ask for a free server!
    Quote from mikeambrose3

    You make a thread every week about hosting requests for free servers. STOP. This section is for hosting requests in general, free or paid. People like you need to grow up, if you don't like "free server request", then you need to stop replying to them and getting a rage-boner over them. Threads like this should be instantly locked.

    Yours truly,

    Yes, because it's annoying the crap out of me. And judging from that green number on the post and the followups, I'm not the only one. So hey, tell you what, you go get yourself a nice cup of calm the hell down, then find yourself the ability to reason a point in what some may call an adult manner, and we'll have a chat. Until then, be quiet when the grown ups are talking, k?
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    posted a message on Wireduphosting [cheap host] [Extreme performance]
    Hate to do it...


    See, I told you so. I don't go off on people for no reason y'know?
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    posted a message on Hey, you... yes you, person about to ask for a free server!
    Quote from Emerald_Eater

    [My post]

    And your point is?
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    posted a message on I Need A 4GB Ram Tekkit Server (Tekkit 3.1.2)
    You want fries with that?

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