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    Still easier to remember than redstone...at least for me.
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    Amazing, spider webs for all!
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    Quote from Calderhrs

    Cmon Guys this is a great challenge why does it have to be so dead

    It's the end of the semester for several schools. Personally, it's Dead Week at my university and won't be available until Tuesday next week.
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    Quote from Calderhrs

    When i saw the plan ahead tip i decided to make my plot really big and its now 81x81.
    Im going to have to use a lot of wood for my wall xD

    That's an okay size. It's not 207x208 like my Stone Age claimings but it's larger than the 57x57 of my Wooden Age. Kudos!

    Quote from Cyrilshark

    Xinkc, at first I wondering wondering how on earth it took you 6 months.
    Then I found your post. Good grief. o.O keep up the amazing work!

    Quote from Teeshy

    I did the same! Woah, keep it up Xinkc (and choose to take Mining_y7's comment as a compliment ;) )

    *edits* Oh yay for dungeons and finding buckets! Will make making stone bricks SO much less painful!

    Thanks. Though now that I think about it, Mining_y7 might have been talking about my Iron Age wizards keep if he was talking about me. It might have only taken me about 2 months to create the floating spheroids and the jumping puzzle but they were still done in pure vanilla survival. Though, I did have to go into my test creative world to design the spheroids and the crenallation of my walls so I could not die/fall as much as I did while building most of the jumping puzzle... I still can't believe it took 30-ish deaths and a couple of hundred falls for me to realize that I could have kept the dirt scaffolds that I used to build them up instead of destroying them behind me. Anyways, just designing them in a separate creative world and then manually building them in a different Survival world doesn't count as it being a creative build in my book.
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    Quote from Mining_y7

    Honestly it feels like people are trying to take credit for using creative to build stuff.. There's no way some of these were made on vanilla survival.

    I don't know whether to feel insulted. I spent 6 months slaving away on my build for the stone age. 6 MONTHS. I had to grind down mountains, cut down a ton of jungle trees, make thousands of charcoal and stone brick. Along the way, I got enough dirt to flatten out the land and had enough left over cobblestone to make a nice and large inner wall. Dirt scaffolding was my best friend.

    I'm assuming you meant my build...if not, then disregard my post.
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    Quote from GorgeousTaylor

    The End is going to be updated in 1.5. It will turn into something "more beautiful" when you defeat the boss.

    Quote from GorgeousTaylor

    Nah, information from Minecon.

    Did they expand upon that or did they just say it would become "more beautiful?" I hope its the former so as to cut down on hype and speculation.
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    Quote from Zacheriah42

    I'm about 99% sure that beta comes before alpha. I have done a descent amount of programming and such, and you can even check the updater, even though it doesn't say alpha for the current versions, it is quite an axiomatic conclusion to draw. Seriously, unless you can find an accurate source that states this (and it has to be truly accurate), I will consider your statement. Thanks

    I have to say this. You may be 99% sure, but you're 100% wrong. Here's a link to a surprisingly well cited Wikipedia article discussing video game standards.

    It may be a "wiki" article and thus subject to community editing but it does list several legitimate sources for you to look into. Also, you're axiomatic conclusion isn't really axiomatic. It's actually quite contradictory and not self-evident to those who were aware of Minecraft in its neon-green Alpha stage.

    Anyways, my current favorite update is, well, the current one. I would state a number but I tend to like all the updates, each one adding more to the game I enjoy. I would vote on the poll but Alpha stopped at 1.2.6, which means that two of your options are invalid, and there is no options for the release versions.
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    Quote from zourath

    If by 'cute' you mean 'annoying'.

    Nope, I think he was right the first time.

    Anyways, bats cannot drop items because they are not coded to and I believe they were designed not to.
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    Quote from WhoDatOJ

    Nice Xinkc

    That is one huge wall :)

    Thanks. I don't know if your avatar is from this challenge but I see that your flag colors are the inverse of mine...
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    Quote from JimBolo

    Also, didn't dinnerbone talk about terrain updates? Maybe those will come around in 1.5.
    If they manage to do it within time of Christmas, I will be amazed. If they rush it out, I will be sad.

    He did mention overhauling the terrain code to make it easier to manipulate. This would allow for terrain sliders that can help make the map, while still being random, be more towards your preference. Also, it would allow for world any official vanilla world presets easier to create.

    Quote from intendowii

    Can't wait for the FPS boost!

    Me either! With low settings, my fps went from 6-14 on average in 1.2.5 to 170-200 in 1.3.1. It was the best though not everybody received a boost. Hopefully, this time around, everybody will receive a universal increase of fps.
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    When you make a map, right click on it in the tool bar to set it for a location. Really, you can find how to use a map on the Wiki.

    Anyways, I will agree that I dislike the whole grid-based map system. I preferred having the map centered on the crafting location and originally expected the maps to be centered on where you activated them when I first heard of the change. Oh well, looks like it's something I'll have to live with.
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    Quote from Kuurth

    Wow!! That is REALLY impressive Xinkc!

    Thanks. I think I took the "plan ahead" suggestion a little too seriously. It helps make things look a bit nicer but it does mean more time is spent.

    Quote from Steelfeathers

    Way to go man. Love the creative flag design. ^^

    Thanks. I figured that bigger flags would look ridiculous set up like one would expect so I made them banners, each one a little more detailed than the previous as they got bigger/more detailed.
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    Okay, I believe I finished the Iron Age. Here's some commentary and proof from an in-game perspective.

    Here it is:

    General requirements:

    So, following the change of age, the first thing done was setting up a new secondary wall (as high as the main wall), towers to compliment it, leveling the land to be at 72 m on the outer ring and 68 on the inner, and laying out roads.

    In addition, the Empire's flag has been created. Pictured below is the actual flag which is small than the banners on the actual outer towers.

    Below is the medium banner which is on the outer towers and the customs/guard house.

    Here's the large banner that is on the customs/guardhouse and the other guard/gatehouses.

    With the ability to create shears wool for beds has been no problem. The keep barracks, the guardhouse guard quarters, and the secondary wall towers are all currently manned. Below is the keep barracks.

    In addition to this, the mine has been dug lower than 30 blocks from the main level of the keep.

    The wealth of the Empire drew the attention of a blacksmith who made his home in the inner circle of the fortress. Due to the lack of laborers in the fortress, once again I've had to built everything by scratch.

    Due to the abundance of water in the inner ring, wells have been installed in the outer ring as seen below.

    Since there is more tamed and civilized land outside the original walls, the animal pens and farms have been moved to the inner ring.

    Here is the tree farm which contains 15 of each tree but jungle, which only has 4. Next to it is the Arborial family store/home which helps the tree farm to take up an entire quadrant of the inner ring.

    Cows have been moved to a pen underneath the store and home of Lucas Angus, the man who won the bidding for the Fortress's cow population.

    The bidding for the chicken and pig sales was won by the Cooper family which also set up shop above the pens.

    The rest of the agricultural needs for the Fortress were won by the Albyra family. They control the watermelon, sugar, cocoa, and pumpkin supplies for the Fortress. While they do not have their mansion built yet, they also secretly control the netherwart supply of the Fortress. Below the royal sheep pens and wheat/carrot/potato farms also owned by the Albyras can also be seen.

    The sheep pens with red and black sheep.

    The wheat/potato/carrot farm contains 96 wheat, 54 potatoes, and 54 carrots.

    The materials required for the Golden Age are shown below. I've also placed the music discs with them since I'm particularly proud of obtaining them. Building, leveling, and mining all got boring at one point and days and many deaths were spent trying to obtain them.


    Due to boredom, I decided to actually create a courtyard on top of the keep.

    The destruction of nature on the keep upset the master sorcerer, my advisor Lord General Araris Valerian. He then tore the towers off the castle, summoned magical glass, and converted the cobblestone to stone bricks. He created 5 spheroid "towers" high above the keep to house, teach, and perform dangerous magicks with the magi-corps. 100 meters above the keep is the Nether portal which all expeditions there have been carried out. He also made a difficult jumping puzzle to prevent the uninitiated from studying with him.

    Coincidentally, that Nether portal is where the glowstone for the courtyard was gathered.

    Anyways, due to the wealth gained from mining the continent out of boredom, the true throne, and Great Hall throne have been updated. The show throne in the Great Hall is made of pure gold while the true throne is iron and lapiz lazuli. The true throne has been renamed as the Iron Throne of Oblivion's Holy Light.

    Iron Throne of Oblivion's Holy Light:

    Golden Throne for Show and Parties:

    As previously mentioned, the outer walls now have 19 meter tall lava curtains in them as seen below.

    Finally, here's the superfluous treasures located in the Treasury.

    Overall Information and Future Plans:

    -The outer battlements of the main wall are still being designed. Once the fabled End has been reached, the rare stone from there will also be added to the base wall.
    -I have plans to build a snow generating building, a mansion, a church, a library with a pool in it, some roads, and glowstone lamps before I post with the finished Golden Age.
    -Only requirements that were built earlier but were changed are posted here. Please see my post on page 19 for anything required for the Iron Age not seen here.

    So says I, His Imperial Majesty, Blessed of the Light, Lord of Oblivion, Emperor Xinkc DuMorne of the Holy Empire of Aegia.

    Tell me what you think. I'll be starting the Golden Age in the meantime. The best estimated time of completion I can give at this time for this Age is around New Years or Mid January.
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    I thought we've been in the golden age since redstone has been added.
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    I'm thinking that Mojang just doesn't want to add horses or those food ideas. I haven't heard of any reasons about why the haven't added things they've never mentioned. I don't think anybody but the Notch and the development team could tell you.
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