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    For news and downloads related to Xie's Mod please check out my website, I occasionally post updates :P

    Here is the old OP for posterity:

    Xie's Mods
    For Minecraft v1.4.7
    With support for multiplayer (SMP)

    This forum thread is for detailing, releasing and discussing my mods. You can also find information about my mods at my wiki (which is a WIP), and for a list of all releases visit my Google Code repository.

    Download Xie's Mod for Minecraft 1.4.6/7
    Contains default farming content. Other content (ultimate fist, weapons and survival tweaks) are disabled, but you can unzip and remove the underscores from the start of the folder names in the content directory to enable them. Requires Minecraft Forge.

    To install:

    Install Forge. Download the zip file and copy it into your ./mods/ directory, then rename it to Xie.zip. (You no longer need to unzip it into ./mods/Xie, though you can if you want to, or if you need to modify/add more content!)

    Latest News
    (27th January 2013) I built a website to host my mod - http://www.xiecraft.net/. It's a work in progress, but eventually (over the course of maybe a week or two) I'll migrate all of the information and download links to it from this OP. I'll still be using this thread as a source of feedback of course :)

    (20th January 2013) Fixed underscore disabled content inside zip files, and added some null checks to prevent campfire crashes.

    (15th January 2013) Latest release of Xie's Mod does not need to be extracted, content works from within the zip. Also I fixed culling recipes, so the stone tools changes should be working again.

    (1st January 2013) Happy New Year!!1

    (29th December 2012) Xie's Mod has been updated for Minecraft 1.4.6. Let me know if you find any bugs! Default farming content is included. I've also included the ultimate fist, Xie's weapons and the survival tweaks but they're disabled by default (go into the content directory and rename the folders deleting the underscore if you want to enable the other content). I hope everyone has a happy new year celebration!!
    (25th December 2012) Merry Christmas and/or happy winter holiday everybody!! :D Sorry I didn't get a chance to update to 1.4.6 before going on vacation, but I'll be back home this weekend and I hope to push out an update before the new year ;)
    About Xie's Mod
    This is the core of my farming mod, plus the other mods that are to follow. It's comprised of a number of flexible classes that extend the functionality of vanilla blocks and items, and a JSON parser that reads in one or more configuration files and turns them into in-game content. The benefit of doing things this way should be apparent - modifying content no longer requires me to recompile and re-release the mod, all you need to do is download a new configuration file, or even edit it yourself. Better yet, additional content may also be added with extra configuration files and images!

    ~ More Downloads ~
    For previous releases, see my Google Code repository.

    Content Downloads
    To install these, extract the files into ./mods/Xie/

    Default Farming Content (Download) (Contains textures by Thistle)
    All of the classic farming content (fruit trees, tomatoes, cotton, corn, hybrid wheat etc) PLUS soy beans, tofu, tea, ketchup, cocoa trees, rose bushes, dandelion patches, carrots, onions, bottled milk, chocolate milk, and sweet tea, PLUS tacos, burritos etc. Added an override for vanilla wheat that drops hybrid wheat seeds 1% of the time. Rose and dandelion recipes have also been overridden, rose to rose seeds to red dye, and similarly for dandelions. Last updated April 16th 2012 - now includes tacos!

    Cylan's Default Farming Content (Download) (Textures by Cylan)
    This is the default farming content, reorginized and re-textured by Cylan. He split up the content into multiple directories and files to make it easier to find what you want to modify and/or disable (remember that adding an underscore to the start of a directory or file will cause it to be skipped over by the parsing engine).

    Classic Farming Content (Download)
    If you don't want the updated content ("Default Farming Content" above) this download contains only the "classic" 2011 farming content - fruit trees, tomatos, cotton, corn, hybrid wheat, foraging stick, salt, salads, sammiches etc. Last updated April 2nd 2012.

    Weapons (Download)
    Adds three new swords and three new bows: Bone Sword, Glass Sword, Blaze Sword, Bone Bow, Blaze Bow, and a seriously OP fully automatic Redstone Crossbow! See the contained readme for more details and recipes. Last updated November 10th 2012.

    Cylan 's Content (Link Wiki)
    Cylan has added an enormous amount of new content (far more than comes in the default content pack), new trees, new crops, new ore (aluminium), new tools, new foods, herbs, ice fishing, bacon, ham, sausages... there's a lot of stuff, seriously XD

    Survival Tweaks (Download)
    A collection of small mods to enhance early game survival. Includes Genshou's Survival Pickaxe, campfire, flint tools, clay furnace, smelt gravel to flint, sticks from saplings, and sticks from fences. Wood and stone tools are nerfed, making them less effective against stone, making mining impossible early-game. Cobblestone is not harvestable with wood or stone pickaxes, but stone tools are instead crafted from flint. The player must explore the world to find caves in which to find iron before they can build a mine.

    Better Logs (By Daniel_l94) (Mediafire)
    Adds a slight tint to log ends, depending on their type. Daniel also added wood stain which you can use to cycle through wood colors. See Daniel's post for screenshots and more details!

    Pizzza's Pumpkins (Link)
    Another contribution, Pizzza's content adds rockmelons, honeydew melons, butternut and Queensland Blue pumpkins! (And incidentally, Queensland is where I'm from ^_^ )

    Apple Trees Only (Download)
    Only want apple trees? This is the download for you.

    Cocoa Trees Only (Link) (Assembled by laijka)
    By popular demand! Adds cocoa trees, and only cocoa trees to the game. Cheers to laijka for putting this together before I had the chance to ;)

    Colourful Stuff (Download) (Lantern and glowstone textures by Thistle)
    Adds coloured glowstone, lanterns, planks, fences, glass and windows. Only uses 2 extra block ids (for glowstone and lanterns, the rest just replace vanilla content). Note that fences aren't displayed correctly (just show as normal fences) unless you apply the RenderBlock patch, which is contained in zip file. Instructions in the readme.

    Currency (Direct Download) (Coin art by beyluna)
    Adds iron nuggets, iron coins and gold coins. Coins are crafted from nuggets, and can be turned back into nuggets by smelting.

    Genshou's Survival Pickaxe (Download)
    Overrides vanilla wood and stone pickaxes so they are less effective against stone, a simple nerf that is intended to enhance and extend the Minecraft early game, encouraging surface exploration and spelunking, until a source of iron is found. Credit goes to Genshou for the idea!

    Ultimate Fist Homage (Download)
    My homage to the classic mod by Iwannawin, the ultimate fist can punch through any block or (non-dragon) mob in one hit! Because sometimes you just need to run around punching your way through mountains and NPC villages...

    Sticks from Saplings (Download)
    This is a tiny config file that makes it so you can craft saplings into sticks (by stripping the leaves off, I suppose). Works with or without fruit trees installed.

    Wheat Tweak (Download Patch for Farming Content) (Download Standalone Version)
    A minor realism tweak that makes wheat crops drop all wheat and no seeds. Seeds can be crafted from wheat (wheat crafts into 3 seeds). Makes it so that you need to save some of your wheat to re-plant, and any left over can be turned into food. The drop rate has been set so that you get more-or-less the same wheat+seeds potential, though it's a little more unstable for small farms (let me know if you think the calculations are off, I didn't test it too thoroughly, also feel free to tweak the drop rates yourself, as always ^_^ ). There are two versions, the first is a patch to replace the file in the default farming content if you're using that. The second is a standalone version to use if you're not using my default farming content.

    Flint Tools (Download)
    Makes stone tools craftable from flint instead of cobblestone. Increases the lifetime of the early game by making stone tools a great deal more rare, plus adds a touch of realism. (If you want to keep the vanilla stone recipes all you need do is delete "cullStoneTools.xie").

    Coal Blocks Revised (Fabricate Diamonds!) (Download)
    Expands on the coal blocks idea, adding charcoal blocks, hard coal, hard coal blocks, black diamonds, black diamond blocks and... fake diamonds! Only hard coal is a new source of fuel, the extra blocks nor black diamonds can be burned in the furnace, the latter is purely an intermediate ingredient for fabricating fake diamonds, which look like diamonds, but can only be used to make diamond tools, swords and armor. More details in the readme, but if my calculations are correct, you need 11.5 full stacks of coal, and just over 15 furnace-minutes to produce a single fake diamond! (NOTE: I have noticed a small bug that sometimes makes charcoal blocks smelt into 9 coal instead of just 1... not sure what's going on there, let me know if it happens to you too!) Cheers to Pyro1997 for the inspiration ;)

    Just Coal Blocks (Download)
    Adds a coal block, crafted from 9 pieces of coal (not charcoal), and can be crafted back into 9 pieces of coal. It can also be burned in the furnace, providing 12 minutes of burn time (9 times as much as a piece of coal).

    Boxing Fists by locoroco555 (a.k.a mbolz) (Non-Forge) (Forge)
    This content created by locoroco555 (a.k.a mbolz) adds in a new class of weapons to the game. Rather then using a sword, why not be more like a monk, or boxer, whichever you prefer, and use a fist! When you unzip the downloaded file be sure to ignore the folders named _MACOSX and DS_STORE, they have nothing to do with the mod and are created by the mac operating system when the file is compressed. Then just follow the regular install instructions and place the boxing fists (version number) folder into your \Xie\content folder. All this is outlined in the .txt file found in the boxing fists folder.
    Feel free to request additional/alternate config files, or make your own! :)

    Other Downloads
    This section is for miscellaneous other download links.

    4096 Block Ids Compatibility Patch (Download for Apr 23 version, for Minecraft 1.2.5)
    A compatibility patch for Robinton's 4096 Block Ids mod. Just replace the existing files with those contained in the zip.

    Famland Decay Fix (Download for Minecraft 1.2.5) (Install into your minecraft.jar)
    Prevents unirrigated farmland from decaying when custom crops have been planted on it.

    Apple Drop Patch (Download for Minecraft 1.2.5) (Install into your minecraft.jar)
    This is a simple patch for the vanilla leaf block to prevent it from dropping apples, in case you're an apple drop purist and only want your apples to come from apple trees. Note that this gets installed into your minecraft.jar, NOT into the mod content directory.

    Undead in Sunlight Patch (Download for Minecraft 1.2.5) (Extract files and install them into your minecraft.jar)
    Prevents zombies and skeletons from catching fire in sunlight. Useful for making gameplay slightly more challenging, or for use with texture pack overhauls like Last Days that turn zombies and skeletons into less combustible mobs.

    Modifying Block and Item IDs
    Chances are you'll run into some block or item ID conflicts if you try to run my mod with any others. If this is the case, you can modify the block and item IDs for the default content by editing the ids.xid file(which can be found in the default content directory).

    Modifying Other Mod Content
    You can change other stuff about the mod too by editing the .cfg files in the ./mod/Xie/config/ directory. You can modify drop rates, food nourishment, icon and texture filepaths, and much more! Note that the mod also searches for config files (.cfg and .ini) in the ./config/Xie directory.

    Adding Your Own Mod Content
    If you can use a text editor, you might want to try adding your own blocks, items, crops, trees, recipes and more! There's a quick tutorial over here to get you started. I've also been working hard to write up comprehensive documentation, and you can see the work in progress document here.

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    Quote from mitchmac

    I have still heard nothing about whether there is going to be any fix for cullstonetools! I have posted about this problem two times before and others have confirmed the problem. Answer me! Without some acknowledgement I don't even know if you are aware of the problem. I like this mod but it is currently broken and has been for the last two updates.

    I did respond briefly last week to a mention that culling wasn't working, easy enough to miss. It has been fixed, and will be in the next release.

    Also in the next release - you will no longer have to unzip the mod for it to work! That's right, the mod can look inside of zip files for mod content, so it should be a little easier to install ;)
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    Quote from alonzothegreat

    after installing the mod I loaded an earlier save but it say:
    forge mod loader has found world ID mismatches
    ID 59 is mismatched (modID;minecraft, type ajq,ordinal 0) game (modID:xie_runtimecontentloader, type xie.mods.xm.blocks.XieBlockCrop.ordinal 2)
    and it asks if I want to continue loading the world or not

    As mewtwoy suggests, you can just click continue, it shouldn't be a problem. It's just detecting the absence of the wheat override (because overrides are buggy in the current version, which I fixed btw, will be in the next release ^_^). Clicking continue will just revert the wheat override into vanilla wheat (so they won't drop hybrid wheat seeds).
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    Archived news...

    (29th November 2012) Updated to 1.4.5.
    (10th November 2012) Fixed my weapons content, adding a spritesheet to fix some texture glitches.

    (28th October 2012) Xie's Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2 (beta). Let me know if you find any bugs! For those that are interested, here's what I've done with carrots...

    I didn't entirely remove my mod's version of carrots from the content, so that those who already have carrot seeds/carrot crops/carrots just lose them. What I've done is:
    1. Carrot seeds and "Xie" carrots are no longer obtainable in any natural way.
    2. Carrot seeds plant vanilla carrot plants.
    3. "Xie" carrot crops will turn into vanilla carrot plants when they would otherwise "grow".
    4. "Xie" carrots will now appear with the name "Dirty Carrot" and cannot be eaten. They can be crafted into vanilla carrots, and right clicking on them will also turn them into vanilla carrots
    The idea behind these changes was to naturally migrate carrots from old save files to vanilla carrots. IF you're running my mod on a fresh world, or just don't care about the loss of a few carrots, feel free to delete/disable the file ./mods/Xie/content/default/carrot_migration.xie.

    (10th October 2012) Here's a beta version of the 1.3 update that (should) work server-side as well as client-side. Like the previous beta version, unzip it into your ./mods/ directory. Client and server require the same content files to work. Big thanks to Jordyn for helping me test. Let me know of any bugs you find.

    (30th September 2012) A beta version of the 1.3 update is out, check this post for instructions and the download. Not 100% it works in SMP yet, hasn't been very thoroughly tested :P

    (23rd September 2012) Update to 1.3.2 is about 90% done, just a few irritating bugs remaining. If I get time around work I'll try to finish it throughout the week. (Also I kinda broke the OP, but I'll fix it as soon as I'm done with the update :P )

    (18th September 2012) Currently modding for about an hour per week, but hoping to get some work done this weekend!

    (3rd September 2012) Happy Labor Day, USA!

    (2nd September 2012) Happy Birthday me :)

    (27th August 2012) Yeah, trying to update over the GW2 release weekend was a little ambitious, so sorry, I didn't manage to get it finished :P Long weekend coming up though, so I'll see about getting some work done then (though my b'day is also this weekend, so no promises! XD)

    (23rd August 2012) I finally have internet at home again, so this weekend is looking pretty good for updating work. Will let you know how it goes.

    (6th August 2012) Obviously I didn't update to Minecraft 1.3 over the weekend, and I'm moving house this coming weekend... looks like it won't happen till next week *sad face*.

    (1st August 2012) Yay 1.3! I'll try to update this weekend.

    Old OP Archived for posterity...

    The updated Farming mod is nearing completion, and should be released next week at the latest!

    If you can't wait for me to update my Farming mod, feel free to try one of the following supporter-made updates:
    Xie's Farming 1.8.1 updated by MinerMarcus2k9
    Xie's Farming 1.8.1 updated by xLemur
    Thanks again for helping me out with these updates! Please note however that I cannot provide technical support for, nor do I assume any responsibility for what may happen should you try to use these. Feel free to post questions in this forum thread, though, just be sure to say which version of the mod you are attempting to use.

    To download previous versions of my mods, or access my source code, feel free to visit my Google Code Repository.

    My goal when making mods is to create additional content that is fun to play and adheres to the design precedent set down by the game's developers. In particular, I like to enhance the survival aspect of the game. Comments, suggestions, bug reports and any other feedback, positive or negative is welcome :)

    You can download all of my mods in one pack (AdF.ly) (Direct), or see the individual downloads below!

    Latest News

    Known Bugs
    (Hunger) Game crashing when sneaking in water *fixed in Hunger 1.7b*
    (Farming) Slight delay when fertilising wheat and corn and them growing
    (Cooking) Stove glitch where it sometimes eats your fuel and foodstuffs and closes the GUI *fixed in Cooking 1.7c*
    (Food Stacking) Its possible to get stacked food into the quickbar using SHIFT-CLICK *fixed in Food Stacking 1.7b*

    Settings Files
    Block IDs, Item IDs, and various options for my mods can be modified in the .ini files found in the (Minecraft)/mods/Xie/ directory. The options range from enabling and disabling mod content, adjusting health gained from foods, the rate which things grow, the time it takes to get hungry/thirsty/tired and more.

    What to do if it doesn't work...
    If you've attempted to install a mod and it hasn't worked (you get a black screen, or the game crashes when you try to run it) please post the contents of Modloader.txt on this forum inside "spoiler" and "code" tags.

    Expanding upon the game's existing farming mechanics, I make pumpkins growable, and add fruit trees and new crops, such as watermelons, corn, cotton, and tomatoes. I've introduced a seed splicing mechanic, that lets you make more advanced seeds from basic ones.

    Mod Information

    Check out these super-cool YouTube videos showing off the mod at various stages of development:

    And the latest by MinecraftNewbhelp, showcasing the most recent version. Thanks mate! :)

    Multilingual Support
    To enjoy my mod in a language other than English, simply create a ./mods/Xie/lang.ini file with the following format (this is an example for German, thanks to EvoTak for the majority of the translation):

    # Language file for Xie's Mods
    Fried\ Egg=Spiegelei
    Weak\ Soup=Schwache Suppe
    Fried\ Mess=Angebranntes Essen
    Fried\ Meal=Spiegelessen
    Stirfry=Rühren Braten
    Tasty\ Sammich=Schmackhaft Sammich
    Pancake\ Batter=Pfannkuchen Teig
    Beef\ Jerky=Dörrfleisch
    Fruit\ Salad=Obstsalat
    Hybrid\ Wheat=Hybrid Getreide
    Hybrid\ Seeds=Hybridsamen
    Watermelon\ Piece=Wassermelonenstück
    Watermelon\ Seeds=Wassermelon Samen
    Pumpkin\ Seeds=Kürbissamen
    Pumpkin\ Piece=Kürbisstück
    Roast\ Pumpkin=Gebratenter Kürbis
    Yellow\ Flower\ Seeds=Löwenzahn Samen
    Red\ Flower\ Seeds=Rosen Samen
    Tomato\ Seeds=Tomatensamen
    Corn\ Seeds=Maissamen
    Cotton\ Seeds=Baumwollsamen
    Lettuce\ Seeds=Salatsamen
    Corn\ Kernels=Maiskerne
    Corn\ cob=Maiskolben
    Corn\ on\ the\ cob=Gegrillter Mais
    Orange\ Juice=Orangensaft
    Apple\ Sapling=Apfel Bäumchen
    Orange\ Sapling=Orange Bäumchen
    Lemon\ Sapling=Zitrone Bäumchen
    Avocado\ Sapling=Avocado Bäumchen

    You can download this example here, just remember to rename it to "lang.ini" and place it in the /mods/Xie directory (where the Farming.ini and Cooking.ini files go).

    Deadkill's Texture Pack
    For an alternate texture pack (that's much MUCH prettier than the default) head on over to Deadkill's thread. Thanks again for the awesome work you've done ;)

    Ascender's RPG Textures
    Ascender offered up these great 32x32 textures, designed to be used with Doku's RPG Texture Pack. You can download it here! Cheers ;)

    For help installing, please refer to the following tutorials:
    A huge thanks to you both of you for taking the time to make these videos ^_^

    Mod Guide
    Common seeds are gained by tilling the ground around the plant you're after - till the grass near a pumpkin to get pumpkin seeds, for example. There is a small chance of getting random seeds from tilling the grass anywhere (better chance with a diamond hoe). Eating watermelons will also sometimes give you watermelon seeds. Common seeds include pumpkin, watermelon, red and yellow seeds.

    Hybrid seeds are gained by harvesting wheat (random chance to sometimes drop amongst normal seeds), or by combining red dust with seeds, causing them to mutate. These hybrid seeds will grow hybrid wheat, which is like normal wheat, except it grows up to 3 blocks high (note that fertiliser will only fully grow one block of hybrid wheat at a time, you'll have to wait for it to grow higher on its own).

    Hybrid seeds can be spliced with common seeds to make more advanced crops, including corn, cotton, tomatoes and lettuce. Corn will grow up to 3 blocks high, cotton is craftable into string, and tomatoes and lettuces are delicious! And corn kernels (not corn seeds) can be smelted into popcorn!

    Tomato and cotton plants can bear multiple times, they aren't destroyed when harvested, and will regrow their product.


    Back row, left to right: corn, hybrid wheat
    Front row, left to right: watermelon, cotton, tomato, lettuce, yellow flower, red flower, pumpkin

    Fruit Trees

    Left to right: avocado, orange, lemon, apple


    Left to right: cotton into string, orange juice, lemonade

    Seed Splicing

    Left to right: hybrid seeds, spliced seeds (e.g. cotton), sliced sapling (e.g. apple)

    The recipes for seed and sapling splicing are as follows:
    Hybrid Seeds + red seeds = tomato seeds
    Hybrid Seeds + yellow seeds = corn seeds
    Hybrid Seeds + pumpkin seeds = cotton seeds
    Hybrid Seeds + watermelon seeds = lettuce seeds
    Sapling + hybrid seeds + red seeds = apple sapling
    Sapling + hybrid seeds + yellow seeds = lemon sapling
    Sapling + hybrid seeds + pumpkin seeds = orange sapling
    Sapling + hybrid seeds + watermelon seeds = avocado sapling

    Can't make any promises wrt game balance, so feel free to tweak the spawn rates, drop chances and health gained in the /mods/Xie/farming.ini file (created when first run). The default .ini file is included in the zip if you wanted to see what its made of. And remember if you have an older version installed, you'll need to delete your existing farming.ini file for the new one to be automatically generated.

    Compliments to qbicfeet for the idea and textures for Square Watermelons! (And apologies to all those involved in that thread, since I didn't implement them exactly as specified... if you yell at me enough in this thread I'll probably change it lol)

    Huge thank you to Thistle and RichardErickson for their art contributions! As you'll notice most of the pixel art is kinda ghetto, that's because I've done it... I only survive through the kindness of artists

    Big thanks to Risugami for his ModLoader and the good folks of the MCP for making it so easy to mod!

    If you want to make use of items from this mod (or my Cooking mod) in your own crafting recipes, follow these easy steps :)

    1. Add a XieMod.java file to your project. You can use mine (you can find my source in my Google Code repository), or create your own interface to it that contains only the items you're going to need (so long as they have the same field names as the originals, again refer to my source), such as:

    package net.minecraft.src;
    public class XieMod {
    	public static ItemFood lettuce;
    	public static ItemFood tomato;
    	public static ItemFood cornCob;
    	// etc

    2. Add (or add to) the "ModsLoaded" method in your mod_*.java file, similar to this one:

    public void ModsLoaded() {
    if (ModLoader.isModLoaded("mod_XieFarming")) {
    ModLoader.AddShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(Item.bread), new Object []
    {XieMod.cornCob, XieMod.cornCob, XieMod.cornCob});
    // etc

    (This example adds a crafting recipe for "corn bread")

    3. Reobsfucate your code, and install your mod and my mod normally, completely ignoring the XieMod.class that your project generates (make sure you use the one for my mod).

    So this will detect the presence of my mod, and then load the crafting recipes that you specify, which can be dependant on items from either my Farming mod or Cooking mod (since they're all stored in XieMod.class).

    Default Settings
    Please note, I've changed the way that crops (wheat, hybrid wheat and corn) grow. Their growth chances are now 100 = same rate as wheat in vanilla, less means they grow faster, more means they grow slower.
    # Xie Farming 1.7b settings file
    # Enable/disable (true/false)
    # Spawn rates, drop chances (higher value = lower chance)
    # Food yield, half hearts
    # Block IDs
    # Item IDs

    My farming mod was originally hosted in its own thread.

    This mod adds hunger, thirst and fatigue bars (or icons, if you prefer). Eating food reduces your hunger bar, and eating fruit will also reduce your thirst bar. You can also sneak in water to drink it. If using my farming mod, you can also drink lemonade or orange juice to reduce your thirst.

    Mod Information

    Default Settings
    # Xie Hunger 1.7a settings file
    # Enable or disable hunger, thirst and fatigue (true or false)
    # Number of game clock ticks (~20 ticks/second) between triggers of the hunger mod's clock ticks
    # (Lower provides more precision, but higher reduces computational cost)
    # Time (in hunger mod clock ticks) between increasing hunger/thirst
    # It will take 20 times this amount to start to starve/dehydrate, and that time again to die
    # 'In the green' hunger benefits, applied when you are not hungry
    # Passive Regeneration - passive regen like in Peaceful mode
    # Use bars or icons to display hunger state (useBars=false means icons will be used)
    # Thirst: natural water is drinkable (by crouching in it) (true/false)
    # Fatigue rates. Amount by which to increase fatigue each hunger clock tick
    # Constant rate. Applied each tick regardless of other factors.
    # Walking rate. Includes activley walking, including strafing.
    # Jumping rate. Applied while in the midst of a jump. Not applied to natural falling.
    # Swimming rate. Replaces 'walking' rate while moving in water.
    # Swinging rate. Applied when swinging a weapon/tool/fist etc, regardless if you're hitting anything.
    # Sneaking rate. Applied while sneaking, regardless of if you're moving or not. Stacks with 'walking' rate.
    # Resting rate. Applied when none of these conditional modifiers are.
    # Sleeping rate. Applied when resting in a bed.

    If you prefer a rapidly generating/regenerating fatigue system, you may prefer Genshou's settings file:
    Quote from Genshou

    I changed the fatigue rates to make more of a 'breath' type system. Fatigue builds much quicker, but also goes away extremely fast when you hold absolutely still. 'Sneaking' restores fatigue at a slower rate than holding still, but when combined with fatiguing actions such as moving/swinging, it can lessen the impact slightly. It's not a very effective way to 'sneak' considering this is a single player mod and creepers still notice you, so I use it as walking/crouching instead. If you choose to use these numbers, be advised: Swimming will kill you very fast if you aren't careful! Stop in the water and hold still to restore fatigue (while watching your air bubbles (!)) or use boats more often. I significantly lowered the rate of fatigue gain while swimming/jumping because it was originally TOO harsh, but it can still kill you pretty quickly if you don't keep your eye on that purple bar.

    # Genshou's Xie Hunger 1.7b settings file
    # Enable or disable hunger, thirst and fatigue (true or false)
    # Number of game clock ticks (~20 ticks/second) between triggers of the hunger mod's clock ticks
    # (Lower provides more precision, but higher reduces computational cost)
    # Time (in hunger mod clock ticks) between increasing hunger/thirst
    # It will take 20 times this amount to start to starve/dehydrate, and that time again to die
    # 'In the green' hunger benefits, applied when you are not hungry
    # Passive Regeneration - passive regen like in Peaceful mode
    # Use bars or icons to display hunger state (useBars=false means icons will be used)
    # Thirst: natural water is drinkable (by crouching in it) (true/false)
    # Fatigue rates. Amount by which to increase fatigue each hunger clock tick
    # Constant rate. Applied each tick regardless of other factors.
    # Walking rate. Includes activley walking, including strafing.
    # Jumping rate. Applied while in the midst of a jump. Not applied to natural falling.
    # Swimming rate. Replaces 'walking' rate while moving in water.
    # Swinging rate. Applied when swinging a weapon/tool/fist etc, regardless if you're hitting anything.
    # Sneaking rate. Applied while sneaking, regardless of if you're moving or not. Stacks with 'walking' rate.
    # Resting rate. Applied when none of these conditional modifiers are.
    # Sleeping rate. Applied when resting in a bed.

    My Hunger mod was formerly hosted in its own thread.

    This mod is my attempt to introduce a little more depth to the foods that are available to the player. I add sammiches and salads, craftable from the workbench, and introduce a stove block, which allows one to cook soups, stews and stir-fries, using a "1x1xt" crafting grid - you add ingredients one at a time, rather than all at once.

    Mod Information

    As the name would suggest this mod attempts to expand on the game's cooking options, with more food items and cooking blocks, including campfires, stoves, soups, stews, stirfrys, pancakes and sammiches! Check out this demo vid by Xenoph that shows it in action.

    The campfire is an early game alternative to the furnace, used for basic cooking. The idea originally came from LightWarriorK's post. The campfire is constructed with four sticks in a square, so it can be constructed from your inventory about as soon as you've punched down a tree. It can cook any food a furnace can. Its also a cheap source of light if you're having trouble finding coal (and don't yet have any torches). The catch is it will burn itself out pretty quickly, so is only a temporary solution. There is a slightly upgraded version, the bonfire, that is crafted with four logs, which is of larger size, brightness and burns for longer. Both the campfire and bonfire can be fed more wood to keep them alight.

    The stove is an upgraded version of the furnace, for more advanced food cooking. It can cook food a furnace can, but can also be used to make soups and stirfrys, using a "1x1xt" crafting technique. The stove has a cooking pot instead of an inventory slot, and ingredients are added to the pot, one at a time. One must wait until the pot changes colour, indicating the next ingredient may be added. Here are the current recipes for soups and fried meals:

    Water... food ingredient... empty bowl => Weak Soup
    Water... food ingredient... flavouring ingredient... empty bowl => Soup
    Water... food ingredient... food ingredient... empty bowl => Soup
    Water... food ingredient... food ingredient... flavouring ingredient... empty bowl => Stew
    Oil... food ingredient... empty bowl => Fried Mess
    Oil... food ingredient... flavouring ingredient... empty bowl => Fried Meal
    Oil... food ingredient... food ingredient... empty bowl => Fried Meal
    Oil... food ingredient... food ingredient... flavouring ingredient... empty bowl => Stirfry

    From a design perspective, the idea behind these recipes is to condense a variety of miscellaneous low-heart-yield food items into homogeneous medium-heart-yield food items.

    Not everything can be souped or fried, there's a list of items that can, to which items from other mods can be added. Current "flavouring items" are salt (see below) and yellow flower seeds (with Farming mod, I like to think they're mustard seeds :P ).

    First of I'd like to thank Zenith for his ftw sammich mod, which was truly inspiring, and to everyone else who has done a similar thing. Sammiches in this mod are another form of generic recipe, similar to the soups and stirfrys, but from a workbench. The sammich recipe is a vertical stack of bread, ingredient, bread, and yields a stack of 3 sammiches. Tasty sammiches, the upgraded variety, require two ingredients and some kind of sauce (which goes in the middle, the two ingredients on the side). Again there's a list of sammich ingredients, and sauces that other mods can add items to.


    Tasty Sammich

    Presently items that count as sauces for purposes of making tasty sammiches includes: mayo, guacamole, avocado and tomato.

    Oil and Mayo
    Oil is made by stacking two seeds vertically on top of an empty wooden bowl, and is used on the stove and as an ingredient to mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is a sauce (used for making tasty sammiches), which requires a bowl of oil, an egg and lemon (from my Farming mod).



    Fruit Salad
    Another generic recipe, though so far it only has two ingredients: apple and watermelon pieces (requires my Farming mod), though as I discover more fruits they'll be added to the list. You stack two fruits atop a wooden bowl. Om nom nom.

    Salad is similar to fruit salad, but can be made from any two of the following: tomatoes, lettuce and avocado. At present the icon for salad is the same as that for fruit salad... :P

    Pancakes are made using wheat, eggs, a bucket of milk and an empty bucket, which gives you a bucket of pancake batter. How full the bucket is depends on how many wheat and eggs you use. 1 of each gives you enough for half a bucket, 2 of each gives you 3/4 bucket and 3 or each gives you a full bucket. There's enough batter in a full bucket to make 8 pancakes. Pancakes are cooked on the stove, not in a furnace.

    Salt you get from salt deposits, which should appear on sand blocks near water (alternatively you can set in the .ini file the option to till salt from sand instead, if you prefer the method from my old cooking mod). There is also an option in the .ini file to make salt spawn in the world naturally during gameplay. This is set to off by default, please use it with caution, as it will cause random sand blocks near water to turn into salt blocks, so if you have any sand-based constructions, they could be turned into salt... Admittedly you can turn them back into normal sand blocks by harvesting the salt, but I just wanted to make sure you warned :P

    This was my attempt to add a low-yield early-game prepared food. You combine salt and cow leather to make jerky. I think I got the idea from velvokay.

    If you're not using Nando's Dairy Mod (I suggest you check it out if you haven't already, you can build stairs of cheese... XD) you can cook cheese on the stove by adding a bucket of milk, waiting till it changes colour, and then adding a yellow flower, then let that cook until it changes colour again, then you can remove the cheese with a left click. This was an experiment in using the stove for more specific recipes.

    Pixel Art
    Big thank you to Thistle who helped me out with the cheese, fruit salad, jerky, mayo, pancakes, batter, salt and sammiches. Cheers mate! :) (Note that my old images are still displayed in the recipes above, I'll update those... eventually :P )

    Default Settings
    # Xie Cooking 1.7c settings file
    # Spawn chances for salt deposits / chance to till salt from sand
    # Enable/disable (true/false)
    # Food Healing, in half hearts
    # Block IDs
    # Item IDs

    My cooking mod was originally hosted in its own thread.

    This mod is my solution to the food stackability problem in Minecraft, that problem being that a. food isn't stackable and b. if food were stackable, you could gain too much health too easily. My solution is to make food stackable in chests, in crafting grids and in your inventory, just not in your 10 quickslots.

    Mod Information

    Default Settings
    # Xie Food Stacking 1.7b settings file
    # Food Stack Size

    My Food Stacking mod was originally hosted in its own thread.
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    posted a message on [V1.6.2] Xie's Mod
    Xie's Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5 (Beta)

    All content included!

    Unzip into your ./mods/ directory.

    Let me know if you find any bugs ^_^
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    posted a message on Xie's Mod - Adding your own content
    Quote from jammings

    Hey I've been really into this, it's so great. I've been wanting to add custom content as mods forever but didn't want to get too into coding programs. It's been going great and I'm able to recognize my errors pretty easily...

    Yeah I turned out to be a noob after all. The potionEffects weren't able to do two different effects. If they can it'd be cool to know how to code that.

    Hey! Glad to hear you've been having fun making your own content! I love the way you're using a "crop" to make a fermenting rice block ^_^

    You can add multiple potion effects, I'm pretty sure, try this:
    "potionEffects": "confusion:20:[email protected], digSpeed:20:[email protected]",

    IIRC I made the parser recognise it as a comma delmited string rather than an object. I realise that adding support for both would've been a bit more intuitive - my bad XD

    BTW, feel free to PM me with any other questions/errors you have.
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    posted a message on [V1.6.2] Xie's Mod
    OK give this a shot and let me know if you find any bugs!

    Xie's Mod for Minecraft 1.4

    Unzip it into your ./mods/ directory so that you have a directory structure like:

    If you get a "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: xie.mods.xm.XiesMod", then likely you didn't install it correctly ;)
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    posted a message on [V1.6.2] Xie's Mod
    Quote from Too-DAMN-Much

    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: ModLoader.getMinecraftInstance()Lnet/minecraft/client/Minecraft;
    	at xie.mods.xm.util.Xie.addBlockDestroyEffects(Xie.java:911)

    It was indeed a foraging stick error. It has been fixed. Try downloading again (same link), foraging stick should work now.

    Quote from Regelneef

    Oke Xie,

    Maybe something went wrong but my minecraft doesn't start at all :(

    PS I checked the ID's and those are all ok...

    Whenever you get a

    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: xie.mods.xm.XiesMod

    Most likely you've installed the mod wrong. Make sure you unzip the file into your mods folder, so that you've got ./mods/Xie/xie and ./mods/Xie/content.

    Alternatively, just copy the zip file into your ./mods directory, but extract the content directory from the zip file into ./mods/Xie/
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    posted a message on [V1.6.2] Xie's Mod
    OK here's a mostly working version of my mod updated for 1.3.x.

    Xie's Mod for 1.3.x (EDIT: removed link, there's an updated version here)

    You want to EXTRACT this zip file into your ./mods/ directory so that you end up with a directory structure like this:

    |_ Xie
    |_ content
    |_ xie

    If you get a "cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: xie.mods.xm.XiesMod" then you installed it wrong.

    It seems to work OK for me, but please let me know if you do find any bugs.

    It also seems to work in SMP, but that was just a quick test using a client "Open to LAN", I haven't tested it properly with a server and multiple clients. Also all clients need to have the same content files, as content acquisition is broken. Armor textures are also broken.

    Default content, ultimate fist and weapons are all included, feel free to remove/modify/add content as usual, it's found in ./mods/Xie/content.

    Good luck! Sorry for the late release, and the crappy maybe-not-even-working-right release :P

    EDIT: Oh yeah, you need Forge installed too, obviously ^_^
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    posted a message on [V1.6.2] Xie's Mod
    All four extractions went pretty smoothly, and there wasn't even any pain... till the local wore off that is :P

    Thanks to the prescription painkillers, a coldpack, some fudgesicles, all the soup I can drink, and a Star Trek Q & Borg marathon, my recovery is going great, and I should be able to release something tomorrow ^_^

    Quote from Bard_of_Hibbing

    Been lending my hand to creating some custom content and wondered what the codes were for potion effects and timing.

    There isn't much to go on in the names.map at all, and all I can see in the sweet tea recipe is "potionEffect": "speed:20:[email protected]" I assume that means swiftness for 20 seconds? Is this right? What are the names for other effects and so on.

    Check the documentation. It's pretty awfully formatted, but if you do a search for "potionEffect" you should get some info on it. Here's a copy-pasta for your convenience:

    Potion Effects
    “potionEffect”: potion effect string or object
    or “potionEffects”: potion effect string or object

    Potion effects are defined using a string of the form:

    “potionEffect”: “effectName:duration:[email protected], …”

    effectName - the identifier for the potion effect to be applied. Currently supported list:
    “moveSpeed, moveSlowdown, digSpeed, digSlowDown, damageBoost, heal, harm, jump, confusion, regeneration, resistance, fireResistance, waterBreathing, invisibility, blindness, nightVision, hunger, weakness, poison”
    duration (optional) - the amount of time (in seconds? half seconds? ticks? TODO quantify) the effect should last. Default is 1200.
    amplitude (optional) - the amplitude of the effect, or the effect level. Default is 1.
    chance (optional) - the chance of the effect occurring, as a percentage, when the food or drink is consumed. Default is 100.

    An object can be used to apply different potion effects for sub-items (or items with different damage values/metadata). This is of the form:

    “potionEffect”: {
    “metavalue”: “effectName:duration:[email protected], …”,
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