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    posted a message on Guys help me I think I hacked someone's account!

    If someone is emailing you that it's their account, just tell them the password and give them the account back. It's that simple.

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    posted a message on Crashing

    From what I can tell, either your minecraft client or one of the mods in your mods folder is missing a very important file. If you're using mods, try reinstalling any mods that have to do with the player model. If not, then you might need to reinstall forge or minecraft. Try reinstalling forge if you don't have any mods that modify the player model. If that doesn't work, make a backup of your saves and server list then reinstall minecraft.

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    posted a message on No village in my world at all?

    If you know the world seed, you could use this village finder to find where the villages in your world are.

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    posted a message on Server Help Needed
    Quote from wattywatty14»

    Well, thanks for trying to help... but it didn't work. Now the world isn't loading in still. It didn't load in before, and now it's still not loading in.

    I actually did some research, and I figured out a solution to your problem. All you have to do is:
    1. Download an NBT Editor (I used NBTExplorer and that worked perfectly for this, but you can use any nbt editor if you'd prefer.)
    2. Make sure that the save that has the ticks too high is in your minecraft saves folder so you don't have to go looking for it.
    3. Open the NBT Editor and open the save you want to edit by clicking the plus button (example in the spoiler below)

    Showing what to open

    4. Expand the levels.dat file in the NBT Editor under the save folder (example of this in the spoiler below)

    5. Expand the Data folder, then expand the Gamerules folder, and go down to where it says "randomTickSpeed:(your # here)" and change it back to 3. (Examples of what i'm talking about below in the spoiler.)

    I hope this helped! :D

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    posted a message on Server Help Needed

    Like Tommy said, if you can, just set the randomTickSpeed back to normal in your console. You might have just typed the command wrong. If that doesn't work, try replacing the world with a backup of it from before that happened, if you have one. If not, if the world's not too important, you could just delete it and create a new one, or use mcedit to copy and paste any important builds out of there.

    EDIT: Try setting the server offline first before you type the command into the console if it's still not working.

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    posted a message on ▐ » mc.SeverePvP.org « ▐ ♦ Factions PvP ♦ McMMO ♦ Tokens ♦ Crates ♦ Ingame Ranks ♦ Raiding ♦ Join Today! ♦ ▐

    IGN: Xfur

    The server's fun, I've enjoyed playing on it :D

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    posted a message on Buttons in regions

    There is not, the best option would be to not be in a dangerous place or flying when you log off. Sorry.

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    posted a message on hope this isnt to noob to ask but...

    Well, the easiest way is to get a capture card, but those can get somewhat expensive. If you want something less expensive, I recommend just searching "how to record xbox 360 minecraft gameplay" on google, as there are tons of different videos on how to record minecraft on xbox without a capture card.

    I don't know if this helped much, but I tried. Good luck!

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] [1.8] [V0.0.7] Elemental Witches Mod (Server Fix, New Witches, New Pets)
    Quote from jhippisley»

    The Dark Pet, Stage 3 says: "Will control a random mob to help fight." I've not been able to make this work. Can anybody explain what is supposed to happen?

    It can randomly take control of a hostile mob and make it fight other hostile mobs for you.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] [1.8] [V0.0.7] Elemental Witches Mod (Server Fix, New Witches, New Pets)

    Sorry if I'm just dumb, but how do I get an elemental egg? I just tried to right-click different witches with an egg (not chicken egg) when they had like 6 health, but the egg doesn't turn into a pet egg :o Any ideas what I did wrong? D:

    And where do these witches actually spawn naturally? :$

    I'm not sure why the eggs not turning into a pet egg, but I can tell you that the witches naturally spawn in their respective structures (ex. Lightning witch in lightning temple).

    Edit: Sorry, didn't see Krill beat me to answering it. Oops.

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    posted a message on Does herobrine really exist in MCPE

    He doesn't exist, period.

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    posted a message on SquareOne SkyBlock --- #1 SkyBlock Server
    I wanna be a member :D
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    posted a message on Minecraft Capes! [Multiplayer Capes/Cloaks][www.MCCapes.com][Cape Gallery] + Transparent/Animated!
    Could I have permission to the animated capes pwease
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    posted a message on How to Build Minecon
    BarnyardFX is amazing! He did a great job :D
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    posted a message on Am i premium ?
    Quote from Scorpionius

    Actually, since there are jerks who just download Minecraft for free, there is now a difference between 'cracked' and 'Premium' Minecraft, with Premium people being those who legally bought Minecraft.

    Technically cracked minecraft is also illegal :P
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