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    posted a message on Terraleet.com Staff Recruitment! [Looking for Moderators & Designers]

    In-Game Name: Xephos51413

    Experience:No Experience

    Why do you want to be a moderator:I want to help people and inforce the rules so everyone can be happy and play Minecraft!

    What seperates you from other applicants:I dont really know! I just wanted to help! :P

    How may we contact you-I have skype and my skype is The Golden Golem/Xephos51413

    Have you read the Terraleet.com goal-I dont really remember it

    Please tell us a little bit about yourself-What about minecraft do you love?: Im almost a Ametur Gamer.I love watching everyone trying there best to work there hardest to get to the TOP when its almost impossible its just amazing of how hard they work.I love minecraft just seeing everyone helping each other hand and hand
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