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    A very basic idea. I apologize for no graphics, but I have no skill in that area.
    I tried a little tweaking...

    5 glass blocks for the top, and 3 gold ingots.

    Main concept

    The interface is a chest with one item slot. Whatever item is placed in this slot, is put on display (The dropped version of the item is placed within the display).

    It would essentially look like a golden half-step with a small depression in the center, with a glass half-step placed over it. The glass would be clear except around the edges. The item will face one of the 4 compass directions, which will be decided when an item is added to the case, based on the player's position compared to the block.This may be changed to the item rotating while in the case, as if on a pedestal. Please comment on which method you would prefer. If there is enough indecision, I'll add it to the poll. When destroyed, the item in the case drops out as well as 3 gold ingots.

    Since gold* has no function than prestige and clocks at the moment, lets emphasize more prestige. You could display a full set of diamond armor and tools with this, your records could be on display, the sulfur dropped by your first creeper kill, the dirt from your first creeper-kill-you, and anything else that comes to mind.

    Also, it has been suggested that these have a low light level. I'm going to suggest about 10 or 9.

    *See Proposition 04
    Proposed alterations

    Proposition 01

    Instead of being able to put the item in the display case like a chest, you have to put something in when you are putting the case down, and the only way to get your item back is to destroy the block. This makes it so that direction of the block is chosen when it is placed. Another consequence is that each time the player wants to change a display, it costs 5 glass, since the display case only drops 3 gold ingots when broken and the player has to recraft one to show something else.

    Proposition 02
    Credit to obsidianscar and Travesty

    When you craft 4 display cases in a 2x2 grid, it creates a large display case. This is still only one block, but it can show a series of 4 items. This case would be used if the area is too compact to show one item per display, or when you want to show off a series of items (like a full set of gold armor could fit in this display case). The only differences between a large case and a small case is that the large case drops a gold block and 3 ingots, it holds 4 items (one in each corner, though they all still face the same direction), and the block has 4 values for each of the items contained.

    Proposition 03
    Credit to Gameguy602

    Instead of just one slot for item, in the GUI you can also place dyed wool into one slot to make a colored cushion for the item. There is also a space where you can type 2 rows of text for a plaque on the front of the display case.

    Proposition 04

    It has been suggested that the display case come in a variety of different fragrances, such as iron, diamond, wood, stone, obsidian, and brick. I have decided I am willing to put it to a poll for stone, wood, and diamond, If and only if somebody else makes decent graphics of these. However, since one of the main points behind this idea was finding a use for gold, I myself will not vote for it.

    Programming details
    The only data values it would need would be the 3 hexadecimal digits for the item, and the direction. It could essentially just be that once you put the item in, it drops a clone of it within the glass half-step and land on collision data above the gold half step.A proposed alteration is just absolute-positioning it. This would make more sense if the item is to rotate. If the display is destroyed, the item would simply fall out. If the item is removed from the display through the interface, then the dropped item is destroyed.

    Please comment.
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