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    posted a message on Do commands which execute every tick still induce significant lag when used in data packs instead of command blocks?

    Title, effectively- I'm not really a command engineer so I end up using commands that check something every tick, because I don't know how else to implement it. Door opens when player holds [x], stuff like that. I'm just wondering if switching to data packs will help the performance doing the same commands.

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    posted a message on I'd like some help adding custom 3d models into the game (A tool model, to start)

    I wanted to start learning blockbench for fun, and the first thing I had in mind to start was just a 3d hammer as a replacement for iron axes. The modelling process went great and I have my finished model + json file, but I can't get it actually work in game. I've always been absolutely horrible at json and formatting within resourcepack folders, so I may not understand some things that aren't explained to me, sorry :[

    My issue is that the item is simply not rendering, instead showing the purple/black squares that every artist has come to dislike lol.

    To start learning modelling I followed this tutorial:

    And to implement my hammer into the game, I used this tutorial:

    I did make sure to give myself the item with the specific custommodeldata tag I assigned (703000).

    Here is the file for the resource pack which is not working:


    And here is the file for the hammer model itself:


    Thanks for any help you guys can offer <3

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    posted a message on Ironclad Vanilla [1.19.4] Professionally Managed - Hermitcraft - No Griefing - No World Resets - No Spawned Items [whitelisted]

    You may want to edit the post, the server looks interesting enough but I think the fact that the flags didn't format correctly, and it's just a block of text as a result of that, is hurting your chances of getting new players

    I might apply if that's fixed so I can read it more easily

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    posted a message on 👾 GloryCraft ~ SMP / 1.19.4 / 18+ / Whitelist / Community driven / Discord

    Name: Sable :D

    IGN: Northcoast_

    Age: 22

    Country: USA (Idaho)

    Tell us a few things about yourself:

    I'm a quiet and reserved girl that tries her best to be pleasant c: I discovered that I really like gardening and I go biking probably more than is good for my body... Just today got back from a stay at an unspecified institution, and I think now would be an excellent time to develop my old play minecraft forever habits into a proper schedule. I've played since one of the beta versions which I cannot remember (11+ years, at least), and SMPs have been my lifeblood for the duration of my stay in them.

    What do you enjoy the most to do in minecraft?

    I am at heart what happens when a technical player gets smashed into by a comet which has interest in large scale building. My patience can carry projects that take dozens of hours so when I set out to do something, even if I have to learn about it, it tends to get done lol.

    I hope this thread will at least respond to me because the other two did not...

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    posted a message on (18+) New Hermitcraft like Whitelisted SMP | Vanilla | 1.19.4

    Hey, was there any reason I was rejected? Or maybe you just didn't see my name in the midst of other applicants? I'm not sure what to think lol

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    posted a message on (18+) New Hermitcraft like Whitelisted SMP | Vanilla | 1.19.4

    IGN: Northcoast_

    Age: 22

    A bit about yourself: I'm a quiet girl from Idaho, USA that spends her time mostly on video games and art. I still like to read occasionally, I'm getting into gardening, and I go biking more than is probably good for my body lol. I'm really shy and struggle to connect with people on my own so hopefully the server is more outgoing than I am-

    If you want reasons to add me, I could say that I'll probably spend a lot of time on the server and I like to make resources publicly available, but tbh the thing that probably matters most is that I just try to be pleasant for everyone

    What are your favorite parts of the game:

    I'm a technical player that likes designing farms and stuff and also fails spectacularly at the actual redstone circuitry B) I also like to try taking on big projects, but even more so I like to help other people with their projects because mine are never too great

    Do you agree with the rules: Yes, and also you should probably specify whether non-item duping with machines is allowed (tnt and sand)

    Do you have discord: Yis, it's Northcoast#3196

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    posted a message on 🌠 Anchora SMP 🌠 1.19.3 Vanilla+ || Whitelist || Survival || 18+ || Dynmap || Proximity Chat

    In game name: Northcoast_

    Discord ID: Northcoast#3196

    Timezone: Pacific time

    Age: 22

    Do you have a mic: Yep, I'm just very shy to use it around new people

    How did you hear about our server: I decided to check the forums and finally something that doesn't look asinine popped up

    Do you have a preferred name: Yes! Sable

    Tell us about yourself: I'm a shy girl that doesn't have a job or school at the moment, for the time being I'm trying to focus on passing as female full time and getting my mental health straight. My time is usually spent playing games, making art projects, and hanging out with friends any time I can. I'm trying my hand at gardening, I like to go biking a lot, and I have a yoyo which I am terrible at using :D

    As for minecraft specific stuff, I'm really into technical stuff despite being dense and needing to look up redstone circuits. I like to try building big projects but don't always follow through with them. I like to make resources publicly available, only selling things when I would otherwise be putting someone else's shop out of business.

    My sense of humor is generally more video focused so if I get accepted I'll be sure to send some to make up for the lack of a joke lol

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    posted a message on 🌌 The Aurora SMP 🌌 1.20.1 • Vanilla • Whitelist • 18+ • Fresh Wipe • Bluemap • Group Events • Voice Prox

    In Game Name:





    USA, west coast

    What is your Discord ID?:


    Why Aurora SMP?:

    Aurora is a recently started small scale server with minimal intrusive plugins, that runs on fabric, and has an emphasis on community. I mean... You're promising what's essentially the perfect SMP :P I really struggle to connect with people on my own so I'm hoping that this is a community that will take me in

    Also auroras are cool and pretty

    What is your favourite way to play Minecraft?

    Recently it's been getting into technical stuff, farms and villager halls and machines etc. I'm godawful at redstone but I have the power of google to assist me!

    I've also been wanting to build a mega project but to be honest it's probably not going to happen, seeing as I'm a terrible builder that gets easily discouraged

    Why do you like the SMP style?

    It's the only fun way for me to play minecraft. I want as little to do with pvp as possible, and minigames are just awful (this is coming from an MVP+ rank former hypixel player...)

    Over the last several years I've met a couple of really good friends on SMPs that I still talk to.

    Do you have any experience with Minecraft communities?

    I've probably played at least 10 different SMPs over time at this point. My problem is that I get discouraged after a few months and tend to just move on, instead of giving it a break and coming back. I'm trying not to do that again but it's really hard to control my stupid brain

    What kinds of activities/hobbies do you have?

    Honestly it's mostly just playing games, I frequently resurface to deep rock galactic. Sometimes I make mediocre voxel art and once in a millenium I'll write something. I have a yoyo which I honestly should use more often... Yeahhhh I'm not too interesting lol

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    posted a message on Cinnabar and mercury: An unusual Nether ore.

    Love this idea, +1 would be super cool to see more obscure ores in minecraft

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    posted a message on Why is this name "offensive"

    It's probably the "niga" in the middle of it. There has to be a line dividing the filter spectrum somewhere between "so strict it's completely unreasonable and harmful" and "no filter at all", and it seems whoever is in charge decided to place that line as far left as possible

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    posted a message on Vanilla SMP - Fast add! - Looking for long term mature players - Active Discord channel

    I'll join if you're okay with having someone that may or may not stay past like, 2 months--

    I might if I can connect with the server but I definitely have a hard time doing that

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    posted a message on I made a trans elytra texture (that isn't just the flag spray painted onto the elytra)

    Just wanted to share this thing I'm kinda proud of it lol. It's on planet minecraft if you want to actually use it, but that's not the point of posting about it-

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    posted a message on Is it still possible to have two minecraft windows open at once?

    Today I found out in a very frustrating fashion that you can no longer just boot up the minecraft java edition launcher and have two instances of minecraft open. Is there any workaround that I can use to get two windows up at once? To be clear, I'm not asking if I can *play* both windows at once (this is what google thought I wanted), I just want to afk on a server in one window, and design a farm in the other.

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    posted a message on Stone generator occasionally generates cobblestone, then breaks itself after a while

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner, I waited a few days and eventually stopped checking the forums-

    So it turns out there was a magic interval, 1.5 seconds (30 game ticks) because that's how fast lava flows, and it works now :D

    It was pretty annoying to get a signal to activate twice every 15 redstone ticks because 15 isn't really divisble by two but I also learned in the process that you have plenty of wiggle room for when those two activations happen, I could do delays of 10 and 20 and it would still work.

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    posted a message on Stone generator occasionally generates cobblestone, then breaks itself after a while

    I'm trying to make a stone generator that will make two rows of 5 stone in seperate places, then push both rows into the center with pistons. The idea is to make a stone generator where I get 10x the stone compared to a single stone generator. I've spent way too long on what I have, but now I have a problem that I just do not know where to start fixing... Every so often it will generate cobblestone instead of stone, and push that to the center, which is a problem because you can't instamine cobblestone in survival. Then, seemingly when I stop destroying the blocks that are pushed to the center, the water turns to cobblestone and breaks the machine.

    Trying to describe exactly how the machine works would be very difficult so I uploaded an unlisted video to show it:

    If you know what the problem is or just know of a different design that does the same thing, please show me! Thank you :]

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