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    posted a message on Found a cool way to prevent endermen from teleporting without the use of stacked carpets or low ceilings

    I logged onto the forum at the right time because that is really good to know, I was making the bridge to my enderman farm by building two 3 block wide bridges on top of eachother and putting water on the top of the higher one

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    posted a message on Is there a way to consistently elevate a player in a boat?

    I'm trying to find a decent way to make a boat with a player in it raise up by any means, for a packed ice racetrack. After finding out that waterfalls only work in bedrock edition (why?), I thought of two potential ways to push a boat up, which I attached a picture of. I have a link here in case the attachment doesn't work for whatever reason:


    The soul sand elevator was the obvious choice, but I cannot get it to consistently work. It will always push the boat to the top and then it has a random chance to kick the player out of the boat. They can't attack and pick up the boat easily, because it kicks them out in front of the boat, facing away. I've tried several different designs to try to stop this from happening but I can never remove the problem, and a 1/10-ish chance of being thrown out of a boat during a race where ~30 laps total are completed across all players is too much.

    So I went away, thought for a while decided to try slime block bouncing. There's a tripwire directly over the slime blocks which pushes them up after a 1 redstone-tick delay. This works, and is really fun to do, but infuriatingly this will have a chance to stop the player's momentum entirely just a few blocks from the jump pad, both reducing the jump height by 8 or more blocks and requiring the player to regain forward speed. This is a little better, since the player can easily retry the jump after the game stops them in place, but I really dislike the inconsistency.

    So, I wanted to see if anyone has been able to make an elevator of any kind without being stopped by the game, I really don't want to settle for zero elevation changes in my racetracks.

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    posted a message on New enchantment ideas: Crushing Edge and Detonation

    I was blissfully unaware of the fact that rockets ignore wither armor lol, that is a super cool detail. I think after seeing this I was tunnel visioning too hard on PvE, and while I don't think crushing edge would cause too much of a problem (the damage values I listed could be altered), rockets definitely do have a high advantage over shield users. I wish there was a more clear cut way to make rocket crossbows better or at least more ammo efficient in PvE exclusively. I haven't tried shields in pvp much, or really much pvp at all, so I don't know if that's a viable option in combat or if maybe it too needs some revising.

    I also didn't really think about the absence of looting on axes, there's rarely a point to using axes to kill mobs when you could do the same a bit slower with a sword and get way more loot, so I like that idea too

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    posted a message on New enchantment ideas: Crushing Edge and Detonation

    I've had two particular ideas for enchantments for a while: Crushing Edge for axes, and Detonation for crossbows.

    Crushing edge is exclusive to axes, and grants additional damage on critical strikes (I'll call them jump crits from here). At level 1 the enchantment adds 2 damage, and at level 2 it adds 4 damage.

    There are two reasons this enchantment would be exclusive to axes: First, axes don't have any unique combat advantages like swords do, and can't actually get knockback or looting to give it the utility that a sword has. Second, swords would not be able to make full use of crushing edge due to sweeping edge encouraging sweep attacks instead of jump crits.

    Crushing edge would allow a sharpness 5 netherite axe to kill a normal mob in one hit. Without crushing edge, this axe would deal 18 damage on a crit, which is only enough to kill a spider. Crushing edge 1 could kill skeletons and creepers, and crushing edge 2 could kill zombies. A diamond axe would need crushing edge 2 to one-shot a normal mob, including zombies.

    While the damage bonus from crushing edge is not necessarily huge, meeting these breakpoints would make axes a lot more practical as a combat option in PvE, while not being too strong in PvP.

    Another thing to mention is that pairing smite 5 with crushing edge 2 would be an extremely effective way to kill the wither. The best way to kill the wither currently is a smite 5 sword, because the smite enchantment is a flat addition to existing damage, meaning that a smite axe will still only deal 2 more damage (9.75%) than a smite sword, while retaining the same recovery time.

    Now for detonation! This enchantment would be maxed at level 1, and be mutually exclusive with piercing. With detonation, when a rocket fired from a crossbow comes within a 1.5 block radius of any mob, it detonates itself. My reasoning for this one is a little more in the weeds:

    I see three viable ranged weapons in minecraft: a bow, a piercing crossbow with arrows, and a multishot crossbow with fireworks. A trident is technically a ranged weapon and is the only actual option in ocean monuments, but on land I see it as more of a utility tool disguised as a weapon, with riptide and channeling being the main uses. I want to cover the pros and cons of the main three weapons:

    A power 5 bow is capable of one-shotting mobs, which in itself makes it incredible for high priority targets and satisfying to use. The drawbacks of a bow are its long charge time and inconsistency of getting one-shots while firing uphill.

    A piercing crossbow has a much faster charge time with quick charge 3, has the ability to remain loaded after charging, can pierce targets, and has consistent 3 shot kills no matter the angle you fire at. The most important feature of a piercing crossbow to me is that you can pick up your spent arrows after they've been fired. Another fun use of crossbows that the community taught me is the ability to dual wield them, unloading both at once for two consecutive hits. That's a lot of pros, but crossbows do sport a lot less raw damage than bows do.

    A multishot rocket crossbow has the best crowd clearing abilities, and has the same fast fire rate and loading ability of a piercing crossbow. A multishot rocket crossbow suffers from the least consistency in damage, as fireworks vary in damage when they explode. It also has inconsistent crowd clearing abilities, due to terrain not being perfectly flat. The damage of a seven-star firework is actually kind of underwhelming, at an average of 14.5 per rocket (a power 5 bow deals 25 damage on a crit, which happens at a full charge). The rockets used cannot be picked back up, and already are a lot more expensive than arrows. Fired rockets are the only ranged weapons that suffer from a limited range, unless more gunpowder is used in the rockets (at the cost of the seventh star). And finally, while arrows can be loaded into a crossbow in your offhand, rockets cannot, making it much more difficult to use the weapon with a looting sword in your main hand.

    Detonation solves or at least eases two of the biggest problems I have with a rocket crossbow with one enchantment: Ammo use, and reliability. By allowing the rocket to hit enemies that it would have otherwise missed, it saves ammo (especially with the side rockets) and more consistently deals damage.

    I'd love to hear any more ideas or tweaks about these!

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    posted a message on New HermitCraft-Like Server - MagnetCraft Looking for Players

    In Game Name: Geocide

    (I want to change that name soon)
    Discord ID: Northcoast#3196

    Are you over 18?: I'm 21 as of April 6
    Country: USA, pacific time

    -How do you play Minecraft?

    I play very slowly and try to build things off of other things that have a strong foundation, this applies to basically everything from building to progression to combat. If you mean to ask what the things I do in minecraft are, the most accurate thing to say would be "everything, but not really well"

    -Ever play on an SMP before?

    Yes, probably too many to count actually

    -What do you want most out of an SMP?

    Recently I've lost contact with almost all of my friends, so I just want to talk to people that aren't completely distant. I miss the times that I could use minecraft/terraria/robocraft/trove to become better friends and feel like I belong somewhere, and meeting people through a common game I play has been the most reliable way to make friends.

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    posted a message on Help fix my mortar.

    I'm building a bow that shoots explosive arrows. They are SUPPOSED to explode when any entity gets too close, when they hit the ground, or when they've been flying for more than five seconds. Here's the lines I wrote:

    (With a dummy objective named 'mortar')

    /scoreboard players set @a mortar 0
    /scoreboard players set @a mortar 1 {SelectedItem:{id:"minecraft:bow",tag:{display:{Name:"Mortar"}}}}
    /execute @a[score_mortar_min=1,score_mortar=1] ~ ~ ~ scoreboard players set @e[type=arrow,r=2] mortar 2
    /execute @e[type=arrow,score_mortar_min=8] ~ ~ ~ particle flame ~ ~ ~ 0.1 0.1 0.1 0 2
    /scoreboard players set @e[type=arrow,score_mortar_min=8,score_mortar=100] mortar 100 {inGround:1b}
    /execute @e[type=!arrow] ~ ~ ~ scoreboard players set @e[r=2,type=Arrow,score_mortar_min=8,score_mortar=100] mortar 100
    /execute @e[type=Arrow,score_mortar_min=100,score_mortar=100] ~ ~ ~ particle flame ~ ~ ~ 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.35 85
    /execute @e[type=Arrow,score_mortar_min=100,score_mortar=100] ~ ~ ~ playsound minecraft:entity.blaze.shoot voice @a ~ ~ ~ 2 1
    /execute @e[type=Arrow,score_mortar_min=100,score_mortar=100] ~ ~ ~ summon creeper ~ ~0 ~ {CustomName:"Mortar Shell",ExplosionRadius:4,Fuse:0}
    /kill @e[type=Arrow,score_mortar_min=100]
    /scoreboard players add @e[type=Arrow,score_mortar_min=2] mortar 1

    In that order, in a chain of command blocks. The problem now is that when it gets close to any entity, it won't explode. It works on the ground and after five seconds of flight. There's probably some stupid simple solution that I haven't thought of, but I'm completely talentless.

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    posted a message on What did they do to SelectedItem and Inventory tags

    My entire existence of a cascade of shame and ridiculous amounts of frustration over something I should have already known. Thank you, and I will go rethink my life choices and also consider ways to die.

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    posted a message on What did they do to SelectedItem and Inventory tags

    I'm surprised that there weren't dozens of command block users that were with the fact that the SelectedItem and Inventory tags aren't working in 1.12.

    If I'm holding a glass block, I should be able to test for it like this:

    /testfor @p {SelectedItem:{id:minecraft:glass}}

    Which returns some about the minecraft: piece not being needed, so I tried to omit it, and it still doesn't work.

    I can't make any of the things I wanted to make on my friend's realm now because of this stupid change. How does the new version work, does it work, and where can I find the nearest cliff?

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    posted a message on I need help with my command contraption

    You can, using /setworldspawn and /gamerule spawnRadius 0. The /setworldspawn will set the default spawning point of any player, and the spawnRadius gamerule will determine how many blocks away from the exact setworldspawn that the player is a allowed to spawn. Setting it to zero gives you a perfect spawnpoint. If you want to spawn at a /setworldspawn instead of a /spawnpoint, you can use a bed and destroy it. That will erase your previous spawnpoint and it will default back to the setworldspawn.

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    posted a message on I need help with my command contraption

    I figured it out on my own, but your version is much cleaner and less intensive on command blocks. I'll try updating it later, but for now I've updated the original post to contain my .txt on how to do it.

    Thanks for the comment, I didn't know you could assign all four armor slots to a single scoreboard command.

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    posted a message on I need help with my command contraption

    Right now I'm working on a suit of armor called the Leviathan suit, which will give a player the ability to create an explosion directly under them simply by jumping. Essentially, I want this suit and ONLY this suit to generate a SINGLE explosion per jump, and those keywords are where I'm having trouble.

    I built a simple armor recognition module that detects if a player is wearing all four pieces of Leviathan armor. It works like this:

    >First command block sets all players to a score of 0 on Lev (a dummy objective)

    >Second command block adds any players with a single piece of Leviathan armor on

    >Third, fourth, and fifth command blocks do the same thing, so if you're wearing one piece of armor, your Lev score is 1, and if you wear all four pieces, your Lev score is 4

    >A sixth command block detects if any players have one air block underneath them, and adds 1 to their score on Lev if so

    So now I can't figure out how I can get it to fire a single fireball and no more when the player jumps. It's frustrating, really. Everything works on a 20 tick per second timer, and so my last attempt had me firing twenty powerful fireballs per second. Guess how that went.

    I've been trying to experiment with a second scoreboard, but I can't seperate it from the twenty tick per second nature of the first one. Any help on how to accomplish this armor set at all would be appreciated.

    UPDATE: I figured it out, though much less cleanly than the comment below. I just found out that I can't send a .txt file so here's an image of it...

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    posted a message on The treetown

    Every time I take a screenshot I forget about the resource pack.

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    posted a message on I would delete this if I could.

    Quit trying to mooch off of my hard work.

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    posted a message on Is there an objective to test if something got hurt?

    I tried the stat.damageTaken and for some reason it only works on players. I'm still experimenting with stat.damageDealt though, I'll share what I can find.

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    posted a message on Armor detection is broken.

    I KNEW I was missing a 'b' in there somewhere! Thanks.

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