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    Greeting denizens of Minecraft! Omnimodus, precisely Makoto and I, will be introducing to you, Ashford Academy. Here, our dreams, endeavors, hopes, love, and respect lies, within the very blocks of these buildings.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Ashford Academy of Anime: Code Geass:

    Map information:
    Size: Width: 512 | Height: 128 | Depth: 512
    Location: [VexGaming] Community Freebuild! Server
    Map: Ashford (/goto or /g ashford)
    Time approximation: A few months, we lost track. We got really lazy though and we only worked on the weekends. So give or take 2 weeks.

    Come check it out in Makoto's server! It's even better in person!

    This has been brought to you by, Omnimodus, the clan; and Makoto and I the main builders.
    Helpers were: Matt, Fur, Catapiller, NINJA_OWN, and some more. Sorry if I forgot you, private message me and I'll make sure to add you if you helped!

    - XenonMan - Omnimodous Co-Owner
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    In adversum, vox recubo

    "As denizens of a vast series of virtual realms, us Minecraftians have dreamt long of adversity both in the construction of things, and in our destruction of things. As Minecraftians, we are inevitably of all styles and types: griefer, builder, chatter, replicator, moderator, etc. And as it is, us Minecraftians cannot deny the awesome power of a bipedal death machine, which many of us simply love to pilot. For that end, there is Omnimodous, the frontier of Minecraft technology!" -DragoonEnRegalia, 2010

    "We, the people of Omnimodus, strive to maintain the greater good. The neutral clan with big ambitions. With aspects of the former leader; DragoonEnRegalia. Together we shall maintain united, achieve through technology, travel and tame the wild depths and tallest peaks of the Minecraft Frontier. Throughout our journey, we would like to share with the world, you! [Insert name here], should join the vast distance and determination Omnimodus will render. "In our adversity, does power lie." - DragoonEnRegalia. Big words to fulfill a big future. Wouldn't you agree? Our motto / phrase will live on, into the hearts of Minecraftians, and in the lives they display to perfect. And here's what we have to supply your thirst." -Animator, 2010

    "Now, we, the people of Omnimodus, former to D3 Omnimodus will reside in VexillumGaming. Under our times of strife and struggle, we will emerge as a solely elitist group. To this day, there is immense pride and honor of our former leaders: DragoonEnRegalia and Animator; and now, Makoto joined with XenonMan with a promise to keep. We want this group to experience the nostalgic passions that once faced, but with newer faces, newer skills, assets, places to travel, things to do, etc. "In our adversity doe spower lie," our motto, our slogan, our pride, will always be supported by the new members we shall invite. So dare I say, be afraid! Our final chapter, the ultimate frontier is ahead of us!" - Makoto, 2011

    To give a quick history lesson, Omnimodous was a Minecraft clan founded by Makoto and DragoonEnRegalia around July 2010 that was very popular at that time. Unfortunately, it died around the 25th of September the same year due to poor, regrettable leadership decisions. The original thread URL by Dragoon can be found here:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/14572-omnimodus-the-minecraft-frontier-hosted-on-dysgalts-d3/page__hl__omnimodus and the thread by Animator can be found here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/18731-omnimodus-d3-server/page__hl__omnimodus

    Along with our guild, comes with a charter, a Constitution: CLICK HERE

    Now, XenonMan and I decided to resurrect this once proud clan back to its former glory, along with our efforts to maintain this clan and recruit old / new members. We also have few former Omnimodous members among us as well. Thus, we decided to resurrect this group... For those of you who are not aware, Omnimodus is translated as "Universal," in Latin.

    "Because I felt like there was something left undone, and also a plethora of potential that is waiting to be tapped... like a rich, prosperous oil vein." - Makoto, 2011

    HOW TO JOIN: If you are interested, PM me or Makoto pictures of your best builds, servers, and why you want to join. Simple as that. Note: We're extremely selective, so do not be discouraged if you are disapproved. Please help by applying and expanding the list!
    Makoto - Owner
    XenonMan - Owner
    Sarah.n.d. - Member
    SkyPyrus - Member
    Catapiller - Member
    Matt - Member
    Wijo - Member
    NINJA_OWN - Member
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    The Beatles!
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