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    Quote from Hideyoshi1991»

    I tried changing the biome Id's and now all it does is crash

    Unfortunately, it looks like you have to change the biome IDs in BoP. It seems that Erebus is limited to a maximum ID of 127, which everything under that will be eaten up by BoP and Twilight Forest.
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    Quote from ironviking

    Never heard that one before.

    I live in Sacramento, but I was raised in Atlanta. I try to type like I talk, and I do have a habit of dropping the "G" off of words that end with "ing". From a literary point of view, I look at it as a contraction like "don't" or "can't" or "ya'll".

    Quote from Simpa

    Looks interesting.
    Let me give you a tip though, don't think about how much money you'll make on a certain game genré until you're better at making them. Just make games for fun at first, then you can think of money.

    Quote from Sillen

    And for a tip, you can indeed make money with Flash games. You know there is always an ArmorGames/Kongregate/some other flash game company when you load the game? Every single time that logo is clicked from your game, you earn a small amount of money.

    So I would say that Flash games are a very easy way to earn money compared to selling your game. When you sell a game you have to guarantee your customer really gets the game, set up user accounts to prevent some buying and some getting it for free. With Flash games you just have to approach the good websites and ask them for sponsorship.

    Damn, I need to make a Flash game, now that I have free time since Jake quit Happy Isles.

    My current plan is to publish on Kongregate, Newgrounds, and Mochigames. I might add others to the list as I research Flash sites, those are just the ones that I play most of my games on. When I say that I don't expect to make much money, it is more in line with what Simpa is saying. I'm a new to game design, and expect to make a lot of mistakes. Those are what teach us the right way to do things. I see lots of games that have OMG hits, but I will be happy just to see that people are playing my games at all :)
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    I'm not really the coding type either. I've been trying to teach myself JAVA and C#, but it slow work. Work I am still doing, but slowly...lol

    This game is being written for Flash. So I'm programming in AS3 with Flashdevelop and using the Flashpunk engine. Flashpunk makes a huge difference. The engine is well written and has a great community supporting it.
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    I'm making a game. Well, and entire game company if I'm lucky. I decided to start with Flash games. Even though it isn't a very profitable industry (Giving games away for free and all), I figure it is a good way to build up my resume.

    Anyway. I've got a blog going and am MeganMorganGames on Twitter. Come check me out :)

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    Let me start by saying Thank You. Your's was the upteenth tutorial I found on modding in ModLoader, and the first one that wasn't a video. Since I found it, I have been able to make huge leaps in mod that I am working on.

    I did have a quick, and probably pretty stupid, question. You say to keep all of my mods in one mod_ class. Currently, I'm using two (and was planning on using more) so that I can keep items separate from blocks separate from etc. Is this going to cause any long term problems with my mod? I'm introducing a large number of new blocks, items, recipes, and hopefully a custom generated biome, and the sorting and filing part of me wants to keep everything separate and pretty.

    Not the most important of questions, to be certain, but I wanted to compliment you on an amazingly written tutorial, and figured I would ponder this little issue at the same time.

    I look forward to seeing more of this tutorial, and again Thank you :)
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    Hello, I'm darkness1970us. I can say, without fear of contradiction, that I qualify as mature. I've been 21 for almost 15 years. I pride myself on my creativity. I've been GMing in D&D, GURPS, WoD, and various other systems since I was 10. I sketch (I'm still working on photographing all my work for a deviantart account), write, and play several different woodwind instruments as well as sing. I'd like to join this server because I am interested in tying multiplayer Minecraft for the first time. I don't like griefers, griefing, or just general grief. Tacos are not my favorite, but they can make a nice "I don't want to cook tonight" meal.

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