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    posted a message on Minecraft's Slowly Turning into an RPG
    More roguelike than modern rpg if you ask me...
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    posted a message on [1.9] Ender Pearls - The REAL Use
    I was gonna suggest teleport pads that work by using redstone in conjunction with the pad. Although I've thought of some balancing suggestions for it.

    The pads themselves would be fairly cheap, but make only 1 at a time

    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass:
    :--+: :: :--+:
    :Coal: :RFlower: :Coal:

    Where torches are redstone torches, the flow is redstone and the coal is pearls. To teleport you need 2 teleporters and a redstone connection. When teleporting, you travel along the redstone connection in a ghostly view, at the speed of a boosted minecart. Should the connection be severed in-route, you are instantly killed.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Creative mode- epic fail
    Quote from unclear_image

    Alright, I understand people like things differently, but from 1.7.3 normal mode with TooManyItems and SMP Commands to 1.8 creative mode is like going from a brand new computer to windows 95. It's weird, it's inventory layout is awkward as heck and apparently is scrolling- it also only gives you one item at a time (One bucket of water when you're making a piston farming machine is annoying), jump/ fly is laggy and buggy, and you cant increase speed- that I've found. I normally ran too many items and used it in survival mode. After playing the 'new' creative mode, I'll probably stay in survival and mod for the same effect. Not to mention blowing up a block in one hit (ALL THE TIME) is severely annoying, I would rather have a "Mod Hammer" or something (How about a golden glove that's called the "Hand of Notch"), so I can left click my switches and not blow up the entire block with the redstone torch on it and everything- Not helpful at all.

    What were you guys going for here, why not DIRECTLY import the too many items and SMP Commands INTO minecraft and call it creative? Why would you re-invent the wheel ...and the axle? The modding community has done this already- BETTER... and theirs is OLDER!

    For Cereal guys... for cereal...

    Legal issues
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    posted a message on Karma?
    I really want the industry to get away from the number line morality system. At least have 2 separate lines to judge us on!
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    posted a message on Stronghold + Mineshaft + NPC Village + Dungeon (The new 404 Challenge 1.8)
    Whatever miner who built that mineshaft was probably some sort of cultist who wanted to gain the favor of some sort of Lovecraftian god.
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    posted a message on Vines! They are horrible!
    Kill em with fire.

    all burn....
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    posted a message on Notch Reveals Leveling and Permadeath
    So many complainers about perma death. I take it none of you have ever played a rogue-like. I personally look forward to the entirety to the update and will embrace all challenges.
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    posted a message on CastleCraft | All materials provided! | 100% UT | Skills | Kits |
    In-game Name : Xeivous
    Age : 16
    Why you should join : I am in search of a server with others to build with and inspire/be inspired from. Intelligent and active.
    How long have you played Minecraft? : Since mid-alpha.

    I have read the rules.
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    posted a message on Anyone have ideas what I should do with this big tower I made?
    Blow it up, rebuild a new tower with glass, fill it with magma, then blow that up.
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    posted a message on [MAP] PRISON ESCAPE! New Adventure Map
    Very easy, at least on easy mode...
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    posted a message on Jessej432's Huge Football Stadium Build
    Quote from jessej432 »
    Quote from magician_xy »
    Are you gathering all the materials yourself, or are you using INVedit? Either way, good luck on your endeavor.

    I want to do this whole thing all by myself without any other programs. I think that would be much more special... So yeah, and it sucks on peaceful because i dont have any gunpowder from the Creepers. So of course that means no TNT.

    But yeah, i might think about it once i get further along...

    Build a mob trap, plenty of guides around...
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    posted a message on Old Fashion Wooden Boat! (accurate size)
    Quote from Curly Brace »
    Nice work.

    Now set it on fire.

    Or give us the save file so that we may set it on fire.
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    posted a message on Save the Zombie-Pigman
    You are all kind souls, however, work of your own would be lovely to see.

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    posted a message on Save the Zombie-Pigman
    I have made an edit to the orginal post asking for your attempts to create shelter for these creatures. Again thank your for your help.
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    posted a message on Save the Zombie-Pigman
    I have not tested dirt's durability, but all your contributions are welcome.
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