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    Hello folks, Xeadin here. I'm on a wonderful quest to building a unique adventure map for all to enjoy, called DreamScape.

    I have been doing a lot of testing and planning for this, but in order for this to become a reality, I am going to need some help on this. Preferably, I'll need help from some talented builders, since I would like this to be a fairly detailed map for people to experience the game in its full glory.

    All information can be found on the Dev Forum (Yes, we have our own forum for this, so that this thread, here, doesn't get overloaded with questions/ requests/ whitelists/ supports at the same time-- it gets quite messy with a bunch of random responses to get to, so this is a way of organizing all of that in one little neat bow) -- (measures have been taken to reduce forum-related issues from occurring again). The link to the development forum can be found in my signature.

    We now have a development server up and running! I have already laid out the baseline map on WorldPainter, so all that needs to be put in to place are the structures and the redstone/ command block/ storyline layouts.

    I am looking forward to your support for this project.

    Here is the main world map from WorldPainter:

    And a teaser image from one of the locations on the map:

    Progress Report
    Asaroth Castle

    Asaroth Kingdom

    Penellevei Village

    Marsh Ruined Town

    Iron Gate Ruined Dwarf Stronghold

    Nocturnis Kingdom, City of Ice

    Rothandis Kingdom, City of Strength

    (Medieval Pack buildings by the Gazamo Network, imported via MCEdit)

    These screenshots will be updated on a regular basis (more will come soon)

    Adventure Map Staff
    Xeadin -- Project Coordinator
    dunderheid -- Lead Developer
    Wyboth -- Redstone Engineer
    Clawstrider -- Structure Architect
    Holy_Moses -- Structure Architect
    LIEKABOWSE -- Structure Architect

    I do not use Skype as often, so, while it seems reasonable, it is a fairly unreliable way to get a hold of me. That does not mean that I will never use it, though.
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    The greatest report in Minecraft history

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    Quote from Tedious

    It would be very useful if you could add a line in the text config to change the key for configuring the settings in-game. I'm saying this because Zombe's Modpack also uses F7 for the same purpose, and I'm sure using both and pressing F7 would break something.

    Zombe's keyconfigs can be changed as well, so that's an available option.
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    posted a message on Staff Quotes
    On the discussion of beards and shaving:
    [16:06] d3fin3d: i look like a weird baby man child when i fully clean shave
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    posted a message on [ Orbiting Meadows ] Public Beta [ Creative/Survival/Redstone ] Public release soon!
    This looks promising :)

    I'll have to check this out at some point tomorrow
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    posted a message on What ever happened to the classic adventure map style?
    To be honest, a lot of the complicated redstone machinery are required to give an adventure an extra twist, like using firework entities as a way to show spell trails or to make scripted NPC events and the like, and to do so in a way that doesn't make the world too messy, such as placing pressure plates all over. Simple circuits can still work as well, but to make a truly effective and awe-inspiring adventure, a fair amount of knowledge of redstone and commands/ command blocks is necessary-- not to mention, the use of external game editors to have custom entities and items as well.

    In essence, there is a lot to play around with. I am in the middle of creating an RPG-like adventure of my own with a fairly linear storyline to it, so I know, firsthand, the difficulties of creating such adventures, but it's well worth the effort if you know what you're doing.
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    Taken earlier today

    Older pics:

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    posted a message on ~MC Nova~ Hiring Page! Want to work with us and make maps? [NOT ACCEPTING]
    Age: 21
    IGN: Xeadin
    Map Making Experience: I am currently in production of an adventure map of my own.
    Why Us: I feel that having experience in other projects will help me out with the creating process in my own projects as well.
    Can You Make Custom Mobs? (Picture Proof): Yes: http://imgur.com/Oao...Hpd2lpt,OCw9Ap0
    Can You Make Custom Spawners? (Picture Proof): Yes: http://imgur.com/9VZtDCD
    Can You Make Custom Items? (Picture proof): Yes: http://imgur.com/0GS...z22DJfF,ydhLuvj
    Do You Know How To Use MCEdit Filters?: Yes, as it is an integral part in mapmaking to creating custom items and mobs to bring an adventure to life. I am still in the learning process, but I am fairly knowledgeable on the usage of the MCEdit filters, courtesy of SethBling's video tutorials.

    On a side note, I am also an adequate builder, so if any assistance is needed on that part, I can help out with that as well.
    Here are some screenshots of my best works thus far:

    I will patiently await your response. Please take your time.
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    posted a message on Staff handbook - How to be a good staff member
    There are a lot of good staff guidelines out there-- this is one of them. It's simple and yet it covers a lot of the important details. This is a good handbook.

    I made a youtube video that kind of backs up a lot of what was said in this, however very short. This was made before I saw this, so there may be a lot of repeats, but two stones are better than one I would say.

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    Quote from floppy_gunk
    Personally, I think you should be happy you're getting this for free at all, using this mod is a privilege, not a right.

    Agreed. You should at least thank him for doing this for us, not egg him on to update the thing and not even notice how much work he had to put into the mod so that it could be stable.
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