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Hello. Most of you might or might not recognize me, but I am a frequent wanderer. I come and go, so I may disappear and reappear out of nowhere (it's the fact of real life).

I am a knowledgeable Minecraft player, and yes, if you haven't already noticed, I am a Brony, but I'm not a serious diehard fanatic. Some people may call me an Airship Architect, because I build quite a number of them, but that isn't the only thing I am restricted to building...

You may see me often wandering between servers. I do have TeamSpeak and Mumble, so you can hear my voice. I may drop by every once in a while to say howdy-do, although sometimes I may have loud music playing the background. Oh, the joys of camping out in a mall...

I am a Sectional Moderator for the Mapping & Modding portion of the forums. I do not code any mods or make any textures myself, but that might be for a later time. I can be reached via PM if you have any questions, or you can reach me on the IRC network, which can be found here.

That is probably about as descriptive as I can get about myself. Got any questions? Feel free to open up a line. I might not answer right away, but you will hear from me at one point or another

Adios for now~~

--- FAQs (or just some questions) ---

Q: Do you own a server?
A: No

Q: Can you be an admin on my server?
A: No, nor do I have any intentions of doing so. You may not use me as a sock puppet.

Q: Can I join you in your YouTube videos?
A: I only do that with people that I know. If I know you well enough, sure. Otherwise, no.

Q: Can I talk to you on Skype/ Raidcall?
A: Only if I allow it-- generally, no.

Q: What are your computer specs?
A: Do not ask. I find that question particularly unprofessional, as it can cause jealousy/ hatred, and I do not like that.

Q: When are you going to do any Let's Play/ Survival Series/ Mod Review videos?
A: When time allows-- please do not bug me about it.
Interests Minecraft, My Little Pony: FiM, Penny Arcade (PAX)

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