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    Indifference is neither too great nor too little just like the universe it is neither hostile nor friendly; it is simply indifferent

    Welcome to my 16x texture pack "Indifference". Where you can play all kinds of environments, yellow, dark or cheerful and welcoming.
    I was inspired to do this after coming across a wonderful texture pack called Enjis Texture pack, which i borrowed some textures from (see here).This has been a culmination over many months to to get it looking to in my eyes an acceptable level which i think it has reached. The pack is designed to stick to the vannila textures whilst adding some variety and beautifying some of the more ugly textures.

    1.1.2 support this weekend!! :smile.gif:

    I cant seem to find my Backup even though ive got ones going back 2 years :dry.gif: so that means not much new stuff in the updates unless i find it for awhile. I do have a few things found but not much

    A sneakpeek of the upcoming armor

    One of the upcoming Pixel art paintings ( Blurred for suprise!)



    First patch your minecraft with the newest MCpatcher by kahr not Xau here, then just drop and drag your downloaded pack into your texture folder, found by clicking "Mods and Textures" in minecraft,then pressing texture pack folder button. This will automatically open up your texture folder. After all this click the packs icon that comes up and it will enable your pack

    Here's the Banner 's:


    Just paste this into your sig, if you want to show enduring support for this pack

    Any criticism, comments or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated because now even though i have over views & downloads there are very few comments and mostly guests are reading the topic when i come on to check.

    - Mobs partially done not implemented
    - Chest, furnace GUI etc partially done not implemented
    - Terrain eg. Sun & Moon Done been put in next update
    - Items mostly done almost implemented
    - Weather Done been put in next update
    - Armor Done been put in next update

    Many thanks to enji
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    Wow you have such a disticnt and tasteful style im not sure if this is being stereotypical but from ive seen most french people are good at appreciating art and/or creating it maybe its from all the fantastic design and colour in france that gives you your style thats hard to catergorise only to put to a feelling
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    Just go to www.minecraft.net/skin/(Yourusername).png its much quicker than the steps above
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