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    ....This logic has way too many holes in it to be effectively used in "You should totally already see this my way" sarcasm.

    What if someone doesn't like the 1.9 changes and wants to play multiplayer? Sure they might be able to find some lower version server, but what if they like some of the changes in 1.9?

    What if, and this is a long shot, people have an opinion other than yours, OP, and expect to be treated equally as a player and a customer. See that? That's apparent enough to use "You should totally already see this my way" sarcasm, because it's absolutely absurd for you to tell people who have an opinion that's anything other than "1.9 is peachy in every way" to go out of their way, figure out modding, find the relevant mods, and find servers that run those mods. Just because a game is moddable doesn't mean it is immune to criticism, and it doesn't mean that every half baked, widely abhorred feature, "ending" or mechanic should stay in just because it can be modded out.
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    Quote from Raxena

    Wake up, doctor Freeman. Wake up and smell the ashes.

    Beginning of Half-Life 2, anyone?

    Except neither of those are the same situation as minecraft. All of those have external character development (while the character doesn't speak, they gain a personality through others interacting with them), they have plot, story progression, and an established universe. In the Zelda series, it's been established that it's the same story in different universes with some consistent mechanics and characters. In Half-Life, it was actually an interesting way to bridge the somewhat vague narrative of the antiquated HL1 into the largely new universe of HL2. In that essence it was used as more of a re-boot as a mechanic, a trope to bring the same character(s) back into a newer universe with a much more established story without having to give Freeman any internal character development.

    Plus, those are using some sort of "wake up" mechanic as a beginning, not an end. For Minecraft, the whole thing is tacked on, there's no justification for it and it seems to exist to just provide an excuse for Notch to sell his game as "deep" or some expression of vague meta-theatricality. If it has another purpose or intent, feel free to let me know, because right now I can't see it doing anything mechanically, nor does it create/fit any sort of narrative.
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    Quote from PyroFerret

    Th ending was a brilliant piece of writing, in my opinion. Minecraft doesn't need an ending, but it's twice as meaningful with one.

    How is the ending meaningful? What meaning does it add by saying "By the way, the plotless sandbox you were just playing with no character development was just a dream, kind of."? Explain your assertion, I have a really hard time seeing any meaning in it since the game itself doesn't have any meaning or story.

    Quote from Axman10

    60% of 400.. of 4,000,000.

    60% of 0.000000025% of total players that dislike it. So make that 0.000000015% of all players dislike the ending. They can't base a decision on that.

    And those figures aren't exaggerations.

    This just seems like another square sun vs circle sun argument. The ending is optional, you can skip it, and it isn't even the end. Don't like, don't read it. You are even able to change what the text says! All the ending does is add to the RPG/Linear part of Minecraft which is totally seperate from the creative part of Minecraft.

    This is the direction Mojang wants to go with Minecraft. They are the final deciding factor in everything, but, they have been very nice in forcing nothing upon you.

    Please note: I'm not arguing about the actually text in the credits/story. Personally, I didn't like it that much. But that's just me. I'm only making a point about having an "ending" with credits etc.

    For one, sample size, for two you're using false negatives to support your position. The entire population hasn't been polled, so you can't jump in and be a presumptive voice for that portion of the population and say "Well only a statistically irrelevant number of people dislike the ending". From the numbers we have, most people that *have been polled* don't like the ending, and it's not outlandish even in the field of statistics to note a small scale trend as important or possibly relevant on the large scale. Can we say what most people who play minecraft think? No, neither for the positive or the negative. Can we make assertions based on this poll? Yeah, we can say most people who care to be a part of the community here don't like the ending.

    The "optional content" concept doesn't hold water either, as the ending contradicts the precedent Mojang themselves have set up with the game. An ending contradicts a game that's mostly goofy non-sensical sandbox fun in an unrealistic universe that has no plot, no character development, no meta-theatrical allusions, and no sort of linear objective based progress. The ending isn't bad just because it's poorly written and mostly insistent upon itself, it's bad because it contradicts the entire premise of the game that has been set up thus far my Mojang themselves. From the main page: "Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. It also has music by C418!". Is there any meta-theatricality in that? And characters named? Any premise other than sandbox with a bit of survival? And mention of extra-universal beings pulling strings behind a dimensional veil? No, it makes no damn sense at all *by Mojangs own definition and precedent as to what Minecraft is*.
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    Quote from NienteFantasia

    So why do you take your time to analize Romeo and Juliet and trash instantly with that "ub3r l33t" description Julian Gough's ending ?
    The simple fact you think this piece of work tries to give reasoning to Minecraft makes me think you didn't even try to analize it in the first place. It's pretty obvious it's not related to the game at all, rather to the player playing the game.

    But anyway with my comparison I was just pointing out that the way you described Minecraft ending, with all those "leik" "dood" "..." could be used to describe and make look awful basically everything ever written.

    You're not debating, you're not countering any of the points I've made, your counter example missed the point of my original satire entire, all you're saying is "you just don't 'get' it". I analyzed it in the explanation of that paragraph of what I presented as some childish script, I explained why it has no substance, no impact, and no reason for existing, you've yet to provide a decent counter for that point. I didn't transcribe the ending into leet just to make it look bad, I did it to make the entire thought process behind its creation look bad, because it is.

    Why does minecraft need an ending? Why is attempting to cause a revelation in a character that hasn't had any development not as bad as I asserted? Why isn't it a cop out move to use the age old "you were just asleep" trope in lieu of an actual justified story and ending? Why isn't the whole "you're the universe and so are we" trope bad to use at the end of a game that has literally no non-sandbox objectives or any story development what so ever? These are most of my criticisms in question form and you've addressed exactly zero of them by writing Romeo and Juliet in the same script as I did. You just took the same gimmick I used to spark the rest of my criticisms, without addressing any of my criticisms, then you pretended like you made the same point I just did about a classic play without any actual criticisms.

    Answer those questions and we might have a debate, until then you're just dancing around the point and focusing on the script I used to lampoon the ending without addressing *any* of the criticisms that followed.
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    Quote from LordNephets

    I love how Notch adds one simple little update to the game. And suddenly we have a full scale debate of Nihilism vs Existentialism, and the likes. It's absolutely remarkable.

    And for anyone saying it was poorly written, get your heads out of your ass.

    As for anyone saying it's well written, give me a reason instead of a childish personal attack. And you're trivializing this, this would be the same move as giving Gordon Freeman a voice or re-booting the entire Megaman series with "...But that was all a dream". It's poor storytelling, and a clashing contrast as to how the game has been seen and played up to this point.
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    The whole thing reeks of some kid writing a fanfic with the though process of:

    "dood omg what if the game leik....wasnt really a game and like.....its life but its like your life is a game and then the universe itself talks to u b cuz you like....won life u kno? and it tells you that theres this other level of leik.....consissiousness or whatever and u cant understand some of the stuff they say because you arent high enough level, and leik....they say that you are the universe too but leik you think ur not but you are because we see things with science and stuff but these two guys that arent guys that are the universe never change and they say that you dont either and then you wake up.....yeah....damn im deep!"

    ....it's not deep. It's an amalgamation of overdone literature tropes and bad movie twists in a text dump aimed toward a character that has had no internal or external character development to even have a reaction to "the universe" spontaneously speaking to it in a dialogue. The two "characters" that speak to you aren't even established in any format, they aren't alluded to, developed at all, nor is the nature of this "universe" alluded to in any manner for either the character (meaning the non-character you play) or you the player for any of what is... I guess "revealed" is the term, to have any sort of weight or cause any sort of revelation in either the character or player.

    This is a huge wall of text that is essentially trying to provide reasoning in minecraft, which doesn't need any reasoning. I'm getting tired of Notch trying to make minecraft into a "more legit" game than it started as, because it was "more legit" when it didn't have half-hearted RPG mechanics that push you into a really rudimentary unskilled combat system and an "ending" to a plot the game neither has nor needs to be good.
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