About Me

~What You Seek~

You have never seen what you could not grasp.

You've wandered the forgotten fields to grasp this meaning.

But today isn't your day, you'll never known.

What lurks beneath the shadows,

What detrementing values you seek.

The grasp on reality which holds you close.

The hatred which pushes you further,

or the love

that sets you free.

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Plugins I've Created which are released publicly
  • CraftAxcel - The plugin deals with adding the un-craftables into minecraft, along side adding some role-playing elements as-well, some things like lava tokens which allow you to walk through lava for a set amount of time
  • GuardClarity - The plugin has yet to be released publicly, I will release more information on it later.
  • Zombification - This plugin deals with generalizing Zombies to make them stronger, not released publicly yet though, in fact it's still being created, also the possiblities of adding in skeletons rising from the ground every night is a very constant thing that pops over and over in my head for this plugin
Servers In Which I Admin / Moderate on.
  • Imprisoned - The Second Longest running prison server out there, it was put up on October 2nd, 2011. That means it's be here longer than Killion Detention Center, and has a member mass as big as Convicted! This server is pretty much my home, I enjoy it so, I love it entirely and would probably die for it. Did I also mention I am the Head Administrator?
  • None Others.
My Generalized Interests
  • VoxelSniper - Probably one of the biggest influences on my creative mind as of today, I've moderated on the VoxelBox before, It's been a long time since I have done that, but VoxelSniper is a passion since I am deeply in love with organix and organic structures and buildings.
  • MinecraftForums - As of recently, I am on this site every day due to loving the community and mine-crafters from all around, It's another one of my homes, and I plan to become the first UnderTaker Moderator
Who Inspires me?
  • Lord_Ralex - Pretty much been my inspiration to achieve more and more since the moment I met him he's always excelled in everything I remember when he was just a user on the McForums and not a Moderator or Admin. (Started Server Managing in 2010 on HMod, Coding on 2012, And McForums 2013 )
Best Friends?

Private Message Policy

  • Message me anytime ^.^ I love to talk to new people.
  • Don't message me with pointless stuff - " how do I post a thread "
  • Don't harass me.

World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Diablo 2.

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Minecraft Angelz Xbox NeturonicAngelz Discord Demonly#0171

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