About Me

I'm a 15/16 year old developer, mainly, based my career off minecraft staffing, personalising and taking part of the 2012 MC APLHA RELEASE was an true honour. Surprisingly, I've made it around 6+ years from then, surviving through the updates.


Built mineplex the-color-chat program, known for customising your chats, settings & etc, all from a
tip of your fingerprints.

Developer & E.T.C.

I've built programmes generating throughout minecraft's opening-based community, I now script as a community developer,
I've worked for previous servers, claiming as YayMC (2 years before the annual release), retired as an Administrator.
I believe and everyone should, that you must work hard to gain great success and knowledge. Thanks!

Football, humour, development ideas & etc.

My work as a programmer for Yaymc has been hugely defined as one of the most unexpected changes, one of my humorous ideas are, formations, ideas & knowledge & work.

Profile Information

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