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    posted a message on MineCon 2016

    I believe Minecon 2016 should be hosted in Barcelona because it's reasonability big, it's quite accessible to pretty much everyone in Europe, has good weather, there are a ton of hotels to choose from and has a lot of big indoor areas.

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    posted a message on Villagers disappearing when entering nether

    Your best bet is to look for a similar issue on the bug tracker, It's not advised to play on snapshots for this exact reason, most of the time they can contain game-breaking glitches.

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    posted a message on (INFO) Findings and features of the new Minecraft 1.9 Snapshots

    Added screenshots for Snapshots 15w32a and 15w32b.

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    posted a message on (INFO) Findings and features of the new Minecraft 1.9 Snapshots
    Quote from Skylinerw»

    This was added in 1.8, not in this snapshot.

    Shulkers are a special case in that they will attack mobs not on the same team as theirs. But the passiveness towards teammates is not new.

    My bad, I haven't messed around with teams, but I heard Shulkers would fight with you and I thought it would apply to all mobs.

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    posted a message on (INFO) Findings and features of the new Minecraft 1.9 Snapshots
    Quote from Durand1w»

    Question: Do the new dirt paths provide a speed boost?


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    posted a message on Amazing effect with swords! (On snapshot)

    Well... I noticed this too, it's a bug, and It's already been reported.

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    posted a message on Glowing effect

    I explained this in my thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/recent-updates-and-snapshots/2487681-info-findings-and-features-of-the-new-minecraft-1

    It's the effect responsible for the outline of spectral arrows.

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    posted a message on (INFO) Findings and features of the new Minecraft 1.9 Snapshots
    Quote from xX_Coconut_Xx»

    The Chorus Plant can be obtained with an axe, I think. Just sayin'

    No, I already tried it.

    You can obtain the fruit, not the chorus plant block itself.

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    posted a message on (INFO) Findings and features of the new Minecraft 1.9 Snapshots

    First and foremost, there's 2 zones in the end, the main island (with the ender dragon), and the one with the new additions, to get there you first need to kill the ender dragon.

    After that a weird portal will spawn:

    Once you enter it you can get to the new end, which contains new plants called Chorus Plant, which drop Chorus Fruit,

    they kind of work like Sugar canes, once you break the lower part it all falls off, I haven't found a way to get the Chorus Plant block, not even with Silk Touch.

    You can smelt Chorus Fruit into Popped Chrous Fruit which you can use in a crafting table to craft Purpur Block (4x4 square) (which is also found in end cities, more on that later).

    If Chorus Fruit is eaten it doesn't restore hunger but it does teleport you around.

    Chorus Blocks have variants such as Purpur Pillars, Purpur Slabs and Purpur Stairs, they can be crafted as normal.

    You can also now craft End Stone Bricks for regular End Stone.

    End Cities


    They have multiple parts including a floating ship which sometimes contains loot chests and working beacons, there's a chance to get enderchests and brewing stands with potions on them too.

    There are end rods in them which were rumored to be spikes but are actually lights.

    The beacons are powered by iron blocks and by default have the Speed effect on them.

    - UPDATE: It's been said they'll probably be removed in a later snapshot. -

    I'll also mention that most loot in chests is enchanted, and sometimes it can be found as dropped items.

    Inside these ender citiess you can find Shulkers which are disguised inside a block and attack you when you're nearby, they shoot a weird kind of projectile that gives you a new potion effect with ID 25 called Potion of Levitation on hit.

    * Bug: It should say "Levitation" there.

    Fixed as of 15w31c, click here to see it on bugs.mojang.com

    New Arrows

    A new kind of arrow for every potion effect has been added along with an even more special arrow type

    called "Spectral Arrow" which creates an outline on mobs you hit with it, that outline is created by a new potion effect type

    with ID 24 called Potion of Glowing:

    Only Spectral arrows have a crafting recipe as of now:

    The arrows on the most left of the hotbar have the most priority when shooting, but

    if the arrows in off hand have priority over the ones in the hotbar.

    More or less like a vanilla form of a hack commonly known as Wallhack.

    These potion arrows have an nbt tag with the name of the potion, I tried changing them but they appeared

    as Water Bottle arrows... :(

    Ender Dragon Fight

    They've made it more like the console versions, some ender crystals are enclosed by iron bars, making them

    harder to destroy, and thus making the battle harder. More info...

    Once you kill the ender dragon, some nbt data is saved into the level.dat file of the world specifying how many

    times the dragon has been defeated, which makes sense considering you can respawn the dragon doing the following (taken from the snapshot blog page):

    "You can respawn the dragon right now by drawing a creeper face with clay, but it won’t respawn everything yet. That’s temporary."

    This will probably have an important role on the definitve way to respawn the dragon later

    in the snapshots.

    --- NEW ---

    As of Snapshot 15w33b, the dragon breathes the new Dragon Breath when hovering over the exit portal, you

    can obtain the Dragon Breath item by right clicking with a Glass Bottle while the dragon breathes the item, it can be used to brew Lingering Potions (more on that below), it's found in thebrewery section of the creative inventory and it's stackable.

    Another feature added in 15w33b is the fact that the dragon becomes immune to arrows temporarily while hovering over the exit portal, arrows will bounce back and hold a flame as if they were shot using a bow that has the Flame enchantment.

    And last but not least the fireballs will now act like a lingerion potion, the fireball will create dragon breath that lingers.

    --- NEW ---


    You can now hold two items, one on your left hand and one on your right.

    When you have two items equipped and press right click, the right hand will have priority.

    Sword blocking has NOT been removed and you can actually dual block in third person mode,

    which is a bug and has already been reported:



    They silently added beetroots from MCPE, their seeds can be found inside loot chests in End Cities.

    They can be used to breed pigs or to craft Beetroot Soup.

    Beetroot soup recipe:

    Beetroots restore 0.5 hunger points while the soup resotres 3 hunger points.

    Makes sense since it's crafted using 6 beetroots (0.5 x 6 = 3)

    A new head has been added with the shape of the ender dragon, I think it's a creative mode only item altough it could be a rare drop from the ender dragon.

    If you place it next to a redstone block, it's jaw will start opening and closing.

    Splash versions of water bottles, mundane potions, thick potions and awkward potions have been added.

    You can now use ender pearls in creative mode.

    By right clicking grass with a shovel you create dirt paths.

    Withers now have a different color health bar, it used to be the same color of the ender dragon (purple), it's blue now.

    The Shulker fights with you if it's in your team.

    When you charge your bow, the item shows a little animation:

    Skeletons now animate their bow:

    Potion effects are now shown in the HUD

    Good potion effects on the top row,

    bad potion effects on the bottom row.

    Icons blink when they are about to run out.

    Both the Glowing and the Levitation are considered negative potions and as such are placed in the bottom row.

    NEW (Snapshot 15w32a, Snapshot 15w32b and Snapshot 15w32c)

    + Now it shows the version a world was created in the world selection menu.

    + Now it will show if a resource pack is incompatible.

    + New statistic "stat.sneakTime", it increases whenever you sneak.

    + New entity "DragonFireball", it has some special purple particles.

    + Now creepers, skeletons (but not wither skeletons), and zombies must be closer to notice players wearing their corresponding mob head. The detection range is halved. This reduction stacks with the reductions from sneaking and invisibility.

    + Temporarily nerfed end cities and changed beacon blocks to pumpkins.


    NEW (Snapshot 15w33b)

    + New splash text "More Digital!"

    + New ‘lingering’ class of potions. (More on that below)

    + New Dragon's Breath item.

    + Changed End Gateway block's texture.

    + Harder ender dragon fight. (Scroll up for more details)

    NEW (Snapshot 15w33c)

    + Added Shields!

    - Removed sword blocking.

    NEW (Snapshot 15w33a, Snapshot 15w33b)

    + Changed command blocks into 3 types (Impulse, Chain, Repeating).

    + Added attack indicators.

    + Zombies's arms get tired.

    + Added map zooming.

    Lingering Potions

    They are thrown like splash potions and when they hit the ground, a bubble of the potion's particles will spawn in that area,

    while those particles are there, any mob that gets close enough will receive the potion effect.

    You can brew them with Dragon's Breath, as you cannot place splash potions into the brewing stand, you must brew the splash potions and then apply the Dragon's Breath, like so:

    Dispensers can shoot them really far, like snowballs.


    I plan on updating this every time a new snapshot is released.

    Sorry for taking long to update the thread for Snapshots 15w32a and 15w32b.

    Don't heistate to reply with any features I may've missed.

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    posted a message on Villager Gratitude?

    Support! But 10 emeralds isn't that OP, maybe like 6-8 because curing a zombie villager IS a challenge and you're using 8 gold ingot to cure him plus a potion...

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    posted a message on Crumbling grass layer over subterranean formations

    Oh so when I'm walking on a beautiful overhang I should fall down to my death? No support.

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    posted a message on Stop Scamming! Stairs Are Bad Business Makers!

    Makes sense, SUPPORT.

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    posted a message on Hitches. 50+ supporters!

    Fits the minecraft theme perfectly,


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    posted a message on The Soul Sponge - A new way to soak up fiery blocks [32 Supporters!]

    Useful suggestion and balanced,


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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]

    Nooo! Why remove a feature that they probably wasted a lot of time implementing given they work so slowly... ? -.-

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