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    Please, add new GUI for right clicking other players for trading

    Basically this gui should have "my items" and "other items" inventory areas. Probably 5x5 area or something on sides. BOTH sides trade items is shown, but only ones own items can be added or removed. Other person's items is untouchable.

    What should be possible to do is I can add items to my side, and other person can add items to his/her side.

    There is also a button, "Agree". Trade happens only when both sides click agree. When that is done, items is directly exchanged and items is not dropped unless one person receiving items have too many items and are full. However, agree click resets if there is any item change to prevent one person removing all items then clicking agree after other guy agreed.

    There is currently no use for right clicking player avatar. Left click of course, is still attack. However, trade GUI will not show unless other person (who was right clicked on) right clicks on return within a minute. Initial right click will show message "X wants to trade with you! Right click X to initiate trade." and message will not be repeated while one minute timer for return click is still running.

    About battle right click: to prevent conflict of trading and sword block right clicks, players cannot initiate trade while holding a sword.

    Please do post if you have ideas or thought of a problem.
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    Don't use iLivid downloads. Ignore everything in middle and click only button on top right when it appears.

    Also Don't Use Title Style Text For Comment.
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    Quote from Bumber

    The thread is still good for gathering support, but it may be too lengthy for a busy developer. They're also not likely to want to type in a URL from a written letter in the first place.

    What we need to do is brainstorm a letter that effectively outlines our issues in a concise manner.

    Well can always start a google document with few "leaders", preferably people who really knows details. I probably would choose exaclm (cant recall spelling) as one of them.

    Then review with rest of us before sending on.
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    Using X-HILLS as "cool" examples just miss the point. I want large mountain as once a while possibility in MOST biome. Only ones I don't think I want them in is plains and swamps.

    Caves is just insanity, worse when there is not one, but 2, or probably 3 mines being generated in same area. I found really ugly overlapping mines in my world. There was even mines on top of mines, offset by just one block. Top one's wood floor were in middle of bottom one. In some places it was just mayhem of wood planks, fences, and stuff that I just sealed it off rather than explore.
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    You mean go square? ;)
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