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    I Just created a server about 3 days ago. Im In need of anyone who knows all about servers. (how to make them perfect, controls, etc)

    Im desperately in need of builders. since school is coming up for me, i wont be able to make it on every day nor for very long. I also have a deadline id like to have the server at least 50% complete.

    The deadline is December 10. The server ive created, i have been unable to get all the technical issues fixed and i need someone who knows what theyre doing. This is my first server just so yall know.

    The plugins are my biggest downfall. With the plugins i have installed already only 3/4 of them work and im still looking for plugins for the rest of the creations i plan to make.

    This server is based off of the famous GamingWithJen. Just like popularMMOs, i felt like it was right for Jen to have a server of her own.

    I know im asking a lot, but i beg of help, i by myself, cannot do this on my own. Please minecrafters help a brother out.

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!

    cringelord2025 How is your PS3 still working? the company turned off PSN for the PS3

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!

    sounds like fun, may i join???

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    posted a message on help to set up my First modded Server

    Hello, im wanting and ready to set up my first ever modded minecraft server. If you all will provide me with the knowledge on how to get started or with Step-by-Step instructions that would help a lot.

    i also have a few questions that i need answered.

    Can i change my modded servers minecraft version?

    Can i make more than one world on the same version?

    i really appreciate anyone's help and advice, thank you.

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    posted a message on Anything and Everything interesting!!! Amazing ideas for future updates!!!

    You prove great points scorrp10, although this is not a wishlist but more so a general discussion on what you all as the forum users think.

    Although i did not mention everything in my post, Satan having only 80hp is quite lame yes, but like i said in my post. All im wanting is your opinions and thoughts.

    as for biomes, i agree that its hard to find some biomes yes, but the biome i talked about would only be in the end and the nether.

    For the rings, i would love to hear what your thoughts are on the rings.

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    posted a message on Anything and Everything interesting!!! Amazing ideas for future updates!!!

    like i said, this is my first time doing this and it did not come out according to plan.

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    posted a message on Anything and Everything interesting!!! Amazing ideas for future updates!!!

    So i've got a lot to say and talk about. First i am new here and please bare with me.

    I'm quite a creative and thinking type of woman. I've thought of many cool mobs, mob drops, items (both rare and OP, and {for the girls} cute) and blocks to get the OP and cute items. Here is a list of some my ideas.


    100+ new breeds of cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies

    A few new birds (Parakeets, doves, finches, and pigeons)

    More farm animals (Ducks, Crows, and Ponies)


    Demons have 25 health

    The Devil has 40 health

    Satan has 80 health

    A new fortress or Castle to find Them in


    Enderskunks have 10 health and are passive and will blind you if you attack them. Also drops

    Enderskunk Essence used to create blinding and poison Potions

    A new Ghostly mob known as Whisperers that spawn Around Ender cities and can fly. When killed all they drop is experience.


    Ender grass (Enderskunks spawn on them)

    Blood blocks made from blood droplets


    Blood droplets are dropped from Demons, The Devil, and Satan

    Dyed feathers

    Enderskunk Essence

    Ender Potions, brewed in a brewing stand by using an ender pearl, used on Entities to teleport them to random locations

    Savage claws, Dropped by Ocelots when killed, is also rare, and used to create the savage sword

    Savage sword, as strong as a Diamond sword in both Durability and attack damage

    Duck meat ( Fills 1 hunger bar when raw, 3 when cooked)

    Crow meat ( Fills 1 hunger bar when raw, 3 when cooked)

    Dove meat ( Fills 0.5 hunger when raw, 2 when cooked)

    Pigeon meat ( Fills 0.5 hunger when raw, 2 when cooked)

    Demon meat ( Fills 1 hunger when raw BUT causes poison for 5 seconds, Fills 3.5 hunger when cooked and gives Resistance and Regeneration II for 5 seconds)

    Devil Sword, can only be obtained by killing the devil. Deals 8 attack damage and is stronger in durability than a diamond sword)

    Satan's Fire torturing Staff, Deals 6 attack damage and lights an entity on fire until death, can only be obtained by killing Satan

    Satan's star, used in creating The Nether Beacon, Can be found in a chest behind Satan's throne

    Nether Beacon, Same as a normal beacon BUT SUPER OVERPOWERED 2x as powerful as a normal beacon

    Now, lets talk about bio-mes. A new Endergrass biome in the End for the Enderskunks to spawn in. Also New Biome in the Nether where Satan's Castle will be at. I have not thought of a name for this new biome. If you want to name it than please comment below and all credit goes to the name i believe is the most epic for this new biome.

    I'm willing to bet among you who remember me saying that there are cute things for the girls, yes there are, so lets talk about those cute things. One of the ideas I have is a new slot in the inventory menu, a ring slot. Ladies, you could create your very own ring. The crafting recipe is simple.


    In the crafting slots all you need is two items, a gold ingot and a dyed diamond. That's right ladies, You can Dye your very own diamond. All you have to do is make or get your preferred dye and put it and a diamond in the crafting table or your inventory crafting section and WALLAH!!! You have your very own dyed diamond for your new ring.

    Once you have your ring crafted, put it in your new ring slot and wait for the magic to happen. What magic you may ask, well with each dyed diamond comes a very specific and special "power". Here is a list of Powers each dyed ring has.

    • Ink sac = Water Breathing
    • Rose Red = Regeration
    • Cactus green = Night Vision
    • Cocoa beans = Instant Health
    • Lapis Lazuli = Jump Boost
    • Purple Dye = Invisibility
    • Cyan Dye = Speed
    • Light Gray Dye = Slow Falling
    • Gray Dye = Levitation
    • Pink Dye = Health Boost
    • Lime = Absorbtion
    • Dandelion Yellow = Luck
    • Light Blue Dye = Haste
    • Magenta Dye = Resistance
    • Orange Dye = Fire Resistance
    • Bone Meal = Glowing

    All of the powers that each ring possesses last forever until the ring is taken out of your ring slot.

    I'm definitely interested in seeing what you have to say about these ideas. Please don't forget to do the poll, i really want to see what you all have to say.

    That is all i have to say. I can't wait to read the replies that all of you post. I will reply to each of your comments, questions, and ideas or suggestions.

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    posted a message on BEDWARS MAP [FREE MAP DOWNLOAD]

    This is definitely a unique map. I see its only in 1.8 though. Also whats the texture pack the creator used to make the map? It kinda looks like the cartoon texture pack.

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: XBOX360--- XTREMMEKILLS606////// PC JAVA EDITION--- XTREEMMEKILLS606
    • Platform you play on (PC/XBox/Etc.) XBOX360 AND PC JAVA EDITION
    • Age: 18
    • Gender: TRANSGENDER/// MTF
    • Country/Timezone: USA & CENTRAL TIME
    • How someone should contact you: KIK APP @XTREEMMEKILLS606 ////// SKYPE live:elitefishingmaster3741
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: Over 4 years
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: Battle hordes of mobs and friends, as well as build epic structures and explore.
    • Any additional things you want to say: I'm still a noob as you call it, on the Java edition and i really want to play maps and do awesome and crazy things. So i'm looking for a teacher to give me tips and help me out with things i don't understand.
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