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    I'll definitely have a mess around with some autumn colours - might be able to squeeze them into one of the biomes in the normal pack even.

    If not an addon pack or something to adjust the biome colours is definitely doable and quite easy!

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    ^The saplings were things I still had yet to update but they have also now been redone to suit the new leaves and colours for each of the trees. Just about finished with the glazed terracotta now too - might post a picture of them once they've all been completed. :)

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    I really love the pack so far!

    I haven't come across any other bugs that haven't already been discovered, however I do have some feedback on a few textures.

    I agree with the cobblestone being a little dull. I really like the rounded approach to the new texture, but it could definitely use some brighter highlights, and maybe a few alts.

    I think the dirt could also use a touch more contrast since the clumps are pretty flat in the center, although I feel like that's more of a matter of opinion.

    Other than that, everything looks really great! Thanks again for continuing work on this pack!

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I've gone over the cobble a little so far, hopefully it'll have that extra contrast you and and dereinzigegott both pointed out it was lacking. I'll have a look into adjusting the dirt as well!
    Quote from Vixentron»

    Anyone noticed missing textures for netherbrick fences?

    This should be fixed, it was an issue on the latest test version but all the fences have now been redone.

    For everyone else, I've done a few more glazed terracotta (making them tile in all directions and look interesting is really quite time consuming) so just a few more to go till the update is ready to roll!

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    Quote from dereinzigegott»

    I downloaded the pack and also found the black grass. There are also spots of dry looking grass all over the extreme hills biome, as seen on the pictures.

    This pack is by far my favorite, however i have mixed feelings about some of the changed textures. The new chiseld stone brick looks great, but it can not really be used in the same spots as the old texture anymore. There is a sceenshot of a fassade i build wich now looks a bit goofy.

    Also imho the new cobble texture looks a bit too blunt.

    Thanks for your amazing work. This pack is the reason i have not yet updated my world to 1.13.

    Hmmmm very interesting - I'll have to check some extreme hills and birch forests then, I haven't seen it in any test worlds but will try to recreate the issue. Thanks for helping out with some testing!

    I do see what you mean about the chiseled stone brick too, will have another look at it and see if I can adjust it or change it to a more suited texture. The lack of symmetry makes the top texture look rather odd for it too.

    Also by the cobble being 'blunt' do you just mean too flat? Lacking contrast?

    Quote from cedeel»

    Hello XSSheep,

    I tried the test pack and noticed that white horses aren't textured correctly.

    Yup, the horse texture is back to vanilla just for the moment while I get all the block stuff done first. Since it's been a while since the last update there was a tonne of stuff to work on and blocks took priority for me. I'll be fixing the horses to fit the new models soon though!

    EDIT: I've figured out the weird grass colours, thanks to everyone who pointed it out!

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    Okay, I've fixed the issues I could notice so far. If anyone else is interested in testing, here is an updated download link.

    If there are no issues with this version then I can just finish off the glazed terracotta and properly post the update!

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    Hi everyone, once again I'd like to apologise for lack of posting - been very busy with work so just didn't end up getting around to posting info on what I've been working on.

    I'm nearing the end of what I wanted to complete for this coming update so I'm wondering if you guys could help? It's a lot easier to find issues when there are more eyes checking so here is a link to a test version of the pack. Click me!

    I plan on finishing the glazed terracotta and the new fire animation (not in this test version but it's almost done) before posting the update but I also don't want to post it with any model, gui or miscellaneous broken stuff.

    I'm aware of a couple already such as the horses being broken (will replace with vanilla textures just for now) but there maybe be block textures that have issues that I haven't noticed due to models changing or name changes.

    Once again, sorry for the lack of updates, here are a couple of pics of a few newer things!

    EDIT: forgot to mention, I've been using the pack on the latest snapshots or v1.13 - it will definitely have issues from 1.12 or below as the naming scheme has completely changed for lots of things which breaks backwards compatibility.

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    I'm sure you're on top of it already, but the leaves would look a little extra more gooder with some alternate textures to negate the grid effect from afar. Looks like some of the leaves already have alternate textures, but the dark oak and a couple others don't seem to.

    Thank you so much for this pack, it's absolutely my favorite way to play this game, and I'm so excited to see what's to come!!!

    Thank you!
    I'm intending to have at least one alt texture for a lot of the textures that tile such as cobble, the leaves, sand, etc.
    Most of them already have it but since I just finished the designs of a few newer leaves I still need to make alts for them.
    Quote from Xeredek»

    Looks amazing so far dude. I'm seriously hyped to see where this revamp goes.

    If ye don't mind sharing, What programs and such do you use to texture? I want to have a go at making a pack myself, I've already got Asprite after it was mentioned here and I friggin' love it, but you implied it wasn't your only tool. I'm addicted and need more. Who's your dealer, bro?

    Oh yeah happy new year by the way!

    I use a combination of paint.net and asesprite. If asesprite was around when I started working on stuff I feel like I would've probably just used it by itself as it's really easy to use for pixel art but since I've used paint.net since forever I'm very comfortable with it. :)

    Happy new year to you too!

    I'll be posting an update a bit later tonight with some more new stuff. Bit delayed but obviously new years can be quite a busy time!

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    That's a good idea! Since I've been redoing all the colours this update I've also been making palettes for each of the individual textures or groups of material (sand and sandstone share a palette, same with stone and quartz, etc.)

    I'll put it all onto one document and name each one so it's obvious what each palette was used for too. Will hopefully have it ready with all the newer stuff for next week as I still need to finalise a few palettes such as a new one for iron and the other ore blocks.

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    Thanks so much for all the replies everyone! Glad everyone is still keen for an update and enjoying the pack still, as I mention each time, it reaqlly does mean a huge amount.

    Not a huge update this week, fully finished up the coral and have been redoing a few older blocks such as the leaf blocks. Still need to adjust the birch and there is a tiny bit of work/colour changing left to do on the others but I'm pretty happy with them so far.

    (Birch, oak, acacia, spruce, dark oak and jungle from left to right)

    (Brain, tube, fire, horn and bubble corals from left to right)

    Will post some more stuff next week, maybe the new crop textures or some gifs of the new animations for fire/lava/seaweedy things.

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    Sorry for the lack of replies everyone, I just finished my last semester at uni (hopefully ever) which was a lot more difficult than anticipated and I spent pretty much all my time exclusively on that. I also went to japan for a couple of weeks after that so been out of action for quite a while which was completely unintended.

    I am still currently working on stuff and making good progress! I've been doing the new blocks (including the snapshots) while simultaneously going over old stuff to get it all at the same level of consistency and to update the colours and contrast of some older blocks where I still like the texture. I've also done a few more mobs and misc things like that but the focus is on the blocks to get an update out.

    Currently I'd say I'm at about 75% there but I've got plenty of time now so I'm making a lot of progress everyday. Also now using aseprite (thanks for the suggestion, Muscar!) to finish up my animations. Takes a little longer but they look better in the end IMO. About halfway done with animating my new fire texture and then 80% done with kelp and tall sea grass.

    (sandstone will change a little now that the top is used as its own block btw, going to make it smoother to fit buildings better)

    Don't want to show everything off but there's a lot of new stuff which I'll let you all discover for yourselves when the update is finalised. I plan on eventually going over all the mobs too and redoing a lot of them but that's stuff to focus on in the future. :)

    Anyway, I'll post an update every week with a lil snippet of what's been finished or worked on to keep me motivated and so everyone can see there's still progress being made.

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