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    Quote from RyanISan »
    Ok, let me straighten a couple (more) things out.

    If you say you're mature, people will know you aren't. Don't ask me why, but only someone immature will not be able to cope with the fact that people might judge them for their age. Better just to keep your age to yourself, really.

    Second, and almost contradicting the first point, don't judge people for their age, and don't use age as an insult! There are people of every temperament and maturity in EVERY age group! It's best to just judge people for how they act. Calling people "12 year olds" in chat and whatnot will not solve problems, it will just cause more. Call them immature if you must insult someone, but if you're trying to insult someone in the first place, what does that make you?

    ~"I'm 18, and I prefer to hang out with an older demographic. People under 16-17 annoy me." (Or something to that effect)
    People like you (all) annoy me SO MUCH, for the reasons I stated above. You're missing out on so much by keeping to that age group, and showing yourself off as a pompous douchebag. Just sayin'.

    Oh, and if anyone cares (that I'm off-topic), I'm 16.

    I try to not judge people by age, but after hearing so many squealing 12 year olds on xbox live, I sometimes have trouble with that...
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    Quote from OmegaLambda »

    You're going to want the real deal for that. I don't have any experience personally in authentic uniforms, but I imagine that putting together an authentic schoolgirl impression is a lot like putting together an authentic airsoft impression. First you need to choose who you want to imitate. Pick a school and look up their uniform requirements. If they sell the uniforms themselves, then you may need to buy off of ebay. If they list a specific type from a manufacturer, then you can purchase direct from the manufacturer. Remember to take into account the difference between men's sizes and girl's sizes. Finishing touches might include book bags, textbooks, and perhaps some kind of hair ornament. Find pictures to give you inspiration.

    I hope this isn't spoken from experience... >.>
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    Quote from GozerTheGozerian »
    Quote from The_Questioner »
    A thread for guys to prop themselves up and try and sound intelligent by denouncing stereotypes that people already know are false?


    Beat me to the punch, man.

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    Well when i'm lonely, I go on facebook and talk to people...
    Or go on xbox and play games
    Or go on computer and play games
    Or go on ds and play games
    Or go on ipod touch and play games
    Or go on psp and- yea, you get the idea....
    But seriously, isn't school there for keeping you mildly un-lonely?
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    Sweet 16. :Sheep:
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    This texture pack is EPIC!!! I was working on Doku's released WIP and i have finished the terrain fully, i blended the best parts of your pack with mine (mostly yours)

    Here are some pics:

    nice work on the pack! + :Diamond: :Diamond:
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