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    Quote from Glimmar»

    Yeah! Mine's bugging out too...yet again!

    Having spent weeks making a whole new simplified OP, completely backed up of course as BB code, the flippin' thing now completely freaks out all over again if I even just open up the editor and (no edits at all) click on 'preview'! Makes no difference if I use my backed up BBcode, or try to edit the thing manually...it still garbles it all up when I click on preview. So I'm left in the position of just not touching my OP (fortunately it looks ok at the moment if left untouched, but like you I want to be able to update things AND have the confidence it's not all going to be wasted time...again!) until I can bother to get admin to look at the thing! So very frustrating!!!

    As this has happened a few times to me before, I was beginning to wonder if I was reaching some indeterminate memory limit in my OP, after which admin seek revenge by ripping everything up! :D At least having it happen to you means I might not be the only rebel around here. :P

    Anyways, everything is looking awesome as usual, Sheep, at least the download is working ok and I can follow all the pics you post in the thread. :)

    In the meantime I shall also be interested to find out what you do to sort out your OP...I'll try and remember to let you know how I eventually sort mine out. Best of luck!

    Ahhh the things us poor texture creators go through... :P

    It seems to be an issue with the preview button currently because as you mentioned, if you press it the lovely formatting you spent your time on just vanishes and in its place is whatever the preview button seems to think is best... Maybe the preview button is possessed? Who knows... In any case, I'm just not gonna press it and hope that what I did in the BBcode translates well to what we actually see in the post from now on!

    Yea, if I figure out a way to get my OP to stick even with the preview button or get an admin/mod to take a look at it I'll let you know either how I did it or the results of the admins/mods testing. Hopefully we can get it sorted out eventually though, I'm going to be adding pictures back into my OP in the not too distant future which will make it even more of a formatting nightmare and I can only imagine what you have to go through each time!

    So yea, best of luck to the both of us, mate! :D

    Quote from Mjestic»

    I absolutely love this pack man! Keep up the good work :3

    Thanks mate, glad you're enjoying it!

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    Wow, haven't checked back in this thread for a little bit but you've certainly embraced the 3d block models!

    They look great though, fantastic work on the rails, I know I found them a real pain when I did them. Well, specifically the slopes, the other sections weren't too bad. Getting those slopes to connect on either side without weird clipping issues and whatnot.... Never again... :P

    I've heard that entity models are going to be a thing in the future which means you'll be able to edit models for the minecarts, chests, boats, etc. Can't wait to see what you do with them if you decide to fiddle with their models a little bit!

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    Quote from AztecEmp»

    Of course you can, that would be great!

    And those are some awesome new moons. Actually, your skyboxes overall are excellent, they are so good they fit with the other packs I use, even.

    Awesome, thanks for that! I'll be uploading the mod stuff soon enough even though it isn't all finished yet, it's better to have some than none and I can always update it once I've completed more.

    Thanks! I'm not planning on doing a huge amount to the clouds as I think they're okay already, just gonna add a few more colours to make them a bit smoother and maybe add a bit more visual interest. Don't want them too be too detailed though as it just gets distracting IMO.

    Quote from ZeroLevels»

    This pack is as lovely as usual. It's my favorite pack for vanilla and Bukkit servers (or whatever's used these days).

    The only problem is when said servers aren't particularly up to date. For instance, when some servers continuously reset the time back to 6000 instead of using the current means of just setting /gamerule doDaylightCycle false, or whatever it is. It gets extremely laggy with better skies, which is unfortunate. I really don't like playing such servers without your pack. And I don't like playing your pack without MCPatcher. Not really anything that can be done about that, though, except on the server's end.

    When formatting the OP for a thread on the forums, I would recommend saving backups of the pure BBCode behind it, as for some reason, it's not uncommon for the forums to glitch out when saving to the page. Sometimes it might try to post HTML instead of BBCode, or it might mess up some of the code when saving, or it might even mess up the code when loading it back into the editor. So it's not a bad idea to just save your OP into a text file somewhere.

    Yea, not really much you can do in that case except for delete the skyboxes folder inside the pack, would solve the lag but unfortunately it means no skyboxes which is the main use of mcpatcher with my pack now that you can do ctm in vanilla minecraft. It would still keep the nice lightmap I have though so it's still worth using mcpatcher for I guess.

    As for the formatting, yea, I usually swap to BBcode for editing it anyways as I find it much easier to format consistently that way. Unfortunately every time I open up the editor it adds random paragraph tags in sections that don't make sense, removes some spacing (hence why the headings have no space above them now) and some other annoying things. Keeping a backup of the code in notepad++ would be a good idea and as long as I remember I think I'll do just that from now on!

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    Quote from VeqaZ»

    awesome texture pack!!!!!

    Thanks mate, glad you're liking it!

    Quote from AztecEmp»

    Hey, Sheep, I made mod support to the Roadblocks Mod, it's just a small mod that adds exactly what the title says, road blocks.

    I'll leave here a download link to the zip file I made, if you'd like to see it: Link

    This is the mod I'm talking about: Roadblocks


    Do you mind if I include a link in the OP or combine it into a pack with the rest of my mod support? I've got a whole bunch of other mod support finished/semi finished thanks to a couple of other people plus me and I'd like to have a mod section which will contain links to it all, if not having one downloadable mod addon pack. Of course I'll include full credits to you for your work either way!

    List of mods completed/semi completed so far would be:

    Archimedes Ships Mod
    Backpack Mod
    Barrels Mod
    Better Grass And Leaves
    COFH Core
    Dynamic Earth
    Growthcraft - Bamboo
    Growthcraft - Rice
    Iron Chests
    Luppii's Ladders
    Nether Ores
    Project Red
    Redstone Arsenal

    Secret Rooms Mod
    Simply Jetpacks
    Thermal Expansion
    Weapon Mod
    Several Modules from Xtra Blocks:
    Xtra Blocks DIY Fencing
    Xtra Blocks DIY Metal
    Xtra Blocks DIY Powered
    Xtra Blocks DIY Xtras
    Yet Another Food Mod

    Oh, also, for anyone wondering what I'm up to currently, I'm starting work on the guardians and I'm also redoing my skybox + finishing off the daytime skybox. I've also redone my addon packs so that they only use the model system where possible instead of ctm so they have maximum compatibility and should work in vanilla. I'll take new photos of them too.

    I'm also working on reworking the OP a bit as for some reason the forums bugged out and all my pictures got deleted and my formatting got a little buggered up.

    Here's a pic of how I've redone the moons in my skybox:

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    Nice! Really creative idea there. How are you going to do the villager variations? Colour changes and maybe different 'emoticon' face changes too? They look fantastic btw, love the pixel work as always.

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    Updating my skybox as it's very amateur looking compared to the rest of my textures now. Here's how my new moons turned out, hopefully you can tell which is old and which is new! I'll be adding in dust surrounding them later on, might experiment with a broken version too.

    Next I gotta figure out a nice style to update the clouds in that doesn't take *too* long...

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    Lovely work on the smooth stone textures, they look awesome. Thanks for uploading the blue stone addon too, I just can't get enough of that blue for some reason... I'd also love to see you expand the addon in the future with more textures too such as changing the leaves to be a little more wild in colour among other things. Keep doing what you're doing though, it's looking great!

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    Should be in video settings, I think it's on by default but I'm not too sure...

    Yea, just checked. In video settings, there's an option called 'alternate blocks', Make sure that's set to on and then you should see nicer tiling and plenty of alternate textures!

    Think I might add a little note about it in the OP...

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    Alright, couldn't really figure out the issue with the glass so I'm just releasing the update now as the issue is still in the older version too so nothing lost really. I'll try and figure it out and hotfix it later but for now, enjoy this update!

    Here's the changelog for v3.2:

    -lang pack updated for consistency
    -tweaked a couple of tinted glass textures
    -updated spruce log
    -fixed issue for optifine users where fancy graphics leaf textures would not display properly
    -alt textures for all leaves
    -alt textures for granite, andesite, diorite
    -completely new texture for andesite
    -fixed issue of things in flowerpots being darker than the should be
    -added custom texture for item frame border
    -added custom top and bottom texture for command blocks
    -updated anvil texture and model
    -alt textures for all logs
    -new farmland textures
    -textured barrier block
    -removed forced shading on a couple of light sources to match glowstone (redstone lamp and sea lantern)
    -removed a huge amount of unneeded model and blockstate files fixing a couple of issues (they were also outdated)

    Be sure to turn alternate textures on for the best experience!

    Here's a download link if the OP doesn't show the right version: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/texture-packs/53603-pixel-perfection/files/2231463/download

    EDIT: Oh yea, next up are guardians, magma cubes, snowmen (somehow I've missed them) a few more paintings and more work done on the night skybox.

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    Alright, sorry it's taken so long again, I've just got one more log to make an alt for and then I'll be releasing the update. I added a couple of fixes and tweaks on the side too. Just trying to get one more issue with mipmapping on my glass panes sorted and then I'll release!

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    Anyone know why this is happening (the white on the glass panes)?

    It happens whenever I turn on mipmapping although it doesn't happen with other packs I tried. What's different with my glass panes?

    Here's a pic of mipmapping on vs. off.

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    Those new screenies are great, the lighting in the pack is so sexy!

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    Hmm, interesting ideas, I think I might have something...

    In any case, I'll work on it a bit later, just trying to finish my alt textures for the leaves and logs so I can release an update today. Will fix the issues with optifine as well as adding some new stuff so it should be quite nice!

    EDIT: okay, optifine isn't an issue now and all foliage is done. Just got to make alts for 4 more logs, an alt for andesite and an alt for diorite.

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    Quote from zeldahuman»

    I'll just leave this here...

    Direct Link: http://imgur.com/a/39hBE

    Looks good dude, nice work!

    Love how fluffy the 3d models for the flowers and vines look, I kinda want to make my vines more overgrown like that, it gives things a lot of depth...

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    I guess I could make a new banner although I've got absolutely zero idea what to make. If I think of something I'll make one, yea, if not I'll leave that to later on in the future because I still don't mind the current one tbh.

    I'm always open to suggestions though so if you can think of something that might look better, go ahead and let me know!

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