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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]

    The thing is, at the moment I'm not sure how much use a rather blank concrete block would actually have in the pack. Between the wool, the stained clay (which in this pack more closely match the wool than they do in vanilla) and then the concrete powder which I'm also making have a somewhat smoother texture, I feel like there are enough smooth/colourful blocks to build with.

    As such I think I will add a unique design to each of the concrete blocks to provide more variety when building which is always a good thing imo!

    I'm not sure if I'm going to do each block as a wood/plaster style block, I do want to make a few different building styles more accessible with the blocks, just have to figure out exactly what designs I should do for each!

    I think I'm going to be taking a look at some of the blocks from the conquest resource pack for inspiration here because monsterfish has made a bunch of different blocks in different colours that are useful for building. I'll also try and implement a bit of ctm to enhance the blocks further too.

    My terracotta blocks are going to be a bit more similar to vanilla except I'll try and make their textures more representative of their specific colours (so black will be 90% black instead of half black and red in vanilla, etc.). I also want the patterns to be a bit more subtle so that they can be used in more situations without looking quite so jarring next to other blocks.

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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]

    That is really neat! I've never thought about it for enchanted books but it's a great idea and I definitely will look into it, see how many textures, etc. I'd need to make for it.

    I've actually done this with arrows so that 3 or more (from what I remember) are made into a little quiver with the arrows in it. This was done ages ago with CIT from mcpatcher and I don't honestly know if it still works so I'll see if I can get it working this way and maybe add in a few more common stacked items too.

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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]

    Ah, you know what, I might've actually forgotten to do that! The shulker boxes themselves are done but I must've totally forgotten about the gui side of things. I'll have it in the next update for sure, thanks for mentioning it!

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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]
    Quote from Steelfeathers»

    Heya sheep, glad to see that you're still at it. I've gotten back into MC recently, and I've started working on BoP and Witchery textures for this pack again. I've gotten a fair bit done, although the naming conventions use the 1.7.10 scheme (since that's the version I play on), so if you end up wanting to use them for the main pack, you might have to do some renaming.

    That said, I'll post some screenshots of what I've made so far when I get home from work. Hopefully by next weekend I'll have a download link with a fair amount of textures for you.

    Heya feathers! Nice to see you round again! :)

    That sounds great to me, I've just recently been trying to compile all the mod stuff in one place to release as a grouped download so having more BoP and Witchery stuff will be fantastic.
    Quote from Angrytotem»

    XSSheep, this has turned into my go to texture pack for quite some time now, it's amazing. You made me appreciate 16x again. Thank you for all your hard work over the years. Hope to see you and this texture pack for many more! :D

    Well still no plans for stopping anytime soon so hopefully minecraft keeps getting interesting textures added to it for me to work on!
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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]

    Ahhh okay! If you check the paintings I actually have one painting that you can put over walls to create this effect. It's a 2x2 painting (shown in the bottom right of this picture:

    Now that we have all these concrete and terracotta blocks I might make a few blocks that do this instead though. Could have a few colours of them and slightly different styles which would imo look really cool!

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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]
    Quote from Epicreator»

    Could you for example add a half-timbered block with the upcoming 1.12 blocks (includes some nice connected textures). I think many players would like that for building. I really wish such a block in my favorite resource pack ;)

    What do you mean by half timbered exactly? A mix of stone and timber or something?
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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]

    It might be possible but if I did add biome colouring it would either be extremely subtle as I would have to do it to the already coloured texture (and also might affect the actual flower part too), or it would break the vanilla pack since the stems would be grey... :/

    So yea, not the best situation in that respect, I'll try some stuff out though as even a subtle yellow tint would be all it needs to fit in a bit more.

    In fact, I could just add some variants with different coloured stems and slightly different flower shapes. Provides more variation plus might look a bit more natural too!

    Anyways everyone, thank you for all the comments while I've been a little unresponsive! I'm currently checking out the new textures and they don't seem like they'll be too difficult except for the terracotta. Gotta think of something interesting to do for that but I still want it to be a touch more subtle than the designs are in vanilla too!

    Also been hearing that some mob designs are going to change so I'm hoping that the changes won't be too drastic.

    I'll add in the new snapshot stuff for the next update which will also include the llamas that I've worked on a bit and a fix for the stone/cobble slabs strangeness. Will try and get a couple more paintings completed as well! No ETA for the update just yet but I'll try and keep you all posted. :)

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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]
    Quote from Gl1tchMC»

    Hello :^)

    First of all, I have to say that you really did an amazing job here.
    The dedication and effort you did are respectable.

    Now, I would like to speak seriously.

    My name is "GalaxyGlitch", or just Galaxy, and I am a Pocket Edition player, and I dedicate myself to Port Texture Packs from the Java version to ours.

    I take this seriously, I try to do it right, and NOT just "Copy-paste" a couple of folders and files, and get an incomplete result.

    Few people in this community Port Texture Packs really well.
    I'm part of a group of Texture Porters called "PocketMakers", where I have friends known for being the Official Porters of Texture Packs like PaperCut-Out, Flows HD, Soartex Fanver, etc.

    So, I ask you:
    Would you grant me permission to Port this Texture Pack to Minecraft Pocket Edition?
    I have seen a few "Ports" of this Pack, but all of them are incomplete and outdated :/
    And i don't know if they asked you for permissions before.

    Of course, my job is recreational and non-profit, I do it for fun and because I like it.
    And I would really like to share in the community, this amazing job you've done.

    If you need more information about me, you can contact me on my Twitter: @_GlitchMC

    Thanks for your attention! ^^

    I would be very happy for you to release a proper port of the pack!

    I've given permission to others before but like you said, support for them is dropped very quickly or they aren't ported properly leaving half finished packs which people download and then wonder why they aren't working too well.

    Send me a link once you've finished the pack and I'll check it out. If it's ported well and you intend to update it every once in a while then I'll stick a link to wherever you're hosting it in the OP for other people to find and have that as the official pocket edition version of PP (and I'll give you full credit for porting it over and maintaining it of course!).
    Quote from MSchwaa»


    Hey! Glad to see this resource pack is still kicking. Any plans to update the banners? Finish off the final few paintings (extra large ones, I believe)? What about some more CTM? I adore the small details of this pack. Pixel Perfection is inseparable from my playing Minecraft.



    By update the banners, do you mean the banners in-game? Because as far as I'm aware they've been fully completed with textures for the banners and all the symbols but more stuff might've been added so I'm not too sure.

    As for the paintings, definitely! I've been trying to think of ideas for some of the larger paintings. Any suggestions would be highly welcome because so far I only have an idea for one of them...
    Quote from Phoiyikas»

    Sheep I took the time to update your metals spritesheet with the 7th material (cast iron) and some sheeting for IE or whatever based on TechGuns metal containers. I included some CTM, but CTM appears to be broken on most things in PP right now...

    Awesome, it looks really nice! I should check what metals are most common in mods and add them to the palette so it's easy to make all the metals use the same colours to prevent things from looking out of place. Would make mod support a lot easier...

    And yea, not entirely sure why the ctm is broken. I've been looking into it but I guess optifine might've changed something? Gonna have to dig in deeper...

    As always, thanks for all the nice comments everyone! I'm currently still looking into the CTM but I'm honestly not sure why it is working incorrectly at the moment. Stuff like the stone slabs showing as cobble wasn't happening in the V3.5 update and I don't think I changed anything in regards to them so I'm a little stumped currently...
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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]
    Quote from Phoiyikas»

    Sheep do you have that Github link? I have some tweaked metal textures to add to the repository. I really want to see what other stuff is hiding in mod support packs too, any chance I could dig around?

    Quote from ruyan»

    I am working on new ore textures and especially dense ore versions for them, would love to see a github link as well! It's for personal use, but maybe someone could use them and even better improve them...

    I just created a new repo which had a slightly more user friendly format than the other one as I didn't want to mess around with it too much. This github has all the mod support I could find on my compy as well as everything from the other repo put into an addon pack.

    Github repo.

    If you're going to add new mod support I'm pretty sure all files for mods just go under the 'assets' folder but I'm not too experienced with modding so it's hard to say.

    If you're just adding extra textures (that aren't specifically used in-game or in a mod), maybe make a folder in the base directory (where the assets folder is) called 'extra textures' or something so that people working on mod support can use the textures to make mod stuff!

    The repo contains some mod support from TimothyWiggins127, DukeGrimm and Steelfeathers (as well as a little bit of updated stuff from me!) so far. They were all I could find with a quick look so I might have some more lurking about that needs to be added. I'm also not sure how updated most of these mods are so they could potentially be from quite old/outdated versions of the mods...

    stone slabs (44:0) are buggy; when making true slabs, sometimes the textures are cobble slabs. when made into a full block, however, they resume the stone slab texture. not totally sure whether this is a pack-wide bug or user-error on my part, but i thought i would mention it. :)

    Quote from MechaRage»


    Pixel Perfection has been my default texture pack for a long time now, and I still love it :)

    However, I'm encountering an issue with the connected textures in the last version. I don't really know what to try...

    Minecraft: 1.11
    Optifine: 1.11_HD_U_B5
    PP: 3.6

    The connected textures work fine without a resource pack, but aren't used at all with PP.

    Thanks for the feedback both of you! I'll check out both these things and get back to you asap. :)
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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]

    Thanks buddy, hope they were worth the (extremely long, sorry) wait!

    Also no, you're not crazy, there was indeed some mod support on the front page before (as well as some addon packs that changed a few things) but I removed them for the moment to work on updating them and bringing them up to a standard I'm properly happy with!

    There wasn't really a lot of mods that were supported in the pack but I've been adding bit by little bit. Also since DukeGrimm made a github page for mod support I think I'll just use that as the main repository and add a link to it in the OP + add in the support that was done previously. That way people can contribute mod support they've made for the pack too which will get a lot of support added a lot faster than if I was just making it all. :)

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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union
    Quote from Alvoria»

    I can see an obvious error. It should be "observer_front.png.mcmeta".

    I hope that helps you.

    Oh man, that was it... Woops! :D

    Thanks a bunch for that alv, now working as intended.
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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union

    Thanks for that, I guess I'll submit a bug report for it then and leave it as a single texture for the moment.

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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]

    Okay the update is uploaded, curse is just processing it now. You can download it from the planet minecraft link right away though because it's a direct link. Enjoy!

    I'll get to work now on the 1.11 stuff and updating the addon packs/extending them a bit more. Any suggestions and comments for changes or additions to make are always welcome. :)

    @gurujive, sounds good and it was no problem at all.

    The textures you have there look neat but I don't think they'd work out as well in-game (if that's your intention) unfortunately as it would be hard to tell where each block starts or ends.

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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union

    Has anyone tried animating the observer texture at all? I'm not sure if it's because I've not done any mc texturing in a while or if it's bugged but I can't get the front to animate. Here's the texture:

    Here's the mcmeta file:

    	"animation": {
    	"interpolate": false,
    	"frames":[ { "index": 0, "time": 50},{ "index": 1, "time": 10} ]

    That's the filenames. I can't see any obvious errors so any help would be appreciated!

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    posted a message on Pixel Perfection - Now with polar bears! [1.11]
    Quote from gurujive»

    That would be awesome :]

    Okay I've had a look around and I found this texture:

    It looks more rough and grungy compared to the current texture but I'm not sure how well it will rotate. Let me know how it looks though, I can always give you files to stop the random rotation or tweak it a little bit if you want. :)
    Quote from Deonyi»

    It looks to me a bit odd to be honest, mainly because it seems lighter than the grass texture. Maybe if it were the same colours?

    It is actually using the same palette as the grass but I'll try shifting it down a tone, see if that looks better!
    Quote from Somewat»

    2 things

    1) 1.11.x update

    2) grass block is too dark , would like to see brighter

    The 1.11 update is in the works, should be updating to include a bunch of new stuff just a bit later today.

    As for the grass, I'm pretty happy with how it is at the moment honestly so I doubt I'll be changing it. I'll have a look at it anyway though, thanks for the feedback!
    Quote from n_jayne»

    Any chance I could get my greasy little hands on those textures you said you finished already? I would be cool with putting them into their folders myself.

    I'll be updating in just a little bit, just changing the husk texture as I wasn't happy with how the old texture looked. Shouldn't take me too long I don't think as the base is already there though!

    Okay everyone, thanks for all the comments! I'll be updating the pack a bit later today, just doing a few last minute tweaks before I release it. Sorry for the little break of silence again too, got a bit distracted with other things being on holidays and all.
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