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    posted a message on Silverfish at level 10
    I got back to minecraft after a long absence and as I started branch-mining at tier 10 I found silverfish as I destroyed some regular stone.

    Is this a normal occurrence now? Or is it a sign of a monster-spawner in the vicinity?

    Also, are silverfish useful for anything? Or just a nuisance we must deal with?
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    posted a message on Levels Going Back to Being Exponential (What Should Be Done Instead)
    IMHO gaining experience can be as hard as desired but you should not lose it when you die.

    But as long as you lose XP when you die, a linear progression is better.

    It would even make more sense if experience wasn't a consumable at all. It should be something you earn over time and represents your long-term achievement. With such a thing you could only do level 1 enchantments when you start (better if you have enchantment table). Then as you play for a week, month, year... your overall enchanting ability would go up slower and slower (exponential curve) and eventually reach the maximum ability. That way XP would truly reflect your "experience" and would reward your commitment to the game and/or server.
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    posted a message on Diamonds* and Glowstone need to be removed from trading. * OR altered.
    OP tldr.

    But in short... no. Minecraft is about having fun, individually or as a group. Not about perceived value, hoarding or other such things.

    Nerfings of tools/armor since 1.7 made the game less fun for "builders" and diamonds more necessary. An increase of availability by trading other items is a good thing, not bad.
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    posted a message on Snapshot Singleplayer/Multiplayer Merge
    In concept the merge is a great idea. In practice... we'll find out when they release it. It all depends on how successful they are at fixing the problems we've had in SMP for ages.

    Since I play SMP exclusively I see this as a positive thing... even if they only fix a few of the SMP problems, it will be an improvement **for me**. I do feel sorry for the SSP guys though.
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    posted a message on When do you THINK 1.3 will come out? (100+ SUPPORTERS)
    I think it will come out "too soon", with the SSP/SMP merge lagging like a dog and the Mod API either not complete or not included at all.
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    posted a message on Keep ssp/smp merge in 1.3
    No as it is now. Yes, if they have the skill to fix all the problems.
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    posted a message on Minecraft sound... gone
    Minecraft has totally lost all sounds.

    I will start by saying that I have no problems with ANY other applications, only Minecraft. So, it is NOT the computer.

    Other info:
    • Running on Windows 7, using Java 7 (1.7.0_02).
    • Had no problems with minecraft sound for over a year.
    • Have done a complete vanilla re-install. I deleted .minecraft and minecraft.exe. Downloaded minecraft.exe fresh, reinstalled and re-updated.
    • Since the update always hangs at lwjgl.jar (lightweight java gaming library) and there are reports that sound problems come from it, I also tested by downloading lwjgl 2.8.3 (current stable version from January) and 2.8.4 (latest development version) separately. Still no sound.
    This is quite obviously a minecraft bug that shows up with some combinations of O/S and hardware.

    Does anybody know of a fix for it? Or failing that, a mod that replaces minecraft's sound system?
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    posted a message on Ender chests --- Good, Bad, and Ugly
    Rail networks are great... in a small private server where you trust everybody. Unfortunately in a public server rail networks are almost unusable due to griefing.

    That makes the ender chest a good concept... in principle. Limiting to one chest per server ruins it. Again, in public servers you would need an ender chest per person or per small cooperative team.

    Finally, since most servers have /home /back abilities... limiting the capacity to one chest makes no difference. Given those abilities I foresee few people using ender chests unless it became possible to somehow increase their capacity. I don't think it would be a problem if increasing the ender chests capacity was expensive.
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    posted a message on Sorry but I deleted my minecraft and can no longer play...
    Recently (a week?) minecraft updates have been failing a lot - on the minecraft.net side. Maybe you are being affected by that.
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    posted a message on Testificates, You Are Minecraft & More
    Currency and trading = great!
    Especially if the trading is for all resources and not just some select ones.

    Rubies as currency = OK.
    Frankly, gold would make a better currency. It is more commonly associated with money in the real world, plus (except for powered rails) it pretty much has no other uses in minecraft.

    Also, great ideas... so long as they don't delay or cripple the Mod API release.
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    posted a message on How many people do and don't approve of the upcoming updates?
    The mod API is probably the best thing since sliced bread. I doubt that the first cut will have all the features needed by most mods, but as long as they keep at it they will eventually get it right.

    The merge of server and client code is a mixed bag. Good because it will make it easier to maintain. Bad because the server code has so many problems that will bleed into the client code. They should have fixed all the server issues before even considering this.
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    posted a message on MCX360 - The Good, The Bad, The Awesome
    I am sure somebody commented on it already, but here it goes anyway: 1000x1000 multiplayer... ROFL!!!

    That is fine for a few friends that trust each other, but it is certainly idiotic for an open server. With no plugins to stop griefers and no "distance" to go hide your place, this is going to be griefer central. A miserable experience for most players who try it.

    But then, maybe they "fixed it" by not allowing open servers. It would be a typical Microsoft "feature".
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    posted a message on So soon servers may no longer be needed.
    IMHO, this is great for "friends playing together".

    But for those who enjoy open servers... it does nothing. This is why:
    • Open servers face 2 big problems: hackers and griefers. Vanilla minecraft has no provisions to handle hackers and griefers, so the only choice is to use real servers, with good plugins to catch and stop those vandals.
    • People who play on open servers typically look for features like /home, warps, the ability to TP to a friend, towns, multi-world portals, mcmmo, etc. Those features are only available as plugins, so again... real servers.
    As Minecraft matures into a solid game these things may become available in core minecraft, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
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    posted a message on Please do NOT make leather needed for new book recipe!!
    Quote from CalamityJack

    So I was very excited about all the new changes for snapshot for 12w17a. Downloaded it and have been playing it load of nice changes. But then I left to work on this library I have been building and thought about make turning a chest of reeds I had into books for space... but now i need 1 leather for 1 book...

    Ok no big deal leather isn't that hard to get. I have a cow farm that holds about 50-60 cows before I "harvest" them. So I turn my machine on and wait at the end to get my cooked beef and leather... I get 31 leather from 53 cows. I go to make books and bookshelves with it and i only get 10 bookshelves from it all. A double chest full of paper now and I can't make more books until my cows replenish.

    Just a heads up on the math for those going to build an enchanting room after this patch goes live; You will need 90 leather to make the 30 bookshelves for your new enchanting room (that's about 150 cows give or take) along with the 270 reeds you will need to collect and 180 wooden planks.

    So now I humbly ask you Jeb don't let this new book recipe go live. Think of the cows...

    I agree, but for a different reason: LAG!!!

    Too many mobs are one of the biggest causes of server lag. Already we have massive problems because of people breeding huge numbers of sheep for each color. Now people will breed huge numbers of cows.

    Mojang, have you gone crazy???
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    posted a message on I am furious.
    Quote from Braystreet

    I sincerely hope the combination of SMP and SSP doesn't make it live. This is the worst thing Mojang has ever done, which, admittedly, I've never thought they did anything wrong in the past. I bought a stable single player game in Alpha, and I've played a stable single player game for nigh-on two years, but today, I try the snapshot so I can help spot bugs and see the new features, as is my kingly duty, and this is simply awful. I gave them their money, I got the right to play SMP, and I never did, because it was awful. Now, I don't have a choice. Mobs are laggy, they have no collision detection. I can't pause the game to answer the phone because well, that'd be weird for other people since it automatically creates a server for me. I have to deal with extra lag because of the extra processes. I'm getting terrain glitches where I never have before. I'd rather they stop development altogether than make the game as bad as this.

    I liked the writable books, I was looking forward to the mod support. I didn't have any feelings one way or another about the books. I don't feel like cocoa beans are compromising dungeons. Beds didn't end the world.

    Forcing me to play crappy SMP? I will never update again. Minecraft has always been about giving the player choices, and if this goes live, we won't even have a choice about playing a fully functioning game.

    EDIT - I know, I hate people who think their thoughts are worth a private thread when there are dozens of similar threads too, but there's no other threads specifically about this, and I think I've earned one, because I have a pocket.

    Valid complaints, wrong conclusion... I hope.

    As long as they address all of these issues before releasing it as a formal version, then there is no issue.

    But if they are complete idiots and release a formal version in this conditions... all the complaints become totally valid.
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