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    posted a message on The longer on a server, the higer my ping

    How about trying a clean install? Delete the .minecraft folder (but back it up first on your desktop or somewhere else) and also delete your launcher and download a new one, just in case. If it works you can grab your saves from the backup.

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    posted a message on What happens if you disconnect with mobs near you in a MC Realm? Will they despawn?

    In normal servers when you disconnect you are removed from the world, so mobs can't attack you. However they will stay there (unless removed because no one's been there for a while I think and the chunk gets unloaded).

    If there are plugins installed the guy can use one to keep the player "logged in" for x seconds after signing out, usually meant to prevent log out cheating in PvP. Such a plugin would leave you sitting there to get beaten on by the mobs until you died most likely.

    I'd ask the guy to stop spawning them as it is ruining players' fun and causing them to leave. If he doesn't then find a different server!

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    posted a message on Need Direction for Trusty Downloads

    Minecraftforum has a lot of them.

    Otherwise try Planet Minecraft. Never got anything malicious from either site.

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    posted a message on Bandicam Videos Freeze Near the beginning of the video.

    Just start recording before you start talking/doing stuff. Usually the program does some stuff at the beginning when you run it that it only needs to do at the beginning is my guess.

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    posted a message on Read me Before Paying for a Server Host!

    Only problem with hosting it yourself is uptime. I think having the server open 24/7 is pretty important so that's why a lot of people pay.

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    posted a message on Can someone help me fix my server

    Just gonna throw this out there, did you try setting the ip you are connecting to as: localhost

    That way you know the server is working but your port forwarding/firewall is faulty, or maybe you got the wrong ip.

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    posted a message on I need help with project ideas!

    Build some cool TNT cannons that launch in sync, wired together with redstone.

    (Aim them away from your buildings)

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    posted a message on Rare usernames?

    I have 2 accounts on because I got confused and forgot I had one already.

    One is called XH and the other is XH192. Fortunately I bought the game on XH, else I would have probably bought it again just to have the tag ingame :)

    I made the name right before alpha ended and was really happy no one took it before me.

    XH is the shortest name I've ever seen on any server, wish I had time to play more Minecraft and show it to people. But I mostly play singleplayer now, or other games. Mods are too fun.

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    posted a message on Tree Farm not working?

    Pretty sure it's fine, because the grown tree will never need that space. I've put torches next to saplings before but not in tree farms and there have been no problems.

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    posted a message on [Server With Ranks?]

    Don't most of the top servers have that? I suggest you to check out the servers section of the forum and pick one you like if you have not, they are reliable and many players like them.

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    posted a message on So uhm, I did a thing

    Looks cool, elves like nature and it looks natural so I think your build was a success.

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    posted a message on Squake (Quake-style movement for Minecraft)

    Awesome, been looking for this for a while and very glad to see it's up to date.

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    posted a message on Low FPS Problem

    What you need to play Minecraft is not high FPS but a stable FPS. If you do not mind a little bit of input lag try to use Vsync and I guarantee that you will feel that the gameplay is much smoother.

    Also, it could be that your computer is on power saving mode and his is not, so you could try enabling performance and see if that is the problem.

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    posted a message on zombe's modpack [V9.0.2 upd: 02 Dec. 15]

    I've been lurking here for a long time since Minecraft Beta, really enjoyed the quirky features of this mod and how customizable it is. Want to thank everyone for keeping it alive, I lost hope when zombe stopped working but it's nice to see the community pick it up.

    One quick question though, I know I'm not supposed to be using this with forge and the like but I find my problem a bit strange. I followed all the instructions and my Minecraft has no reaction. No crash, lag, or anything when I play after installing it. Is this normal? Does Forge prevent the mod from loading?

    I have the GLSL shaders, Forge, Mo' Creatures, Optifine. Thanks for any tips in advance. If there's nothing I can do then there's nothing I can do :P

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    posted a message on Looking for a Team of experienced players willing to help set up and run a successful server

    I recommend you pay for a dedicated host. You're super super new to these forums so no one would have faith in your abilities. Basically, you're asking for a team to make a server for you. The least you could do is pay for the server!

    Also, paying gives you 24/7 uptime. You could try Realms since it's cheap and easy.

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