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    Quote from snowhusky5

    What is the point of this dimension? The overworld (Which you seem to refer to as OV) already has cave systems. This is essentially nothing. Side dimensions should have several useful materials, and not just have only elements from an existing dimension, but should be original. For example, an ice/snow dimension would be different from existing snow biomes only if it had new mobs, plants, and a new underground, and maybe new mechanics.

    well, side dimensions (which i will refer to as SD for further reference) are just completely optional. its stated in the actual thread, or at least I'm pretty sure i saw it there. the point of it would jut be... well to mine
    as of your example, that would be something in between SD's, and MD's (main dimensions), because the biome generation is already existing, but has some kind of unique usage. the exception being the WD, it is a little different, because of the crust above the giant ocean. its biomes literally stack, and that makes it an exception to being considered an actual MD. what I'm trying to say is that different biome generation and new mobs, and blocks are what make an MD, and just a huge reoccurring biome generation all around creates an SD.

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    -Same spawn rate as gold ore :goldore:

    -Can create more powerful arrows (where apple is the ruby)

    Creates 12 Arrows

    -Can create spears (where apple is the ruby)

    Same Damage as Iron Sword

    You like?

    please tell me the spear is at least somewhat throwable :biggrin.gif:
    also, this would need some kind of system where you can fire a certain arrow, and the game doesn't just randomly pick one, so you don't go hunting carrying arrows and ruby arrows, you shoot a chicken, ruby arrow hits it, and when you shoot a zombie, a normal arrow hits it.
    a quiver would suffice, and it would just have a normal 9 block storage, and it fires from the left to right, when 1 kind of arrow runs out, it moves over to the next pile.
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    Quote from souljabri557

    Interesting. I always thought another "Eye" didn't fit very well. I like Brain Coral, but about the bioluminescent thing, I think the water boss should be like a giant anglerfish hydra with bioluminescent lights, and that is its drop. Imagine fighting a boss in pitch black, then seeing a pair of red glowing lights charging at you :biggrin.gif:

    THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!! *looks around in dark place* I CANT SEE ANYTHING!!! *sees lights in distance* hey look a dungeon! is it... moving..? *sees giant scary-looking fish charging at you* HOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLYYYYYY SSSSHHHII--
    now for some more of my ideas :biggrin.gif:
    well the BL light+brain coral would just be like guides to his portal, since you can't have a boss prancing around in the main world
    also, different ores in different dimensions...
    to reference our nifty Earth, different places have different things.
    you can't find iron anywhere on our planet, same as you can only find iron in the overworld.
    maybe you can find liquid rubber in The Deep ( i prefer that name :biggrin.gif:) and then cook it for waterproof suits to dive
    somehow take apart netherrak in the nether and use it to craft somewhat fire-proof armor in the nether, so you can originally spawn ANYWHERE, and still survive and thrive, but in different ways.
    AND so the player isn't too overpowered (the ability to shove a poisonous wart with a golden slice of melon then drink it to feel better is an example) all the special items for every dimension deactivate when you go to another
    In: The Deep with diving suit *jump trough portal to overworld* your suit doesn't work anymore! O.O
    you get the basic idea
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    The idea is simple: you can use dyes on redstone to change its color, so that they dont interact with each other, allowing more compact circuits, MUCH more compact circuits.
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    I'd love to help, but unfortunately, do not know anything about making mods... but maybe I can help for testing and other things, because right now, all you have are moderators, and yes, i did read the post, so I know your request, but maybe theres something other than modding that needs help with (just trying to think outside of the box)?
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