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    This is epic. Rare candy should be a rare find though. In like... Nether strongholds, or other fortresses you make that can be randomly generated.
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    Well finish that, and then let us hear it. Reading the words to a song ourselves isn't great. My singing voice is horrendous.
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    I'm tired and going to go to sleep. I planned on writing chapter 6 at 1AM, but it's 12:50 and all I can think about is sleep. The rest of Shita's training schedule and Bob's.. enjoyment.. will have to wait until tomorrow. I wake up usually around 9AM, so about 8 hours from now.

    Eat, breakfast, etc. Probably START writing at about 10AM.. But that involves re-reading at least the past two chapters, so I can continue without abrupt changes, and then figuring out what I want in the next chapter, and then beginning to write the next chapter.

    Expect Chapter 1 to be out by about 12:00 - 1:30 ish tomorrow afternoon. Or about 12 hours from now.

    tl;dr Subscribe to the damn forum. You'll know whenever I need to update you. -.-
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    No. Make an actual video. Of somebody actually singing.
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    posted a message on Bob's Story - 6 days till completion
    Who's been gone for a long time? ME!

    Who's back and wants to write the next chapter tonight? Me DAMNIT!

    Expect Chapter 6 out by tonight. It's gonna be erm, fairly exciting. Well, I don't know. I haven't planned anything out. I never do. :)
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    posted a message on [Idea] Bleach/Hollows Mod - Looking for coders, spriters and ideas!
    A few things to mention here.

    1. I actually was helping out on another Bleach mod, for however limited amount of time I did.
    2. I actually worked on my own bleach mod before. I had swords, and etc.
    3. I won't help with any code here, as I'm working on my own game engine, and managing two different programs in two different languages.. Not a good idea. However; I can help by inputting a few of my ideas. As an avid fan of Bleach, I think I can provide some greater accuracy, and ways to balance the greater accuracy.
    4. I saw nothing involving Reiatsu. I assume this was a mistake in editing, and you did plan to add it in. However; at the end I will include my own personal outlook on how to include Reiatsu.
    5. A lot of this is inaccurate. But a lot has to be changed to keep it feeling like Minecraft, at least a little. I mean, if it had any more detail, it'd just be Bleach - The game.

    A few things on the weapons:
    1. Quincy Bow and Zanpakuto... However the **** it's spelled.
    They're both craftable. And that's a nono. For one, a Quincy Bow is entirely the users soul, and the Zanpakuto is the shape the wielders soul takes. Hence; crafting one not being possible.

    2. Seeing as both are craftable, you could have somebody wielding both a Zanpakuto and a Quincy bow. Uhh, personally, I'd die if I saw this.

    3. Damn google autocorrect has so many red lines all over the place. Including the word google. Unrelated.

    On the Quincy Bow:
    1. Quincy training. Before being able to wield a Quincy Bow, you must first converse with a Quincy and be trained on how to be able to use a Quincy Bow.

    2. Rather than it being an actual item, it could be created using their fists, and their reiatsu. The stronger their Reiatsu, the more powerful the bow.

    3. Quincy items. Many items are handed down through generations, as the glove that Uryuu used was one. These would give enhanced power to the user, but nearly kill them after taking it off, if not entirely kill them.

    The Zanpakuto
    1. Meet a shinigami, training procedure, etc. Same as the Quincy, but with a shinigami instead. However; in this case it's slightly different. The higher their reiatsu, the more powerful sword they get. All swords will be equally powerful in the end, but higher reiatsu = more powerful sword to start with. Ichigo/Kenpachi's swords are both permanently Shikai. Well, Ichigo can go Bankai, but that's besides the point.

    2. The more powerful their Reiatsu, the more powerful their Zanpakuto. However; you don't actually change the shape of their Zanpakuto. But rather, their Zanpakuto is 'upgraded' to the next level on command, shikai/bankai.

    3. Shinigami items. Ahh gosh, I can't remember the names of these little pellets. But the little pellets they ingest to push their souls out of their physical bodies. Kon is one of them.

    4. Zanpakuto can't be used while in their physical bodies. Only in their soul forms.

    1. Hollows live in hueco Mundo. They occasionally come feast on delicious souls. But they usually reside in Hueco Mundo. It'd be a rather simple thing to generate. Just a new block. And flat. Completely flat. Except a single stronghold.. I'm sure you can figure out what that is. :) Oh, and of course the underground area with all the Menos Grande.

    2. They can't be hurt at all by regular swords. Only Zanpakuto.

    3. Gillian, Adjuchas, Vasto Lorde. Find a Vasto Lorde, and usually die. :)

    4. They should attack NPC's and shinigami. But shinigami are NPC's.. So eh.

    1. They live in Soul society. Occasionally come to the living world to kill the Hollows that are feasting on delicious humans, but they still typically live in Soul Society.

    2. This would be rather hard to generate accurately.. But that's alright, it didn't have much seen in the Anime, and it wouldn't NEED to be generated exactly the same.. Hell, it wouldn't even need to be generated. It could be built, and then replicated. But it'd need to be there.

    3. They kill Hollows. Yes, you should see them walking around the city, and they'll kill hollows. By city, I mean the land where there's little population.

    Turns out I don't have time to explain my method of reiatsu, I hope you take what I've said into account. :)


    I'm back.. I've been back for a while. I was just too lazy to write my idea for reiatsu in this.

    Reiatsu is a difficult thing. Many people don't have strong enough Reiatsu to see ghosts. For this, I assume the character does have enough Reiatsu to initially see ghosts.

    1. Reiatsu training. This would be included with your Quincy training OR Shinigami training. It would simply be raising your power, so to speak, by releasing your Reiatsu for extended periods of time. Simply training your endurance, to be able to handle the outbursts for a longer period of time. As that's truly what reiatsu is, in the end. (Yes, there's a lot more about it, but that's it in the end. No need to get more extensive than that for a mod.)

    2. Kido. This would be a shinigami only 'skill'. The higher your reiatsu, the stronger Kido you could use. Technically, Kido operates slightly differently, but for the sake of a Minecraft mod, this is accurate enough I think/

    3. Quincy Bows. The stronger your reiatsu, the bigger/better/badder your bow. Again, it's actually SLIGHTLY different, but I think it's accurate enough.

    4. 'physical' endurance. The amount of reiatsu your body can handle releasing at one time. As seen in the earlier episodes, Ichigo releases an enormous amount of reiatsu - despite being menial in the later episodes - and this harms his body, as he couldn't handle it.

    5. You CAN push yourself beyond your physical endurance, but it's not guaranteed to be safe, and without having some method to expel the reiatsu safely, your health will start to drop.

    I have a LOT of other ideas. If you like the ones I gave you so far, let me know and I can help you out a bit more. If you don't, let me know as well. I'm gonna have to make my own thread, or just make the mod for myself. :)
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    posted a message on Bob's Story - 6 days till completion
    THIS THREAD IS NOT DEAD. I AM TAKING A SHORT BREAK FOR SCHOOLING. I apologise for the delay guys. Give me another couple days and Chapter 6 will be up. :)
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    posted a message on What's the first thing you notice about the above user?
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    posted a message on Bob's Story - 6 days till completion
    Update 27: Chapter 5 completed!

    REally unhappy with the way it turned out, so it's essentially a placeholder. I know that where Chapter 5 began and ended is where I want chapter 4/6 to end and begin, respectively. So I'll come back and highly revise that later on when I either get more inspiration, or when I go over one of my re-reads. Don't expect this to be the final revision, at all.

    Aside from that, I'm happy with the way the fight played out. I still have a few things to add descriptively to the first chapters to make that fight better though. And Chapter 6 will also help visually, so stay tuned!
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    posted a message on Ike (Fire Emblem) [Looks better with mineshafter]
    It's IKE. It's beautiful.
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    posted a message on Bob's Story - 6 days till completion
    Quote from Miskatii

    cool but i gave this a 7 simply because NOT ENOUGH ACTION :mellow: (and because i don't like romance in the first 4 chapters with what i feel is not enough character development)
    make sure that training has action, and i think a good way to do this is DETAILED FIGHTS (Plz :D ) Character development- Tell Alices Story (again; Plz :D )

    Other than that cool. Keep it up

    Oh and if you don't want to lose work but don't want it on the computer use Google docs.

    Yep, there's very little action right now. The beginning part is going to end up being pure character development. I'm not a writer that can just write the story, and not have to go back and change it drastically. I need to write the story, then add in all the details as I re-read it over again. Don't worry, when it's finished there will be a lot more character development, and the chapters will be a little longer. That's why they are somewhat short right now. And yes, training will have a lot of action, but no fighting sorry. It's training not war. Target dummies, MAYBE a little sparring nearing the end of Chapter 5.
    Quote from Farteh16

    Before I go with a serious critic guy, I'd like to say that I got an idea from Shita's name. A guy named Shitti..
    I'm not trying to outshine you, but gawsh I was laughing so hard when I played this scene out in my mind. You can use it if you'd like :D

    I walked through the swamp, trying to find anything that didn't resemble a woman's curve, and other more private parts.

    Its just the swamp gas Bob, I reasoned for this...wrong behavior.

    It was really like Alice's body though- Woah! The thought came unbidden through my mind and I caught himself laughing moronically but slapped myself hard as punishment. I was almost grateful when a wooden club whacked me hard directly on the face. The relief disappeared quickly. Firstly, it was painful.

    Second, I started thinking of Alice again, only this time much worse.

    I woke up moments later sitting on a wooden chair. I looked around to see a Shitti standing there smiling.
    "There you are you sneaky fool! Where am I?" I asked. He smiled.
    "This is a Shitti house." He said proudly. I looked at the room. It looked old, with vines covering the walls and ceiling. The floor was sligtly flooded.
    "It's quite a shity house.." I muttered. He didn't seem to get it.
    "Yep!" He said happily. I groaned. "This is 100% a Shitti house. Made by Shitti from Shitti's stuff!" He said proudly, a sense of honor coloring his voice.

    Now to criticisms.. The only thing I can see wrong is you not using Italics. And just that (I should've rated 10..)

    Confession time: I forgot what I was gotta criticize.

    ANOTHER Confession: I really wanted to give you that scene to use or alter.

    So there. I hope it helps, even in a TINY amount.

    I'm sorry, I can't find any use for the scene. Perhaps later on, I haven't thought that far ahead. I know where I am going, but I haven't thought out every detail yet.

    Also, I found that scene quite amusing!

    Oh, and to all those following, Chapter 5 will be completed tonight. It was supposed to be done the other day, but I got distracted. Go blame Guude, the Yogscast and the library for that. However; right now, I'm recording some more footage for my Let's Play. In about an hour or so I'll edit it, render, and while it's rendering start on Chapter 5!
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    posted a message on Need help with my wireless redstone mod.
    So far, I have my wireless redstone mod working fine.

    Put a transmitter down and power it.
    Reciever gets powered, and sends power out.

    Right click either, and the channel they are on changes. (Will have a GUI later.)

    However, if I have two transmitters, right clicking either changes the channels for both transmitters. The same for the recievers.

    I use public int Channel in both blockTransmitter and blockReciever.
    Onclick it increases Channel. If channel is above 49, Channel=0.

    It works fine, but all recievers alter all recievers. All transmitters alter all transmitters. How can I fix this? Thanks.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge](19/2/13) Ducky's Modding Tutorials! Make Your Blocks NICE!
    This isn't a tutorial. This is a code snippet.
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    Quote from Redeyz

    Creepy...wait...I just made a punny!

    Puns aren't funny when you say it was a pun.

    Nice flash drive! I'd buy it.
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    Quote from Basion

    Thanks! If they didn't take as long as they do to make, I would make them for people on the forums.

    Using photoshop, these would take a good amount of time.
    On other programs, these could take about 4-5 minutes.

    They look pretty nice. Perhaps you could put the images in spoilers or something. It's really difficult scrolling the page with them on it lol.
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