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    Quote from Relios

    Your videos look pretty good! The only thing I can think of is to work on your impromptu speaking, but that will come with practice. Another thing is to try and do a co-op let's play or at the least one video with another youtuber who has a bigger fan base then you, this will most likely increase your subscriber base and view count. Last tip is to always ask for likes, favorites, and subs. It may seem like a whoreish thing to do but at the end of your video just say like "Don't forget to like,comment, and subscribe" and then whatever you normally say to end your videos.

    I actually prefer to say something like "Remember to leave a like/dislike, comment and subscribe if you wanna see more of my videos!"

    Makes them see that you're just reminding them to like/dislike/subscribe/comment, rather than begging for likes.
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    Well I'm interested to see what you'll do with my story. :P
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    Please welcome our newest member, SilverWolf77.

    Sorry for the delay, SilverWolf77. I needed to ensure that you would be able to record. I look forward to seeing you on the server tomorrow!
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    Everybody that has recently applied was PM'd. Congratulations to JustJane on being the first accepted to this server. I look forward to reading new applications, as well as getting on the server with you all tomorrow!
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    I'm quite enjoying doing all this background checking. :) It's actually quite a bit of fun lol.
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    I have PM'd both of you guys regarding your applications. I appreciate both of your applications, and remember, nothing is finalized as of yet.
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    I'm such a horrible author, I promised you guys chapter 6 almost a month ago, and nothing. Here's the beginning of chapter 6, I've been quite busy with some stuff in real life. Mainly friends. I've got too many of them, anybody know some good hitmen? :P Just kidding. I love all my friends, they just make it hard to write sometimes. I'll try and keep regular updates to it, but I've got to have a combination of time and inspiration don't forget. And these rarely come at the same time.
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    What is the Let'sCraft server?

    Long before seeing the MindCrack server, I always dreamt of either joining a server, or running a server where all the players would be let's players. I figured it would be a lot of fun, and after stumbling on the MindCrack server, I can see that my assumptions were correct. And thus - This server was born.

    I want this to be a successful server, where all the players know each other, and will get along well. Perhaps pull a few pranks on each other, here and there. And as such, it's whitelisted.

    Sounds great. How can I get whitelisted?

    To ensure that griefers do not create an account, post and get whitelisted, I will personally perform an extensive check on all your information that you supply here, as well as verifying from Youtube that you are indeed who you say you are.

    If you would like to apply for this server, fill out the following application and post it here. If I deem your application worthy, I will PM you tomorrow morning with the details of the server. I.P, to be specific. To at least gain a shred of protection, the I.P will not be released publicly, ever.

    In order to create a close-knit community, I will limit the player base at 12 players. I want 9 players, and 3 administrators.

    Minecraft Name:
    Youtube Name
    How old are you:
    What do you do in Minecraft: (Build, Explore, etc.)
    A little about yourself: (This is all you. Make me want to accept your application!)
    Send me a PM on Youtube saying "I applied. NAMEHERE"


    Minecraft Name: XDaWNeDX, XDuSKeDX
    Youtube Name: XDaWNeDX
    How old are you: 16
    What do you do in Minecraft: Build, mostly. I explore a little bit, but that's mainly when I need to gather some resources. :)
    A little about yourself:
    I've been playing Minecraft since about 1.0.0. I've had a few unsuccessful attempts at making a Let's Play, but all problems aside, I'll definitely enjoy playing on a server with a few close people. Oh, and I PM'd you on Youtube. :)
    After you apply, I will check your youtube and ensure that you have uploaded videos, and do upload videos fairly often. I will also do a search on databases, and google for both your Minecraft Name, your Forum name, and your youtube name to see if you are a griefer, or are in any way going to cause a negative effect to my server.

    Current Players:

    1. JustJane
    4. SpartanMattin
    5. ByReska
    Current Administrators:

    QTMBA: (Questions That May Be Asked)

    Q: Why are you so tight on the security of your server? Doesn't a background check seem a little overboard for a Minecraft server?

    A: I currently only intend on having 12 people on the server whitelist. All of these people must be kind people, who aren't going to grief. If there is even a single bad apple in the group that I personally admit onto the server, I'll never live it down. The Let's Player that was griefed will have both his work griefed, as well as a Let's Play on youtube that he was running griefed. That's not something that I will allow to happen.
    Q: Isn't this just a rip off Mindcrack

    A: In a sense, yes. But it's not Mindcrack, it's my server. At first, we may get grief from viewers saying we are copying Mindcrack, but that could be said for any server running. Hell, that could be said for Mindcrack itself. This is a Minecraft server, and I want a mature, fun loving player base on it. Just like Call of Duty and Battlefield are similar, they aren't quite the same.
    Q: Can I apply to be an administrator?

    A: Fortunately not. I will handpick the administrators out of the player base. Daniel is a friend of mine. I met him today, we got into a huge fight on youtube. He was superior in the vertical AND gate war. I invited him into a server with me, he said make it bigger, and he can't join because of, well it's a long reason. Daniel, when he gets his internet back, will be an administrator. He will personally have more power over any other administrator, other than me. As for future administrators, prove you are respectful, and can manage the power, without it going to your head.
    The job of an administrator is not just getting power. It is a responsibility. You will continue to play on the server as a regular player, but you will be able to manage the server.

    Restarting, if it's lagging.
    Backing up the server every day. I can backup the server to the host, but that's rather useless. I would like to have multiple backups to restore from.

    Playing on the server, and banning the VERY few people who disobey the rules.
    Q: I have a question that wasn't in the QTMBA.

    A: Ask it. I'll answer it.
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    I think my last AND gate is the smallest a 3 tall AND gate can be, when it's purely vertical. Perhaps even elsewise, haven't checked.
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    Liking the pictures!
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    Quote from gustav165

    By 3 way do you mean 3 input? In that case I put together some designs that seem smaller than yours:

    Here is a compact 3x4 1 wide tileable 3 input AND gate.

    And here is a 5x5 1 wide tileable 4 input AND gate.

    It is important that the 4 tick repeater is set at 4 ticks or the output will constantly toggle.
    And finally a 3x5 1 wide not tileable design.

    Those are interesting. I just dislike pistons in circuits, they make too much noise in my opinion. I've recorded the other AND gates I've made, and I'm uploading them now. The 3 tall is stackable, the 4 tall I'm still working on tiling it.
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    Here's the first one: It's tile-able and it accepts input via levers. Or repeaters through the sides. In other words, the input is not vertical, but the logic is.

    Yeah yeah, the second one was made backwards. You can tile these infinitely, just keep alternating between whichever one you choose.

    Even smaller/more compact. Accepting vertical input via repeaters.

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    Quote from carydragon

    ppl with tmi can wield both or spc

    Most useless comment ever made. Of course if somebody cheats they can do something that isn't permitted normally.
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    Now; re-watching Bleach, I've noticed that zanpakuto... I can't spell it either...

    Anyways, special spirit power swords can normally harm regular entities. So they would have no restrictions.

    Also, in the earlier episodes, Chad damages a hollow.. Kills? Anyway, he does damage and fend off a hollow using a telephone pole. However; when Ichigo is regaining his shinigami powers with urahara, he thinks "It isn't a zanpakuto so it can't cut me"

    Whether or not Hollows can be cut by regular swords is beyond me, but they can be hurt and damaged by physical entities. Perhaps a sword on a hollow would have the same damage as just punching it? Hell if I know. A lot of info is left out in that particular area.

    Also, my ideas work for SSP or SMP. Theoretically, if things were to go exactly the way I dictate, NPC's would be implemented with far greater A.I, and chat dialogues. Allowing for nearly replicating the experience if you were to buy a Bleach game, but still retaining the Minecraft elements.

    Now, that was purely theoretical, I don't expect each and every one of my ideas to be followed to a T, nor do I wish for it to happen. Purely to show my point.

    Onto the next problem. The damage differences.
    If you look at the aether mod, you'll notice that it is possible.
    If you look at axes/pickaxes/shovels, you'll notice each one of them do different damage to each type of block. Pickaxes work best against stone, axes on wood, etc.

    Seeing as it's 2:00AM, and I really don't want to open the code, I'll give you a bit of pseudo code, and you can see what inspiration you get.

    NewWeapon(bool flag1, int Damage, int Durability);
    bool DamageHollow = false;



    Obviously, there would be some base class editing. But it couldn't be TOO much, and it'd be fun to see how much smoother you could make the currently messy Minecraft code. :)
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    Quote from 101super101

    First of all, this is my first mod, i know the crafting doesn't make any sense. But it's not like everyone had their first mod bad?

    My first mod was slightly better than this. It added a new block. Find it on these forums. You can't, because I didn't bother releasing it, as nobody would care about it.
    Let's play through a scenario here.

    Say, you didn't release this.
    You wouldn't have gotten any flame from people.
    You would have continued to have motivation, and positive motivation to make more mods.
    Your next mods would have been better.

    Just a thought. Don't release useless things, there's already hundreds of mods like this on the forums, and they're really just a waste of space. No offense. Props to you for starting out on Modding, it's a lot of fun. But this mod is rather useless.
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