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    posted a message on 5 subs and i will be forced to play american idol on gba! (minecraft channel)
    Just gonna say that you shouldn't beg for subs. You'll get less of them that way than if you were to just make videos because you enjoy it.

    As GenerikB said, you're only successful when you're making videos you enjoy making, that others enjoy watching. The sub and view counts don't matter.
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    posted a message on 0x64 Plays Minecraft - Minecraft Maps and Let's Plays || Daily episodes
    Waking up! With runeking - E:002
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    posted a message on 0x64 Plays Minecraft - Minecraft Maps and Let's Plays || Daily episodes
    Next video's up: 3x3 iris door

    New Waking Up episode will be uploaded overnight tonight.
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    posted a message on Sword Art Online (Modded)(Need Testers and Builders)(SAO)(Skills)(rpg)
    Age: 17
    What is SAO? Sword Art Online, both the first game in the light novel, and the name of the light novel itself. The novel was later adapted to an anime, and is now one of the more popular animes running.
    What is the main character of SAO? Kirigaya Kazuto - Kirito would be his online Alias. Yuuki Asuna would be the secondary main character.
    How many floors in SAO? 100
    What is a nerve gear? A gaming console that interecepts electrical impusles from the brain - stopping the body from reacting to them, and moving the players character instead. Thus creating a virtual reality.
    Which role do you wish to play in our project? I'd like to be a beta tester.
    And how much experience/abilities do you have in that area: I do a bit of programming on the side, mostly games, so I've had a decent amount of experience testing games and finding bugs.
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    posted a message on 0x64 Plays Minecraft - Minecraft Maps and Let's Plays || Daily episodes
    New video's uploaded. Listen to Bob's Story unfold right in front of you:

    It's a Minecraft Fan Fiction I wrote, so it is a minecraft related video. Hence why I'm updating the thread to announce it.
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    posted a message on End [STORY FINISHED!] [BOOK 2 POSTED!]
    I remember back when you first started this story. I was quite reluctant to think it'd go anywhere at first, just thought of it as another Endermen story, something we've got thousands of, and none are original.

    But you managed to take an oversaturated theme and turn it into something simply wonderful. To be honest, you're part of why I continue writing Bob's Story to this day. If you hadn't started this, I don't think I'd have continued mine too much further. Great job on this.
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    posted a message on Bob's Story - 6 days till completion
    Started the youtube playlist. http://bit.ly/StoryTime64

    Just a little side project I'm having fun doing. If you wanna listen to the story, rather than read it, then it's perfect for you. :)
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    posted a message on Bob's Story - 6 days till completion
    Chapter 1 has been redone. Plus, I'll be recording myself reading the story on my youtube channel IAm0x64. Subscribe to me, or just remember the name if you wanna listen to the story being told. I hear I have a fairly nice voice, so I'll try my best with it.
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    posted a message on 0x64 Plays Minecraft - Minecraft Maps and Let's Plays || Daily episodes
    0x64 Plays Minecraft

    Who am I?
    Many many months ago, I started a server called the Let's Craft server. I went by XDaWNeDX on Youtube and here, but after a friend of mine passed, I stopped playing on the server, then when I lost my house a month later from a flood, I completely abandoned the server - shutting it down.
    In the time I was living in a hotel I learned a few things about myself.

    1. I hate living in hotels.
    2. I want a new start with Youtube.
    3. I really enjoy Runescape... again.

    So I started a new channel on Youtube - IAm0x64 and I upload constant Runescape/Minecraft videos to that channel.

    I also wrote the popular Bob's Story - A Minecraft Fan Fiction here on the Minecraftforums. Check my sig if you want to read that story.

    I was involved in a few other semi-large projects on these forums, or in the Minecraft community in general - though I stopped being involved in them for the same reason I stopped the server.

    While it looks like I abandon my projects, or take excessively long breaks from them, Bob's Story is a difficult project that requires a lot of creativity and inspiration, and my old Let's Play was ended due to personal reasons. I can promise you that if you sub to me, or even just check me out now and then, you will constantly see new content for as long as I have content.

    What do I do?

    Having had a Let's Play before, I know how bleak it can be without any viewer interaction. So at the moment, I play through some Adventure maps, puzzle maps and various other maps that I would enjoy.

    I'll also be starting a Hardcore series soon, and see how long I last in that. Though, when I reach a good amount of comments on my videos, I'll be making a Let's Play. I just don't want to start that until I've got a good viewer base that'll be giving me good ideas - that's the point of a LET'S play, after all.

    Oh, I also enjoy making redstone minigames. *cough*


    Q: What's your play style? Do you explore or sit tight?
    Hmm, well, I started out in Minecraft by watching Coestar, and I really enjoy watching Etho's videos. So I suppose my play style would be a mix of the two. I quite enjoy redstone, and not to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm pretty good with it. So my play style would probably be more on the technical side, but I can't go too long before needing to explore my world a bit - check out all the neat mountains and stuff.
    Q: When do you upload videos
    A: Every night that I HAVE content, I upload a video. Saturday's I upload a Runescape progress video, and another video if I have more content.
    Q: What do you record/edit with
    I use Fraps to record, and I use Camtasia Studio 7 to edit. Occasionally I use After Effects to get a special effect or the like - though not often, I'm not really the best with After Effects. :)
    Q: Why do you upload to Youtube?
    I upload videos to Youtube because I enjoy doing it. I currently don't monetize my videos - though I do intend to. It'll give me more motivation and reason to record and upload videos, as well as a way to justify doing it.
    Q: I didn't read the whole thread. What's your yt channel?

    Most recent video:
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    posted a message on What's been confirmed for 1.5?
    Quote from DaBiggman

    An example on how the current geometries work:

    When you move; the current code actually has to redraw you, every single bit of you on x,y, and z coordinates. When a pig moves his piggy leg, it redraws it. This is why the game lags so hard when multiple mobs are in the same area at once. Now, imagine how much lag a couple of dragons creates.

    I imagine they are going to convert this into a more efficient model.

    Well.. No.

    It can either redraw you where you are now, or redraw the entire world in a different place. It can't just magically move you, without redrawing you in another place. That's how games work, every time anything moves, it's redrawn. It can't be more efficient...
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    posted a message on How to Give Enchanted Items through Command Blocks
    If the player's already holding something, this won't work. (or if their cursor isn't over the slot the item will go into)


    The player currently is holding a wooden sword. You give them a diamond sword, and enchant the item they are holding. The wooden sword gets the enchantment, not the diamond sword.

    The player's cursor is on their 9th slot in the hotbar. You give the player a diamond sword, it goes into their 1st slot on their hotbar. The command block enchants the item they are holding, which is nothing. Nothing gets the enchantment, the diamond sword remains unenchanted.

    Proof of concept, perhaps. But nothing complete, by far.

    Clear player's inventory, give them 9 diamond swords, enchant the item, clear all diamond swords that do not have the enchantment.

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    posted a message on How to properly determine the size of a circuit

    i did mention the tnt thing actually... this is actually a very reasonable argument... i do however feel if this is the case that there should be a condition applied to circuits like the second one that i posted earlier as it requires 2 blocks of airspace to build it rather that one

    i have seen this argument before and the thing that i always got hung up on was the thought that "who decided it was glass? why not tnt or cobblestone?"

    Because tnt will explode, and cobblestone's ugly.

    Should've been sandstone.

    But still, that tnt argument interests me. I guess I do agree with you on that, it should be a condition, similar to it's tileability.
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    posted a message on How to properly determine the size of a circuit
    Personally, I believe the ground should be counted. Anything BELOW any redstone. Including redstone torches.

    So in the examples you gave above, one was 2 high including the ground. The other was 3 high, including the ground.

    I feel this way, because most of the time, people want to conceal their redstone. So when I do my calculations, I usually take into account what would be needed to hide it. It can be discussed all we want, but there is really no "right" way to do it. Some people believe one way, others believe another. It's like the war between religion and atheism - neither side will accept being wrong, because there is no proof to prove either side is right.
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    posted a message on New Latched repeater Pulse lengthener/sustainer

    looks good and definately will have its uses though one more limitation you should add is that it will not work with very short pulses

    That's easily fixed though. Just add a 2 tick repeater for the input, problem solved. :)
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    posted a message on Pistons for my map
    1. You can't use redstone underwater, so you'd need to put a cover over top of it. Or just place it beneath the bedrock....

    2. Repeaters extend the signal.
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