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    Maybe there is a Modmaker out there that want to realise this Idea.

    Love to see Version: 1.12.2


    At the moment, shields are only usable by the player and mobs can do nothing wit it.

    Any Mob that wear a shield in his off hand will use this KI / Feature.


    - Set how many normal hits the entity blocks before his shield goes on cooldown

    - Set how long his shield stay in cooldown before he raise it again

    - Set how many axe block it can take (shield braking Items)

    - Set a list of Shield Braking Items

    - Set a list of shields

    -- Give an option for each shield to set new values

    - Set the Knockback value when hitting an mob with a shield

    - Movement speed reduction while blocking in %

    - Set a list of mobs that can wear a shield in there off hand

    Workaround & Ideas:

    - Without Animation, but particle or/and sound feedback

    - Destroy wearing shield after it get hit by axe / several time by items
    - Allow Hit bock only at front, not to the side or back (needy for immersion)

    Stay in Contact:

    Discord: Xarmat#7574

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