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    Maybe there is a Modmaker out there that want to realise this Idea.

    Love to see Version: 1.12.2


    At the moment, shields are only usable by the player and mobs can do nothing wit it.

    Any Mob that wear a shield in his off hand will use this KI / Feature.


    - Set how many normal hits the entity blocks before his shield goes on cooldown

    - Set how long his shield stay in cooldown before he raise it again

    - Set how many axe block it can take (shield braking Items)

    - Set a list of Shield Braking Items

    - Set a list of shields

    -- Give an option for each shield to set new values

    - Set the Knockback value when hitting an mob with a shield

    - Movement speed reduction while blocking in %

    - Set a list of mobs that can wear a shield in there off hand

    Workaround & Ideas:

    - Without Animation, but particle or/and sound feedback

    - Destroy wearing shield after it get hit by axe / several time by items
    - Allow Hit bock only at front, not to the side or back (needy for immersion)

    Stay in Contact:

    Discord: Xarmat#7574

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    Oh tanks Fakerac,

    Set Bonus is kind a like a mod that I was looking for.
    I will use that for my modpack and I dont think that there is any more needs for 1.12.2 to make a extra mod for attribute changing.

    So this can be closed then, I think.

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    I am not a Mod Maker (just a Modpack Maker). So not all therms are quite right.


    A Mod that allow Modpack Makers to set Attribute Values to Items of the same Type.
    So that all Items get this attribute, regardless where they are created from.


    1. Set the Attribute you want to add to an Item

    - generic.attack_speed(-0.2)

    2. Set a List of Items that should be inflicted

    - ore:tinkersAxe; minecraft:iron_axe; minecraft:diamond:minecraft:axe; wooden_axe; minecraft:stone;axe

    3. Set the equipment position

    - all, main hand, off hand, helm, chest, leg, feet

    4. Visible

    - true/false


    - All Axe's in the game are slower then before

    - Or when wearing Leader Armor, each piece will make you a bit faster
    - When wearing the Living Armor, your max health raise by 5 point for each piece


    - Hard Mode: Overwrite attributes from other items, when they are set by NBT (Default: false, don't touch them)

    Why is this mod needy?

    At the moment, all items are vanilla. To chance ALL items Attributes, you have to dig in in Craft Tweaker and create for each possible position a script line. So that realy ALL Axe's are slower then bevor (crafting, chest loot, mob drop, etc.).

    With this mod you can configure Attributes at one position and it gets applied to all items, regardless where they are coming from.

    Stay in Contact:
    Discord: Xarmat #7574

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