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    Hi,so I will be making stories about how things started, please show feedback by the poll above.
    More will be added,along with hand-drawn pictures.
    Forget about the Table of Contents, I made them into spoilers to add pictures.
    Also please comment after reading to give suggestions and to keep this story getting recognized! ;)

    Making the Trees

    In the beginning, a man named Notch created a hollow cube, a cube made of fertile soil, then he planted saplings all over the cube and grew trees that stood tall and proud, but these trees need carbon dioxide to survive, so Notch filled the hollow dirt cube with stone. Notch then made a black mineral and inserted it in the stone, this mineral was called coal, it was flammable and can produce fire for a long period of time. Notch made torches out of the coal and the sticks that he made from the logs of the dead trees which died of lack of carbon dioxide. The torches produced light and smoke, carbon dioxide which the trees needed to survive. Notch tried growing the trees one more time and failed. �What am I doing wrong?� he asked himself, then he realized that the trees are frightened, they are scared from the dark that the torches failed to completely illuminate. So, feeling that everything lacks light, Notch made a big cube of burning gas far away from where he is. This cube was the sun, revolving around the cube of dirt, Notch thought that knowing the difference between the two cubes is hard because of his tiredness so he called the dirt cube, The World. Notch then tried growing trees one more, and again he failed. The trees became thirsty and lacked water, so Notch made filled half of the world with water and made them cut through the land to distribute it to each regions, thus forming rivers. Notch thought that the trees can finally survive but he doesn�t want to see the trees sprout out of the ground successfully, he felt alone, so to share his moment of triumph, he made animals to roam the land and squids to explore the seas. He also made other minecrafters. But something didn�t feel right, snow covered the land, Notch thought that snow is cool (no pun intended) but the trees might feel cold, so he filled the core of the world with flowing lava to produce heat to the land, and so the snow melted but there are some places where the lava flow is weak and was not able to melt the snow and froze the water. The lava flow also made the land divide making ravines and faults and forming islands. And then Notch was ready, the minecrafters and animals gathered to witness the making of trees, Notch planted a sapling on the soil and shot out of the ground a tree that split into branches and stood tall and strong, saplings fell out of its leaves and spread trees all around and formed forests. The tree then spoke to Notch, �I feel lonely, my roots do not find the ground significant and only sees dirt, stone and coal.�, so Notch put more minerals in the stone for the roots to find, iron, a common mineral, gold, a soft but pretty mineral and diamonds, the mineral that Notch made for the roots to mainly search. And so Notch finally got what he wanted, trees.

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    The Evil in the Dark

    Now, Notch had a brother, named Herb Noire, everyone called him Herb, both Notch and Herb lived together in the city that all the minecrafters built, Notch amazed the minecrafters with his abilities, while Herb stood behind him, keeping what he wants to say inside him, the anger that he feels for Notch. The anger that he feels sprouted one day, you see, Herb had a passion for explosives, he invented a black powder that can blow up if ignited, but Notch thought that it would bring harm and destruction, so he forbid the creation of this black powder. The anger grew more one day, the first tree that lived in the forest was called the Grand Tree, Herb had an idea to make fruits sprout out of the branches of the Grand tree, and it did. Notch was amazed by his brother�s work and Herb gave one fruit to Notch, to put in the Minecraft Museum, while Notch was walking towards the museum, he had an idea, he wrapped the fruit with gold and then put the golden fruit in the museum. People were amazed by what Notch did, leaving herb among the crowd of people. Now, Herb had a plan, he had enough of what Notch is doing and is ready to destroy what Notch made. One night, while everyone is sleeping, Herb was planning on where he could make his lair, somewhere that Notch would never bother to go, somewhere, below the core. Herb went to the deepest part of the world and separated the world from his lair by using bedrock, a material that cannot be broken even by the strongest and the most enchanted diamond tool. Herb even let some lava pour through the bedrock causing his lair to be flooded by lava, to threaten everyone who dares to enter. Then, Herb took soil and inserted all his anger in it and sprinkled some black powder in it, when it gathered enough fallen souls, it would form a creature that would destroy the world. He put this soil in his lair and called it soulsand, for it would absorb souls like sand absorbs liquid, it hungers for so much souls that it would even pull intruders, slowing them down. To form this creature, Herb formed a portal, made of obsidian to travel safely from his lair to the world, those who do not use the portal and went below bedrock by some means, they would fall into space, for the portal is the only device that turns the universe upside-down, switching you to another dimension. Herb silently went into people�s houses, slaying them one by one and burning their houses down. The souls of those who are slain went to the soulsand, and a creature was formed in the dark� The bodies of those who were slain were filled with evil aura and became the soulless undead. Those who burned into bones had no more strength to claw their victims and instead held bows. If ever an undead would fall, the spiders who would feed on them would absorb the evil aura and would be mutated into giant spiders and would continue on what they normally do, build their nest in the day and hunt for prey in the night. Notch heard the cries of the minecrafters and came for the rescue, he stepped out of his facility an saw the obsidian portal, he also saw Herb burning a house, he ran to Herb but something came in the way, a creature that formed using souls and black powder, it faced Notch, freezing him in place because of fright and hissed, ssssSSSSsss �BOOM�. The creature blew up, while Herb ran back to the portal, followed by Notch. Notch was transported into Herb�s dimension, filled with lava, floating squids that shoots out balls of black powder, stone stained with blood, soulsand and Herb�s castle. Notch found Herb inside the castle along with some souls surrounded with flaming rods, they shot fire balls at Notch but Notch immediately deleted them, then he was face to face with Herb, Herb spoke, �I am no longer your brother, I am no longer Herb Noire, this day I shall be named; Herobrine!�. Notch was shocked, angry and sad at the same time, he sent Herobrine to the end of the world, the layer below the bottom. He returned to the portal, shedding a tear, and made the castle crumble. Notch went back to the world and destroyed the portal, hoping that nobody would enter that hellish dimension which he called The Nether or Nexus, which means the other side. Then Notch started a new age, The Age of Rebuilding.

    Advancing in the Age of Rebuilding

    After the city of the minecrafters was destroyed, Notch joined the remaining survivors and moved away from the city, for it was infested by monsters that were made by Notch�s brother. Before the city got destroyed, the people already planned about making their own communities to explore the land more, after the city got destroyed, they thought it was the right time to do that. Notch agreed on what they all decided and they separated into groups, one group was the Group of Miners, which was made up of mostly miners who wanted to study more about the geography under the dirt while at the same time wanting to gather the riches in the stone. Another group were the Arms of Notch, a group of people who studied about the monsters and who are trained to defend the minecrafters. The last group were the Community of the Golden Apple, a group of people who decided to stay with Notch and built a village living peacefully in the day, and safe inside their houses during the night. Now, Notch felt a strange thing moving below the bedrock, it seems to be an entity coated in fire, the bedrock seemed so hot, so Notch concluded that the souls surrounded with flaming rods still roams the Nexus, he thought that they might find a way to get through the bedrock and wreak havoc throughout the land. Notch got nervous, it was impossible for him and his people to get rid of them by themselves, so he asked the Arms of Notch to invent of something to fight these blazing souls, the Arms of Notch immediately worked on it, and what better way to fight fire than by cooling it? The first thing that got to their minds was snow, so they formed an artificial being made out of snow that has the ability to fire out snow balls from its mouth, then they asked Notch to make it an official being. Notch put his hands on the being and it suddenly moved! They called the being a Snow Golem, now whenever a snow golem was formed, it will immediately come to life, spreading snow and shooting out snow balls. Now they made an army of snow golems who all travelled to the Nether using a portal that Notch made, they managed to decrease the amount of the blazing souls but unfortunately, the snow golems all melted out when they approached Herobrine�s ruined castle.
    Now, the Group of Miners were informed by the Arms of Notch that the black powder from those exploding creatures they called Creepers, can actually still be used to form explosions, so the Group of Miners mixed the black powder with sand and wrapped it around, connecting it with string, when the string is lit up, the black powder will turn into air that send the sand flying out destroying things in impact, in other words, it would explode. The Group of miners used this explosive underground to gather stone, they lit up the string, ssSSSsSSS �BOOM�, went the explosive. The explosion formed a cave underground revealing riches, they thought that this was a good technique to find recources so they performed this all over the place, forming even more caves. The Community of the Golden Apple decided to aid the others in their work and wanted to make drinks that make people stronger. The remains of the blazing souls were their flaming rods, Notch thought that its heat can be used to make the molecules of an object separate, thus melting it and then pouring it into water so that it would mix, for a normal stick would be ashes when lit. Notch made a brewing stand out of the flaming rods and gave his people the responsibility to invent potions and drinks to aid others. Some potions that were made has the ability to harm you when you drink them, giving the Group of Miners the idea of mixing these potions with black powder so that it would explode and spread if thrown, making negative splash potions. These upgrades gave minecrafters advantage over those monsters and also gave them inspiration to think of more ideas to improve the minecraft society.

    The Strongholds

    When the Arms of Notch were formed, they built underground facilities which were called the Strongholds where they did all their researches, they built prisons to contain monsters so that they could study them closely. One time, a scientist who were assigned on gathering mob data wanted to know more about the creatures that were made in the Nether, so he asked permission from Notch to go into the Nether portal, because it was for researching purposes, Notch allowed him to do so. So the scientist went to the Nether to get some remains of the blazing souls from the attack of the snow golems, but as he was about to get the ash of one soul, he felt a cool breeze run down his spine, he could not believe that he actually felt coldness in a place filled with flames and lava. Something wrong is happening, the scientist didn�t feel so safe in the Nether, though he was alone, he wanted to go back into the outer world, but as he sprinted back to the portal something strange entered his mind� it was a voice� a whisper that spoke with him that was tempting him to go to a better place that was even more peaceful than the Minecraft world. The scientist could not refuse such a good offer, he always wanted to take a break from a his career and enjoy life at its fullest, so he agreed to go to the so called �paradise�, and so, the voice took his soul away from his body, killing him. The voice then took over the scientist�s remains and went back to the portal that leads to the outer world. First, he met Notch and said that he successfully gathered some data about the mobs in the Nexus, then he walked back into the underground facility of the Arms of Notch and looked at the experiments that the other scientists were doing, on the bottom floor of the facility he saw a couple of scientist doing a secret experiment about making another portal that leads to a world that Herobrine created which was, offcourse, removed by Notch and sent to another dimension, the voice inside the scientist�s body found this interesting and decided to help out with this experiment, but as the portal was nearly finished, the voice went to he floor where prisons were built containing large groups of monsters and abominations , and then he opened the prison cells, releasing all the zombies and skeletons and spiders. Then he saw a cell in the farthest part of the floor, it was containing a green thing that has black powder inside it, blowing up every minecrafter in contact, a monster that creeps behind the person silently, not giving the person a chance to know what that hissing sound is before its to late, a monster called; the Creeper. The voice liked this creature, so he decided to let it roam the surface while the other monsters slaughtered each and every minecrafters inside the Stronghold, leaving none crawling and breathing, then the voice looked at the data about the portal that was sitting on a table, it stated: �Throwing a splash potion on the portal with a dimension altering particle would open the sheet of space opening a gateway to another dimension.�, the voice had an idea, he kept the splash potion that would open a portal to Herobrine�s removed creations and instead make another potion that would lead to another place where someone is waiting to be released� once more.

    The Villages

    The Community of the Golden Apple has built a new village for them and Notch to live in, it had farms and churches and libraries. They lived peacefully making potions to aid other minecrafters and they were safe inside their houses knowing that there are guards from the Arms of Notch that are looking out from any danger that may approach. Tho it was a quiet and pleasant village, it was very vulnerable in the eyes of a being, it was the voice. The voice, still in the body of the scientist, observed the village and studied what were the people doing because it seems interested in the potions that the villagers are making, but Notch felt a strange aura within the scientist that the voice was in, so Notch asked the guards to keep an eye on this scientist, for he has an aura that is quite familiar. Now the voice was eavesdropping at the two other scientists that were talking about a new type of potion that they were making, but as the voice was about to hear what the potion does, a guard appeared, walking towards the laboratory and saw the eavesdropping scientist. The guard asked the scientist what he was doing but the voice could not answer, it could not let the guard know what his plan is, so the voice grabbed the sword of the guard without hesitation and used it to kill the guard. The scream that the guard made alerted the other guards, making them run toward the lab and see their fellow guard lying on the ground with his bloodstain on the hands of the scientist, the two scientist that were talking in the lab also came out to look at what happened, and both of them was shocked by what they think their fellow scientist is has done. The guards asked the two scientists if they know the murderer, “Yes we do” the scientists said “He just came back from the Nether but we did not see any of his research data.” The guards nodded and tried to bring the murderer to Notch. As the guards were about to grab the murderer, he brought out a potion of haste that was given to him the other day by a fellow scientist to test, the voice was not sure if the potion would work but he immediately drank it. The murderer felt adrenaline rush through his body and so, he started to run faster than an ordinary sprint, towards the forest just as the potion was wearing out. The voice thought that the guards will be a really huge interference to his plans, so he went back in the stronghold wherein he released all of the monsters and made them into an army of hostile mobs, effectively having zombies in the front lines, creepers in the middle lines and skeleton archers in the last lines. Now when night came the voice led his army towards the village, the guards then saw the batch of hostile mobs and wondered how could they have escaped the strongholds, but they did not have time to think about that and instead rushed towards the army of monsters. The skeletons loaded their bow and measured the arrow’s falling direction, and then they were ready , all of the skeletons let go of the string from their bow and a shower of arrows rained down on the guards, but fortunately the guards had shields which they used to block the arrows. Then, the guards and the zombies rushed at each other, slaughtering them with their swords, and at the same time the zombies were attacking the guards with their claws and biting the skin of the guards of. Now unfortunately the zombies overwhelmed the guards and pushed forwards to the village, a guard rushed to inform Notch about what is happening and it made him shocked. Notch then rushed outside to see the army of hostile mobs, and there he saw them, he also saw the scientist that he told the guards to keep an eye on standing behind the skeletons, Notch knew it, someone else was inside of the scientist, and he knew who it is. The spree of the zombies and skeletons were stopped as Notch struck down lightning onto all of them, but the lighting also struck those behind them, powering their insides making them more powerful, it was the creepers, the lighting triggered their gunpowder to become unstable. The creepers that were more powered rushed towards the guards, blowing them up one by one and finishing them all of, Notch then gathered the souls of all the guards and mixing them with iron to become a massive golem made out of iron that rushed towards the skeleton archers, the creepers, however are no more after they blew up the guards, for the explosion of their fellow creepers also caused the death of other creepers. Now the golem swept each and every one of the skeletons, throwing them onto the forest were their bones decayed, the voice did not consider defeat and used its gathered power to create a tornado near the ocean, this tornado gathered up the ocean water containing some squids, the voice planned to mix the water from the tornado with the villagers so that they would become water and die. Notch did not have time to remove the tornado and only was able to delete majority of the water, leaving only droplets and squids, then the voice was not aware of what Notch did and began to mix the villagers with what the tornado has gathered, but the voice was surprised, it did not make the villagers water because there was little water in the tornado, instead the villagers started to look like they were changing, they somehow mixed with the squids making them look like squids, the whole village was terrified on what they have become. Now Notch rushed towards the voice to grab his soul but the voice reacted fast and shot one villager using a bow and an arrow that one skeleton dropped, and then left the scientist’s body to go into that dead villager, then he cured himself quickly using a potion of instant healing and blended in with the crowed. All of the villagers were affected by the voice’s spell so they all have the aura of the voice with them as long as they are still in their current form, that caused Notch to not now where the attacker was and gave up searching, the golem made out of iron was also affected by the spell and started to look like a squid but only from the head, it also now has plants growing out of it for it now has water droplets inside its body, and the iron it is made out from still contains a few soil. The villagers started to wear robes to hide their tentacle-like arms and continued to live peacefully, or so they thought, living among them still is a possessed being, lurking about, preparing for it’s plans once again.

    Filler Poems

    The Undead

    The Undead
    Written by: The Author
    They who once lived
    Is now no more
    But an empty container
    Who brings blood and gore

    “They are people too”
    Others say
    However they are now soulless
    So to that I say nay

    They do not care about pain
    For they have no heart
    Their soul and body
    Are very far apart

    How were they turned?
    That I do not know
    But I suspect it was the doing
    Of someone who lives below

    When will they stop?
    No one can tell
    But now we have the right
    To send these things straight to hell.


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    It's gud! Though I haven't seen any pyramids yet, I hope they would add more rare structures in biomes.
    I can see it now... :blink:
    Igloos in tundras and taigas!
    Sunken ships in oceans!
    Abandoned Tribes in the forest!
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    Quote from Robloxius

    Notch was best in alpha, he started getting lazy mid-beta and took too many vacations.

    soooo, isnt that why he hired Jeb? :wink.gif:
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    Cool, could you please make this compatible with IC2 an BC ? because technic pack needs this when i is done! :wink.gif:
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    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/306018-15-01-begginers-mob-making-tutorial-2-the-modloader-way/ , Thats a good tutorial, even though I couldn't get it to work...
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    Niceness, the zombie pigman actually let steve read his private and personal diary full of his deepest and darkest secrets... seems normal to me :wink.gif:
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    Awesome, scribbly drawing is (for me) the best kind to use for making comics, gujab! :wink.gif:
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    I think it would be much cooler if pumpkins were broken robot head parts, so when you find a group of parts on the field (pumpkin patches), you could take them and repair them into new robot sentries (snow golems). Also pumpkin seeds would be diggers that would dig down the ground, when they find a robot part, they would place it in a clean, non-dirty soil(tilled land)(this signifies pumpkins growing) :wink.gif:
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    I support this!!!

    not because of more food but because of the farming aspect.and dehydration bar would be good to because of SURVIVAL mode and making fruit drinks. :biggrin.gif:
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