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    posted a message on Another x-ray texture pack.
    I think the op is one of those kids that always needs to get in the last word.
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    posted a message on basic improvement = exponential awesome
    I see that you are new here, so let me give you a leg up.
    If you need some sort of map, there are mods/addons that can help, such as these two:
    they can even help you find tunnels and minerals as you are playing the game.

    As for the keys thing, I really don’t find the number keys/scroll mouse thing to be much of a problem, and most of the other keys can be redefined in the game's options-controls menu. (I don’t remember if the action bar keys can be assigned). Also, this is still an unpolished game. Maybe later you will find that interface is more customizable.

    And for the spawn point being immovable... There has been some discussion in here about changing that in the future. (I don’t remember where, and I'm not aware how much support it has.) If it must be changed now, you can always change it with an editor (such as MCEdit).

    I hear you on the whole terrain thing. I find that the random generator does a really good job of making different terrain, but the parameters are always constant. I have experimented with making custom maps, but (1) find it laborious, and (2) susceptible to the whims of the random generator. (when the random generator was upgraded to do lakes and pools, it destroyed sections of my custom SMP map. I had to edit it back to its previous state using backups) So, it too would be cool if there was some way to define the parameters of the generator; say, tell it to put ocean here and jungle over there, for example.
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    I like this idea.... Actually though about this myself.
    Only difference - I figured that, in addition to what you suggested, rare and useful (but not necessarily powerful/important) "blueprints" could be copied (by using paper) from monoliths that get randomly generated in the world, mostly underground. And that you could use/transfer them by putting them in books. You would then need to have the paper blueprint or book to craft the item.

    This is good stuff.
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    posted a message on [1.9] [Windows] Minecraft AutoMap - Advanced Realtime Map
    This is looking great!
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    It should be possible to create an MM compatible map from the command line. The main issue is getting it rotated correctly so that North is up. (Though I could put in the option in the client to let you choose which direction North was, for the sake of map compatibility).

    Ideally, though, someone mods Cartograph to put a specific (unique) colored pixel at block 0,0 and output a north-up normal map, all from the command line. If someone could do that, then one of the auto-map-generation and uploading mods could handle mapmaking on the serverside, and I could implement auto-map-downloading in the MM client and make it search for that colored pixel at 0,0 to use for calibration.

    You all have probably noticed the white crosshair that I already draw centered on block 0,0 (or at least I think that is where block 0,0 is!

    The relief shaded map looks awesome but AFAIK it would be no small chore to make cartograph output one of those. Alternatively, a relief shaded map could be made by an automation program if the server had photoshop and a batch droplet to do the filter. Do-able, but oh what a mess.

    I'm peeking at the code for cartographer, and it dosnt look too messy. The three things on the todo list (in ascending order of difficulty); add an orgin pixel, rotate the map so north is up, and add an option for a relief shaded overhead map, dont look too bad from here, especially the first two. It may take a while for me to do however because (a) I work two jobs, and (:cool.gif: my programming ability is intermediate level (w/no windows app programming exp). But, it does look like a worthy challenge, so here goes....
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    Silly Question:
    would it be possible to rig the MM server to automatically send the client a map upon connect?

    Also.. would it be worth it to rework cartographer (since it is open source i hear) to make a MM combatible map from a command line? Perhaps change it to work with the SMP server's world folder, and maybe even create a relief shaded "normal" map (instead of the oblique angle one)?

    Example of a relief shaded map (made using Photoshop):
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    If you are trying to do Survival Multiplayer, then you are using the wrong server software.
    (goto http://minecraft.net/download.jsp and get the one from the bottom of the page)

    If you meant to do classic/creative, then I dont know what to tell you, other than read the 'support' and 'server adminstration' sections and look for solutions, or just continue using the browser client.
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