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    posted a message on NEW XBOX ONE 24/7 100% SURVIVAL SERVER | ALL AGES WELCOME

    iTzz Wuxi

    very active and experienced

    19 / mic

    also sent you pm

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    posted a message on [Looking for seed]

    Hey I'm Looking for a isolated glacier island or and isolated island seed. More specifically a glacier island tho, the dream would be an igloo island

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    posted a message on Dwarven Settlement RPG!! Looking for new players NOW!

    Age: 19
    Gamertag: iTzz Wuxi
    Race: Dwarve
    Characters Name: Kahmich
    Mic?: (Must have mic to apply) yes
    Character Background: Kahmich was born in a well known small town of Hountsroo. Father was King Azathol and his Mother was Queen Raethel. His town was know for it's great army this army was constructed of only 500 men but had the most prestigious training techniques within the closes 200 villages. They did this by maintaining absolute commitment from birth by any male newborn. Any Male that denied absolute dedication was banished from the village. Kahmich was the first born and came into royalty. Kahmich dedicated his life to becoming his father second in command and did everything he was asked. One day as he was out in the nearby woods of Zuru hunting he came across a stone dungeon in the ground. He took his axe and busted through. Immediately the smell of rotten corpses had hit him and he backed off. He headed home only to describe this to his father. His father told him to never go back and never speak of the dungeon to anyone. This command he couldn't keep.... he went back the next day before sunrise and what he found changed the course of history forever. What remained at the bottom of the dungeon was 12 female corpses all in royal dresses. The type of dresses only a king could come into possession of. Furious and in need of answers he rushed back and confronted his father. His fathers only defense was, "they had to die so you could live." And suddenly it hit Kahmich he wasn't the first born he was his mothers 13th child! That would explain so much, like why had he been the only child and why was his parents so old. So he rushed to his mother to see if this horrible thing could possibly be true. But he was to late... his father had her killed so she could never tell him the truth. He was in absolute defiance of his father at this point and was being sentenced to death for a made up crime his father put on him. In the night his cousin Andrith came and killed off the two guards and helped him get out of the gates of Hountstroo. As he looked back his cousin said, "head for the blood mountains.. there you will find your lost brother Zethiniah, he has the answers.." *Andrith is brutally executed as he says his last words* Kahmich heads south to hopefully find his long lost brother in hopes of finding the truth of his fathers evil ways.
    Will you stick to your role?: absolutely
    Comments?: my role will be explorer and miner as I hope to one day have the wealth to conquer my fathers army

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