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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Jeoffrey's Chamber Series [Fully voice-acted and crazy adventure!][Over 100k Downloads]
    How did you manage to prevent the changed mob sounds from lagging your game when they play?

    Quote from Gamecool_10

    I found all the Easter eggs and took pictures (and audio) of them. Problem is, I took them on my ad, and I can't find the upload button.

    If anyone knows how to upload stuff from an iPad, please reply!

    It's a bit difficult. I did find a nifty way around it, if you have Facebook just upload them to there as private photos and go back to your computer and download them
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    posted a message on [Surv][12w37a] Custom Flatmap Survival
    I am not 100% if this is suppose to go here, so warn me if it isn't

    Now that dinnerbone made some tweaks to custom flat worlds I decided to give a go at making my own custom flatmap survival of sorts.

    The idea is to go from village to village in search of blacksmiths and traders to gain a diamond pick, with which you can mine through some obsidian layers for the real goods (all ores except emerald and lapis, and yes even diamond itself) What seperates you from these obsidian layers is some sand, sandstone, stone, and coal.
    Wait, don't you need trees/pickaxes to mine sandstone, stone, and coal? yes. You can obtain saplings from blacksmiths and use the farms dirt. Don't forget carrots, wheat, and potatoes grow in their farms to! Stock up on those for your journeys.

    All you do to get the map is get the snapshot (12w37a)--->create new world--->more world options--->turn it to superflat and hit "customize"--->Presets--->erase all the numbers and copy/paste
    and hit "Use Preset"

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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Vanilla with Sprinkles - Mods built to fit closely with the vanilla game (Last updated: 9/8)
    Made a video of Vanilla Sprinkles! (Along with another mod, Hope that wont be a problem)
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    posted a message on What Are You Going To Do With Upside Down Levers?
    I made a very compact ceiling lock system. Using only the levers and redstone torches.

    Ceiling (Underneath)

    Top view
    You have to turn every torch off for it to unlock something
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    posted a message on Ideas for wolves and cats
    Sleeping/Laying down...this would prevent them from EVER teleporting to you. No matter how nearby your attacked. Say you have 5 of each and get attacked by 1 zombie, they all teleport. But with this it won't happen, at all, even from 2 blocks away.
    Food/Water dishes (Yes i know it has been recommended)
    Houses (This to)
    Naming (This has been to, and yes i know there is a mod but it should be permanently implemented in my opinion)
    (And all baby mobs) There should be a way to make them grow up right away...maybe feeding them cake like in the mod?

    They should hiss when creepers are nearby (Even behind walls, creeper detector would be useful)
    They shouldn't take fall damage from any height under 10-15 blocks (Cats always land safely on their feet)
    They should be able to jump up 2 blocks high walls. Cats usually have a remarkable jumping ability!
    They should drop leather and fish upon death, and maybe a special reward if they died as your pet for your care. (Maybe...a rare dye? I dunno)
    There should be some kind of home, dens?, that act as ocelot spawners. (VERY rare, they will spawn as normal still but this would be like a spawner for them)

    They should growl with zombies or skeletons nearby (Even behind walls, monster detector would be useful)
    (Tamed) Wolves should be able to sprint like characters
    They should attack aggressive mobs when wild.
    There should be some way to un-aggro them if you turn them angry when wild. This would be for people who make a mistake and hit them with bones instead of right-click them
    They should drop leather and steak upon death, and again maybe a special reward if they died as your pet. (Bones? I also have no idea.)
    Dens should spawn, which would act as a wolf spawner (Again, VERY rare, they will spawn as normal still but this would be like a spawner for them)

    Comments? Opinions? Go ahead and voice your opinion! (And yes I do know some of these have been suggested before)
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    posted a message on How Minecraft Got Me a Girlfriend
    You don't believe this guy?
    My likeness for the human race has gone yet again. FAH!

    As for the Op, congrats bro. Even though no one believes.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.9]【Jungle Ruins】[DISCONTINUED]
    I made some dragon textures

    THE TIKI GOD HAS AWAKENED! -all enderdragon files located in enderdragon file-


    ender_eyes.png (for dragon)




    Enderman companions for the tiki god


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    posted a message on If you could remove a block from the game...
    So the cake is a lie
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Mafia Man's Mods! [MoreFurniture 1.0] [Range Weapons]
    Quote from conner_275

    No pics No clicks No pics No clicks No pics No clicks No pics No clicks

    Dude. not every freaking mod is a virus. And if u look again he has them now
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    posted a message on An Act of Notch
    nice barn!
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