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    posted a message on In need of youtube intro
    So I am thinking of starting up a youtube channel and was wondering if anyone was willing to animate an intro? I'll provide the music I only need the animation. If anyone can help it would be great! I cant really buy one but if there is any way I can help back it would be much provided.

    What i am looking for is a steampunkesque minecraft introduction with my username (Wulf_Oman) somewhere in it. If you can provide this thank you so much, and I owe you!
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    posted a message on [1.4.2][SSP/LAN]Mob-Talker Beta-11[open-sourced]
    You should really make an anime with these! I would enjoy them because i can only imagine it would be funny. Or maybe it could involve a gang...for some reason the cave spider really looks like a younger gang leader to me...
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    posted a message on The Ghast Cannon
    Wow this is really cool! May I ask for a world save?
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    posted a message on What Are You Going To Do With Upside Down Levers?
    I made a very compact ceiling lock system. Using only the levers and redstone torches.

    Ceiling (Underneath)

    Top view
    You have to turn every torch off for it to unlock something
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    posted a message on DJ Persnikity's Wolf Textures [188 total skins, 100 styles]
    I miss these :(
    You should really use imgur!
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    posted a message on This is what my 9 year-old brother did...
    Quote from celo753

    3 year old guys cant play it.
    One of the yellow splash texts on the title screen says "Small blocks, not for children under 3!"

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    posted a message on Savage Prison [1.7.2] [24/7][Dungeons, Quests and more][Lag-Free][Dedicated Staff][Realistic Prison Server][Accepting Prison Tra
    • Your "IGN" (In Game Name) Wulf_Oman
    • Age 15
    • Have you voted for Savage Prison on minestatus for some extra starting gold? Not yet.
    • Did you sign up for our website at www.savageprison.net? Not currently. Is it required?
    • Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok. No, I'm just fine
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    posted a message on Maècraft [Vanilla survival] Veteran signups!
    -Minecraft Name : Wulf_Oman
    -Age : 15
    -Why should we whitelist you into Maè? : I've been looking for a good survival server lately and thought this one looked good
    -Why do you want to join Maè? : My friends invited me so I want to play with them
    -Building skils : Basically everything
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    posted a message on Mega Cocoa Bean farm
    Quote from nebux

    you need to think it for the survival to be of any good. it lacks the pads to place the cocoa

    You could easily place ladders, climb the wall and place them as you go up. Or try to be a ninja, plant them, and keep hopping. But ik what you mean xD
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    posted a message on Mega Cocoa Bean farm
    I just made a mega coco bean farm with an output of 1080. It isn't all to big and uses probably the littlest redstone as possible.

    56 Glowstone
    88 redstone
    10 repeaters
    60 pistons
    1 Button
    4 water source blocks
    360 Jungle Logs
    No stone bricks or glass counted


    Now the main reason I put this on minecraft forum is because I want to see (not to sound cocky) who can do better.

    The Goals
    1. Must have an output of 1080+ Cocoa Beans (You get 3 from full size cocoa pods)
    2. Have AS LITTLE redstone as possible, repeaters and redstone torches are counted.
    3. A delivery system to one spot so players don't have to bound around inside for the seeds.

    1. Can only be powered by one button (no levers allowed).
    2. Must be able to be grabbed from a single spot
    3. Cannot be 100% copied from mine
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] ♕ ☩ Antioch = Conquer the World of Aia ☩ ♕ [60 Slots] Adventure | Light-RP | Events | War | Custom-Made World | I

    Give a little background information about yourself. First name, age, gender, etc.
    My name is Dallas but I much prefer Wulf. I am 15, 16 in October. I am a guy. I live in the US and also have a skype. I've been building for years and discovered minecraft in Beta 1.2. I love to texture and skin as I find it amusing in my free time. I also am a very creative writer.

    How much experience do you have with Minecraft?
    Like I said I have been playing since Beta 1.2. I have gotten very use to the game and can get thing quite easy. I am no super-genius with redstone, but trying not to gloat, I am very good with it. I specify in traps which I enjoy making. I can make large structures, buildings, 3D art, and have quite a lot of experience with world edit.

    What is your in-game name?

    How do you rate your creativity on a scale from 1-10. Do you have any creations you would like to share?
    I can't rate myself as a matter of principal. I can't build scale to scale structures but I do wing it and it usually ends out great. So if anything a 6-7.
    I would if I could, but they are all on multiplayer servers I do not play anymore. The only thing I really have to share is my city I have been working on in solo.

    How actively do you play Minecraft? Could you consider yourself "addicted?"
    I play minecraft whenever I can get on which is usually every day. I use to be addicted, but that died down as I got better at the game. But I do still like it!

    In Antioch, each player can possess a unique back-story due to the flexibility of the lore. Could you provide us with a picture of your Minecraft skin? Do you have any thoughts as to the background of your character?
    I change consistently but I am going to stay with this skin for the server. http://www.planetmin...ish-rogue-elf/. And yes I do, like i said, I am quite a creative writer and have some good ideas for a back story

    Are you comfortable with running SpoutCraft, a modified Minecraft Client, for the server?
    Have you read over our rules and agreed to them?
    Perfectly fine because I know its safe.

    Yes I do agree by the rules I just read them throughoughly. However, I am curious if a stone statue of a wolf outside your fortress is considered pixel art because I specalize in adding and going with the enviroment around me
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    posted a message on Server issues
    Quote from tragic125

    The reason you are having this problem, is because you are giving out the wrong ip to people. is your internal ip address not your external. In order to have people connect to your server you must give them the external ip address which you can find using http://myipaddress.com

    Thank you! i shall check if it works now!

    So would I put this or my internal as the server IP in the prop file?
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    posted a message on Server issues
    Quote from PigPlushy

    Just sits at the "Connecting to server..." screen, then goes to "Failed to connect: server timed out" This leads me to believe ur not hosting it atm.

    I am now for sure. So maybe try again? if you get the same thing tell me
    (if you didn't before, use 25585)
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    posted a message on MInecraft Query Not working
    Quote from PigPlushy

    move enable-query = true to the bottom, see if that works. Make sure you're typing in the correct ip and port.

    Just an semi-educated guess

    Please tell me the outcome of trying this. I'd like to know because I am not sure what Minequery is and it may solve my problem as well
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    posted a message on Server issues
    Ok I recently tried to port forward my router for my minecraft server
    I asked a friend to test it and he said he gets the error: error: class java.lang.illegal argument.expectation
    or something

    I was wondering if anyone else can test this for me (Ip: and tell me what they get, and also tell me why my friend got that error when he tried to enter my server
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